Child Bride

Child Bride

Jennie is a twelve-year-old girl living with her parents in extremely rural mountain country. Her schoolteacher, Miss Carol, though a mountain girl herself, has gone off to be educated and returned in hopes of stopping the tradition of child marriage which permeates the culture. Jennie's father Ira is a good man who tries to protect Miss Carol from the men who threaten her if she doesn't call off her crusade. One of these men, Jake Bolby, has his eye on little Jennie and plots to make her his bride.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:62 minutes
  • Release:1938
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   prayer,   whipping,  

Schoolteacher in a rural community campaigns to stop the practice of older men marrying young, underage girls. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bhanu P (fr) wrote: worst movie I have ever seen...

Stephanie H (au) wrote: Has a really good message to all.

Mario J (mx) wrote: Muy mala de principio a fin, realmente decepcionante. Malas actuaciones, mala historia, mal guin, en fin casi todo mal. No recomiendo que la vean a menos que no paguen por hacerlo lol.

Mwaka M (ca) wrote: Fantastic. Clever woman. Interesting!

Mark H (de) wrote: I couldn't wait to get to the end of this movie so I could give it the lowest score possible. It's awful! Just simply awful! It starts out with Miami cabana boy Alan (Fiennes) acting in a most creepy manner, falling for tourist Ella (Mol) because he saw her coming out of the cold water with a white one-piece bathing suit and hard nipples or something, I suppose. He stalks her and she doesn't seem to mind this psychopathic behavior. They then start a romance with the worst dialog ever. It must have been embarrassing to act such horrible lines. I can't imagine anyone involved in this movie not cringing every time they think about it.The rest of this contains spoilers. Though, you can't accuse me of spoiling the movie--the writers, director, and actors did that already. I just have to explain how bad and stupid this movie is.Anyway, our mentally ill stalker cabana boy moves to a seedy hotel closer to Ella and they resume their relationship. Until Ella tells her husband--a politician, about the affair. This leads to an arrest with planted drugs. When that doesn't defer our psycho hero, there is a preplanned kidnapping by 2 other prisoners being transported who overpower the guard on the van, who then wait for 3 more henchmen of the politician who shoot him in the face with a shotgun, throw him down a one or two story hole at a construction site and bury him. Only we didn't see the actual burying--we only hear the order to bury him where the concrete will be poured, so he apparently unburies himself and staggers to his drug dealer friend. From there he gets into organized crime where he starts his improbable ascent.The second half of the movie takes place 14 years later. In the mean time, Alan became some sort of mobster/financier. He seems to have acquired immense power and influence--money and many corrupt connections in the Justice and State Departments. Basically--he has acquired every improbable advantage he needs to somehow get hired by the lawyer of Ella's politician husband who has some legal problems stemming from shady dealings. ANd he needs this because in the previous decade and a half, he didn't get over his brief fling and the manhandling at the hands of Ella's husband.Alan is not recognized by Ella but he continues to act creepy and she continues to not mind. Eventually, after he breaks into her house and she finds him there, she figures out who he is and they then just continue their relationship where it left off 14 years ago.When Alan advises the politician--with his lawyer present--to take a plea and give him 2/3 of his money for the privilege (a good deal according to his real lawyer who has been cut out of the loop by Alan). Then Alan adds one more condition--he gets the wife, too. Or no plea deal. Well, they figure out that he is the old cabana boy. There is a gun fight and a trip to the hospital where he and Ella communicate telepathically or something.

Jesper G (br) wrote: rimelig ok, men mske lidt for tam afslutning og krer lidt i ring

Jim P (gb) wrote: Another remake? You can hardly find a single NEW film with anything original, and we sure as hell don't need a rehash of a classic...Everyone should stop making movies for 10 years and spend all the time and cash in that time period to restore REAL films. The 2 for $10 bins at WalMart already have enuff shit in them....and you won't find Kurosawa in there (or HITCHCOCK'S NOTORIOUS either!)

Sarah M (ru) wrote: Very sweet! Funny too!

Greg S (de) wrote: A demon sucks a computer expert into a dream world where he puts him through a series of tests, each directed by a different B-movie hack in a different style, including a MAD MAX ripoff, a detective story, and a W.A.S.P. music video (!). With a gratuitous nude dream sequence, cheesy paint-on-the-film special effects, and lines like "I reject your reality and substitute my own!," this guilty pleasure is the apotheosis of nerd camp.

robert g (kr) wrote: overall decent movie and it needs some love

Kevin M W (jp) wrote: An educated teacher stuck in an backward Aussie Outback town learns about beer drinking, gambling, beer drinking, hunting kangaroos, beer drinking and "d'yawanna anofer beer, mate, there's a good lad." An Australian-style Deliverance, no banjo, no river, but plenty of "squeal like a pig, boy!" Also, be prepared for the wholesale killing of about 20 kangaroos ... despite it being integral to the story.