Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return

Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return

A girl called Hannah goes back to her hometown (Gatlin) to find out who her mother but on the way she picks up a strange man who fore-shadows her life with a passage from the bible. When she gets there she wakes up Isaac from a coma he has been in for 19 years. Isaac is awake and wants to fulfill the final prophecy.

Hannah goes back to her hometown (Gatlin) to find out who her mother is, but on the way she picks up a strange man who fore-shadows her life with a passage from the bible. When she gets ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy W (kr) wrote: 7 Days in Havana has its share of nice segments, particularly "Jam Session" by Pablo Trapero, and "The Fountain" by Laurent Cantet. While Havana's vibrant culture fascinates me, the rest of the short films don't really do much for me, with Julio Medem's kitschy short sticking out like a sore thumb. Overall, this collection of love letters to Havana has its moments, but not enough to sustain the whole ride.

Bea B (es) wrote: The topic of the movie sounded very promising, however it was quite boring and disappointing. The characters didn't seem to have any substantial development and the different conflicts, between the protagonist and the sister or the protagonist and the cult were not allowed to involve. It was filmed very beautifully and the setting of the house helped create the isolation that the film tried to portray.

Pandu H (ag) wrote: Warm-hearted comedy about an Italian man in his 50??s and his mother and a group of elderly women in a summer weekend. A simple plot but with an exceptional script that develops all of its characters well.

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Alex R (ca) wrote: For Van Damme fans this is a must see, he excells once again as an action star and Rourke does a great job as his adversary.

Kevin S (nl) wrote: A Stephen Chow comedy doesn't need any introduction. This one has its funny moments but it isn't one of his best.

Scott U (us) wrote: This is Jenny Wright's other major starring role, and her other contribution to the Horror genre. This film is quite stylish, and sophisticated as far as these films go, in spite of some low-budget special effects. Nonetheless, the make-up design for the villain is excellent. Jenny Wright portrays a very horror-smart protagonist, who works at a bookstore, and happens upon the wrong book. Her boyfriend occupies the typical skeptic function. I enjoyed the Gothic-meets-contemporary urban atmosphere of her apartment, and the bookstore, which are the two main sets of this film. A great film mainly for its morbidly twisted plot-line, 80's-meets-90's tone, and Jenny Wright as the big star.

Private U (nl) wrote: i used to love my asterix comics when i was little

Chablis L (br) wrote: Original post date: 8.22.2005 This morning I received the following movie review from my mother. Her animadversion of this hideous cop movie that I never had any intention of seeing delighted me so much, I asked her if she would be my Guest Columnist for today. Of course, she was thrilled, as anyone in their right mind would be! So please, sit back and enjoy mom's tasty review. Tell you what...we watched one of the WORST movies I've ever seen last night. Paid-for-view the blood-splattered THING (can't call it a film), "Assault on Precinct 13." Ethan Hawke (I don't know who this guy is, but am prepared to label him El face of memorable distinction, unless of course, "weak and geeky" is a distinction. He has a body like the kid in high school who brings a note to P.E. from his doctor saying he can't play any sports because he's a bed-wetter. How Hawke became a "movie star" I can only imagine...was he discovered in a state-run mental institution? His acting made me want to throw a plate of cole slaw at the tube.) Gabriel Byrne (Any film [pardon me, "THING"] that has Byrne in it is pre-ordained to make you want to slit your wrist.) Brian Dennennennhy (Has lost weight. Both physically and artistically. Big ole beefy Brian was an ACTOR. The old, white-haired man on the screen in the THING looked scared to death that his peers might recognize him.) John Lezigamomomo (Only good when in full drag. The puling, archtypal speed freak wearing male clothing and wielding a gun bigger than Marlon Brando's ass was so irritating that when he got offed, I stood and applauded.) Lawrence Fishburne (The ONLY, SINGLE character in the THING worthy of showing up at the Oscar ceremony to mingle around with real actors. Larry walked through his role looking like he wanted to kill every person on the set...and when he got to kill a few, his eyes high-fived. You could almost hear his brain screaming: "Where is Bruce Willis when you NEED him?") Two UNKNOWN broads (One, obviously just quit her job as backstreet whore...this one apparently convinced the make-up guy that she should do her own eye make-up. Wish I could have pointed out to her that Elizabeth Taylor made her eyes look that way in "Cleopatra" because she was playing an EGYPTIAN! The other broad...straight out of acting school, but not with Stella Adler. Bad, bad, bad boobs; but the director made her bend forward numerous times any way.) Now...almost every single person in this film dies. Either with a bullet hole in the forehead or a knife stuck up under the chin. It snows for the entirety of the movie...I felt like it was a cover-up for not having a set designer. Sleaze is the operative word; however, sleaze suddenly became liquefied in my mind while watching, as though sleaze came in a can, like motor oil, and the director (some Frenchman) poured his can of sleaze over action and dialogue. They expected Hawke to "carry" the movie...that's like asking The Fruitcake Lady to dance a tango with Al Pacino. (In other words, it ain't pretty.) When it was over, I knew what it's like to want to plunge a stiletto into a rabid squirrel.

Greg W (nl) wrote: wow talk about a property with legs this is version #3 well crafted melodrama

Gianfranco F (br) wrote: yea it's pretty funny like everyone says but this is not just comedy movies. It's romantic comedy and i just don't get the romance thing in this movie.

Leong C (ru) wrote: One of the funniest, most underated comedy. Definitely haram in Malaysia...

John M (it) wrote: My kind of Western. So this is about a half white, half Apache man (Paul Newman) who inherits a property and moves back to civilization. He faces the scorn of some passengers on a stage coach due to his ethnicity, but the tables may be a turning when they find themselves needing him. I didn't know anything about this before I sat down to take the time, but I will always give a Western the benefit of the doubt, given the affection I have towards the genre. I was blown away with not only how good this is, but also how I've gone so long without ever hearing about this. Believe it or not, I'm really not all that familiar with Paul Newman's library; I've seen Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and I've seen the Hudsucker Proxy, but that's about it. I have to say, the man has an incredible screen presence about him, and it is the kind that makes you instantly gravitate towards him. He even manages to successfully pull off playing a half breed, which is nuts, because he is about as Aryan as they come. He plays one cool cucumber that has one-liners for days, and watching this movie really made me realize what helps the most to crafting the anti-hero: make him a man of few words. There are a few speeches Newman's character of John Russell doles out, but for the most part, he sticks to abbreviated responses of five words or less. It gives him an air of extreme confidence that makes you want to be that character. Apart from Newman, all of the other supporting characters are great, and you have a very memorable villain played by Richard Boone. You understand the dichotomy of the relationships of all of these passengers, and it helps to build this microcosm in this small little carriage. They actually have some pretty insightful commentary on race relations; I know here it is specifically Apache by name, but you could easily exchange any minority for the discrimination that these people are facing. This is a sleeper Western that not many people talk about; and I can only imagine that is because it's not 100% feel good (I don't want to get into spoilers). The print of this that is currently available in Netflix is in super-clean HD, and looks like it could've been shot yesterday. There's a brilliant scene smack dab in middle of this that just made me want to cheer, and this is a must-see for any Western lover.

Chris M (mx) wrote: I wasn't expecting Rango to be any good when I first saw the trailer a while back. It looked to me like your typically smug production line animated film that was soon to be forgotten in everyones minds. I was wrong. Rango is a terrifically clever film that will entertain both children and parents alike. The voice over performances are all around great. Johnny Depp shows great enthusiasm for the titular role and it also makes references to Johnny Depp's previous enigmatic dream like picture "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas". For me that reference was a hilarious in-joke. Like Fear And Loathing Rango is visually creative, eye popping and surrealist and mysterious with just enough substance addressing environmental issues to balance itself out with the bright colours and animated environments. There were two sex references in it that may put some off, but I think this is slightly more of an adult film than a children's slapstick comedy.