Chi lavora è perduto (In capo al mondo)

Chi lavora è perduto (In capo al mondo)

Bonifacio is 27 years old and he is roaming about Venice. He is trying to decide whether to accept a job or not. In so doing, he recalls all his past life: his love story with Gabriella, ...

Bonifacio is 27 years old and he is roaming about Venice. He is trying to decide whether to accept a job or not. In so doing, he recalls all his past life: his love story with Gabriella, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Chi lavora è perduto (In capo al mondo) torrent reviews

Craig T (kr) wrote: Both actors have some fine moments, and the film has an undeniable overarching charm, but the screenplay tries to do too much resulting in a two-hander overstuffed with dialogue that's more curated oral history than a peek at history in the making.

Steve F (au) wrote: This film was fantastic, and I'm not sure why it wasn't more popular. It wasn't just funny and well acted, it was actually inspiring.

Princess Vanessa Ce P (br) wrote: i like the story and it's pretty scary on the first and last 20 minutes. but the effects were nothing original, you've seen them in other asian horror films

Puddy T (ca) wrote: This movie is a horrible crap tastic cliche of borrowed idea's from many romantic comedy's.The acting is forced and makes me feel uncomfortable at times and could have been allot better with this caliber of star power but just falls FLAT....

Will D (ag) wrote: Signs is defintley One of shamlyans best works.With a chilling story,some great acting,And effects although dated still look cool.

Josh H (mx) wrote: A pretty interesting action/sci-fi sorta movie. I thought it was a little over the top but unique enough to check out. Plus, it's Russell Crowe before he became a superstar. Having watched it several years later, it really doesn't hold up and has such an 80s movie feel about it -- and not in a good way.

Joshua D (gb) wrote: Daniel Day-Lewis does not let the incredible story of Christy Brown go to any waste as he delivers the best performance of his career and quite possibly the best performance of cinema.

Down Town Kevin B (es) wrote: A loving dedication to the great Charles Bukowski. The film perfectly embodies the lowlife culture that Bukowski was so fond of, yet the film somehow understates it. The only criticism I have is the lack of emphasis on Bukowski's work in itself which seems to be merely added as a side note. Rourke however is fantastic, it's clear to see where a certain Johnny Depp got his inspiration for his portrayal of Raul Duke in "Fear and Loathing"

Petrina O (es) wrote: Looooooooooooove it!!!!!!!

Jos M (ca) wrote: Se toma su tiempo, una pelcula estilizada, lrica y atemporal.

Randy T (es) wrote: If your intent is to study classic Hollywood melodramatics or the talents of Greer Garson & Walter Pidgeon then this is your film. However, if you're looking for substantial insight into the prestigious career and accomplishments of Marie Curie you will no doubt be sorely disappointed.

Profound A (nl) wrote: I am extremely picky about art and films and books and I have seen this movie a number of times. I really like it. Not entirely sure why it has such a low rating. I have actually seen some very attractive drug addicts in my life so I kind of disagree about how good they look although I think they could have made themselves look a little worse for wear to appease the masses but the performances are outstanding. I personally feel that it is both lead actors best role. Sure Heath has won an award blah blah but this is truly a fascinating piece of art. I heard the book that it is based on is spectacularly beautifully written. I rated this movie so highly because I can'tr actually think of a more favorite movie of mine out there. This is my top pick believe it or not. Weird I know but it just makes me feel good in a melancholy way that sticks with me for hours and days after.I like Candy and I don't care about the reviews...

Stacey O (ca) wrote: Not great but mildly entertaining.