Chill Factor

Chill Factor

A store clerk and an ice cream truck driver are thrown together when a dying scientist entrusts them with a deadly chemical kept in ice. This chemical will kill every living thing once it melts. They have to take the chemical codenamed 'Elvis' to the next nearest military base while being chased by terrorists who want it to hold the country for ransom.

A new biological chemical weapon that explodes up to temperatures over fifty degrees Fahrenheit, falls into the hands of two men who try to make sure that it doesn't get stolen by a terrorist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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l i n d (ag) wrote: Yuck! Boring and awkward.

Donal O (gb) wrote: One of my favourite movies ever.....really dark humour, directed by Steve Buscemi eh? makes sense.......Jim realises that actions speak louder than words!

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bill s (br) wrote: It really runs out of steam in the middle which is a shame as it was pretty good up till then.

Sam M (de) wrote: Some dead spots but Jeff Bridges was very good.

Wesley M (de) wrote: terrible movie with unfunny characters, ridiculous plot, stupid dialoge, and its a unnecessary sequel.

Justin E (mx) wrote: The English King Kong, not so good, but better then Peter Jackson's.

Greg W (nl) wrote: skip this and see the original 1942 version

April M (it) wrote: Two of the finest dancers!

Jacob D (ag) wrote: This is my favourite action movie ever put on screen, from the first fight scene, to the chilled monkey brains, to the last four action scenes this movie is phenomenal.

Johnson C (jp) wrote: Except the last 15mins, the overall feeling is good as a war movie with a visible plot. But last 15mins is too Rambo....... to deduct a start for it.