Chiamami Salomè

Chiamami Salomè

Herod is a Neapolitan boss who runs The Last Emperor, an infamous local, and Herodias is his vicious partner. Salomè is a young, immature and beautiful girl, desired by many men including ...

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Katley M (es) wrote: One of the most recent movies to be released from the Dimension Extreme Company is, Steel Trap. A film based around a group of people who go to a party one the top floor of an abandoned high rise apartment (Sounds fun right?) A select group of people at the party receive invites to another party on the floors below. Thinking that it's just some fun joke, the group decides to check it out. Soon they realize that they are trapped on one floor of the building with no way out, and a killer who insists on making them play his games. Ok now I personally loved this plot, it had limitless possibilities, but sadly the filmmakers chose to go in the most predictable direction and give you nothing new. This was really upsetting because I have been waiting quite some time to see this movie and had very high expectations, and this movie just did not meet any of them. Starting with acting, ha ok now I honestly don't know if you can even call this acting. It was just dreadful no one new what they were doing, and to make matters worse none of the characters were likeable, they all had very obnoxious characters that just made you cringe. And they all were so stupid! I mean honestly if you walk into a party that's center piece is a rotting pigs head there is something wrong right? Well just to give you an idea of how stupid these people were, they didn't think twice about it. Gore, I would have liked to see more in this department. You get lips sown shut, a slit throat and an axe in the head, guts, a hanging, and a heart being ripped out nothing more nothing less. Soundtrack, very, very weak, I hardly even remember one. One thing that really upset me with movie was how misleading it was. The tagline for the film is "Surviving each floor is the name of the game". This led me to believe that since they are in an abandoned building every floor would be a new challenge, were some new sick game would be or something to that extent. And in reality they were only on three floors. Directing, mediocre to say the least it wasn't really memorable at all. Ok now I know that it sounds like I hated this movie, but I didn't. It's just I had very high expectations for the movie and it didn't reach them. The film is a reasonable slasher flick. You get the typical cookie cutter characters, some decent death scenes, and some nice visuals. It was just really forgettable, and added nothing to the genre. For example, the killer, all in black with a cheap mask. Like we haven't seen that a million and two times before. Also the ending, it was just bad. But I'll give them this I didn't predict it. I honesty did not expect them to have that bad of an ending. Bottom line Steel Trap was a forgettable disappointment, but was not totally bad and might be worth a check if you have nothing better to do. But be warned with this one there is a very high chance that it will not live up to your expectations, so go in with your guard up.

James D (gb) wrote: Belgium: summarized.

Ulvis Z (fr) wrote: Eduardo Rodriguez is a Venezuelan horror filmmaker, whose movie Curandero (loosely: a healer) is a telltalle about the deepest bowels of Mexican superstition and black magic. Based on Roberto Rodriguez's (not related) story, Curandero: Rise of the demon is an imaginative, creatively powerful, beautifully filmed and extremely gory account of a travel through the dark parts of a suggestively godly soul. Well worth a watch, but the biggest problems are the slow pacing and chaotic genre mixing. Excellent art production and score.

Michelle D (ru) wrote: I would've gave it more than 3 stars if it wouldn't have left me so confused.I understand what happened but my god!what is it with the crazies Giovani Ribisi always plays?Interesting movie but definately not for those who like the plot laid out nicely on a platter.

Mike B (jp) wrote: Cute and charming film with quirky characters and small-town magic. As usual, the introduction of drugs to the story is unnecessary and hurts the movie.

John M (au) wrote: Kristen Scott Thomas doesn't disappoint, a shame the rest of the movie does. Against the odds she breathes life into a dislikeable character with no morals and no grasp of consequences. She cheats on her husband, then runs off with her lover, and is surprised when hubby reacts badly and won't finance her mid-life crisis.

Dean M (kr) wrote: This is a fine comedy and goofy heist film alike Smokey and the Bandit where a 16-year-old kid (Corey Haim) robs banks with his dad. And Cynthia Rothrock has only a supporting role as a villain.

Ian C (it) wrote: Lee Van Cleef sets out the clear an innocent mans name, in this classic spaghetti western.The score and main theme tune from Luis Bacalov is up there with his finest work. However, one was disappointed with the scenes in which Santi uses it in the film.

Ian B (us) wrote: I think it was a safe bet that combining the talents of John Carpenter and Stephen King was always going to deliver something memorable. Christine may not be Carpenter's best film, but it's aged incredibly well and remains one of the better King adaptations. The film works because Carpenter understands the psychological aspects of the novel and uses them to draw the viewer in, despite the fact we all know how the story will unfold. He builds the suspense and tension slowly until the shit inevitably hits the fan. All the performances are impressive, but it's Keith Gordon who carries the movie. His character's transformation from high school nerd to possessed madman is a believable one, whereas a lesser actor would've taken it over-the-top. Carpenter fills the movie with plenty of atmosphere, some wonderful cinematography, and his electronic score sets the mood perfectly. Another wise choice was to give the film a sense of humour, as the idea of a 'killer car' is a tough one to take seriously. Christine is more of a suspenseful character study than an all-out horror movie, but it remains a highlight in both Carpenter and King's careers.

Gordon B (us) wrote: What I love about his early films is a sense of humility and modesty; he's not making definitive claims or denouncing certain things; to me, I see these films as an investigation into certain notions and themes with ambiguous conclusions... great.

Justin R (us) wrote: Terrible. Tom Selleck has the worst acting performance in history. The fact that MLB Network still plays this movie is pitiful, as the plot is awful, the acting is awful, the writing is worse. There is nothing, nothing about this movie that I enjoy. The fact that I can't give negative stars is currently getting to me because I would give it lower than anything. This movie was pure torture.

Stephen W (us) wrote: Good doc. Back when they sought PROPER proportions and beauty. Like everything else these days, bodybuilding has turned into "more of ____ must be better." It's on Netflix, btw. :)

Francisco L (jp) wrote: A lot of cliches, nothing that people hadn't see before, but with good screenplay, good story, good suspense and scares. Advisable only if is the first terror film that one person will see.

Trouble B (ru) wrote: Formulaic but executed so well it scared me witless.

AD V (mx) wrote: And here I thought the remake wasn't very good.