Children on Their Birthdays

Children on Their Birthdays

Havoc is created in a small Southern community when a 12-year-old shows up, causing a couple 13-year-old friends to fall in love with her, thus possibly jeopardizing their friendship.

12 year old Lily Bobbit moves to Medda, Ala, and immediately makes an impression on the residents when she and her friends team up to outsmart a con man, the town is changed forever. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zed C (fr) wrote: GUH! Not enough gore to save it. Not enough tits to save it. Not enough Rey to save it. Not enough plot to save it. Unsaveable... which isn't a word, but fits nicely. The last 15min was torment of the filmmakers trying TOO hard to be campy with all the ass shots. I was angered.

J B (de) wrote: Gripping, intelligent and well-acted crime thriller. Socioeconomic disparity has always been an undercurrent of the "Snabba Cash" films. The tragedy is watching these men with families and aspirations being driven into a life of crime by unjust class systems and corruption.

Seth C (ag) wrote: Cop Out is an un-watchable mess of a film that is a case of lazy film making. The plot is asinine, the acting is horrible and the direction is worse. The jokes don't land at all and the waste of Tracey Morgan as an actor continues.

Shae S (br) wrote: Beautifully shot and very-well acted for the most part. It's just kind of pedestrian in places. With better direction, this could have been a great movie.

Samantha S (es) wrote: Very funny little dark comedy, but there are laughing-out-loud bits from Lee Evans and Christopher Walken as ambitious morticians (according to "Fun at the Funeral Parlour", one of the only things the Welsh exceed at is dying.) Anyway, good laughs and a happy ending for all but it doesn't take any of the fun or dark out of the comedy.

TTT C (br) wrote: (**): Thumbs Down Boring, even for a Russian film.

Paulita C (mx) wrote: De todo un poco, surrealista y demasiado real por momentos, Excelente banda de sonido, como siempre, los dilogos dicen ralmente mucho. Perhan es increble, la evolucin de su papel a lo largo de toda la pelcula es genial. Una historia muy bien contada, ver todo lo q ve el personaje principal es muy bueno, descubrir ese mundo al mismo tiempo q l hace las emociones mas crebles.

Ryan K (mx) wrote: From Ephron's script to the performances of Streep and Nicholson - it gives you exactly what it said: "Heartburn."

Ilsa L (fr) wrote: Hendrik Hofgen is sensational as Klaus in this and pulls you right in. Highly recommended viewing!

Steve S (au) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Bradley K (br) wrote: If Spielberg created the high concept summer blockbuster then Edwards certainly pioneered this style of contemporary psychological thrillers. With a strangely lyric pace this film contains scene after scene of dynamic montages and now-classic scares. Another great film that showcases the geographical and demographic uniqueness of San Fran.

Allan C (mx) wrote: Elizabeth Taylor is a bored rich girl daughter of high powered lawyer, William Powell (in his third to last film appearance), who falls for Powell's latest client, gambling kingpin Fernando Lamas (father of Lorenzo Lamas). It's a pretty dull story, but there's a good cast, which also includes Gig Young and James Whitmore, who are more than capable of carrying the film along. Andr Previn also provides the film a nice score.

Bill M (us) wrote: More odd than eerie.

Lee (ru) wrote: Psycho fry-'em-up about a disturbed guy luring young women back to his home and blasting them to death with his flame-thrower. Not too bad overall, but there's no gore and most of the kills are off-screen. Though the only on-screen kill is pretty well done and there are a couple of nice creepy moments here and there. Well enough made to be deamed watchable for fans of the genre.

Kaya H (es) wrote: The laughable Cgi Blood and ridiculous Acting made this one of the worst Action Movies of all Time

Allan C (br) wrote: Thank you, TCM, for showing one of my favorite childhood Disney films. This film fascinated and terrified me as a child and watching it now, it's certainly not quite as scary, but it does hold up as solid entertainment. Tony and Tia are a couple orphans with psychic powers who set out to find Witch Mountain in order to find out about their mysterious past. Eddie Albert plays an old crank who helps the two. Ray Milland and Donald Pleasence plays a couple baddies who want to capture the two in order to exploit them for their own gain. Kim Richards, who plays Tia, is apparently one of the "Real Housewives" now and has lots of outrageous DUIIs and strange arrests now, which is kind of interesting. I'm not sure what happened to Tony, Ike Eisenmann. But over all, this film is better than most quickie Disney movies and the mystery of the kids past unfolds in a well structured manner. There's also a good score by Johnny Mandel. But that all being said, nostalgia may be blinding me on this one. I may just be excited to see the Star Purse or Tony making things fly around by playing his harmonica.