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Qi Z (ru) wrote: One should not trouble to figure out "what actually happened". In fact, the denouement is predictable. But the merit of this film lies in the question of how do we love -- what or where does the ephemeral sense of trust and connection resides and how does one capture or maintain it.

Prachi A (au) wrote: oh my god this movie is soooooooo funny!

Mark A (de) wrote: Closer is an unabashedly sardonic and cynical film, made utterly entertaining and mesmerizing by its sharp direction, fantastic performances, and hefty dose of black comedy. It's a gloriously trashy movie filled with gloriously trashy characters, but it's also, unfortunately, true to life

Abdulmalik A (nl) wrote: Many kids will enjoy this silly movie.

babiichoong (us) wrote: diz film woz jokz even doe itz old i still love it lol

Zach M (es) wrote: Was a decent movie that had some enjoyable death scenes.Nudity to start and Violence the rest of the way.

Joshua L (jp) wrote: Really bad sequel with 45 minutes worth of flashback scenes (!). Garbage Day is still worth finding on YouTube though.

PrInCeSs E (jp) wrote: ...and suddenly the movie.. ends! lol except the gorgeous d.d.lewis there is no other reasin to see this movie. nonsense.

Tom R (fr) wrote: (4 1/2 Stars) I know High Road to China was made after the popularity of Raiders of the Lost Ark, so people may see it as a copy... but like Indiana Jones, it's extremely entertaining. It's a very appealing adventure film that trots around the globe and has larger than life action scenes. O'Malley (Tom Selleck) is a great tortured lead and the bold Eve (Bess Armstrong) isn't a damsel in distress; she's at times more of a daredevil than O'Malley. The main antagonist is Bentik (Robert Morley) who is a rich evil British man who verbally beats his lackey... he's the funniest part of the film. There are some great dogfights in the sky and so many epic action scenes. The mark of a fun adventure flick: lots of explosions.It's not just Indiana Jones that it reminds me of; it's also kind of 80's James Bond-esque (think Roger Moore). Then I saw the film is scored by John Barry, who composed 11 of the Bond films. There are also moments of light humor mixed with incredible action set pieces; this is the meat of films like Octopussy and The Spy Who Loved Me. High Road to China may be seen as an Indiana Jones knock off, but it's more than that. If you have the means to watch it, do it!

Jorban J (au) wrote: I expected more. It was great seeing Bogart and Robinson together, but the whole thing just felt a bit underwhelming.

Chayc (mx) wrote: Heartbreaking. Moore deserved her Oscar.