Shortly before Pearl Harbor, American opportunist Jones and partner Johnny are in China to sell oil to the invading Japanese army. Cynical about the sufferings of the Chinese, Jones meets compassionate teacher Carolyn Grant while travelling cross-country to Shanghai. Sparks fly between these strong-willed characters, neither budging an inch. But when Jones witnesses a Japanese atrocity, his feelings toward his customers (and Carolyn) begin to change...

During the Japanese invasion of China, a cynical, macho profiteer meets a compassionate, beautiful schoolteacher. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barney o (jp) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: The Second Part to this franchise was just a rehashing of the first film, but here some originality is finally sought in the form of a new plot and character developments that tie back to the first film whilst bringing the franchise forward. 'The Hangover Part III' now feels fresh so the audience can really get down to enjoying the twists and turns (and the hilarity) of a gritty and honourable sequel. WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: It still can't quite live up to the first because the original idea was just golden. A rehashing failed, but a new leap forward still can't quite deliver in the same way. VERDICT: Cut out the second, this is what the sequel should have been like. It's probably the best it could have been all things considered.

Zachary M (it) wrote: Being in the article circle must be as close as you can come to being in outer space without leaving the earth's surface. A vast empty place where life seemingly doesn't exist and if something goes wrong help could be so far away as to not even consider it a reasonable possibility. It's the perfect place for this kind of thriller. This movie does well what a lot of other similar type movies in this genre does, play up suspense of who will turn on each other, how close is an outsider to learning the truth, do they already know and are they just toying with you. However, I feel some of the acting felt a bit wooden at times. Nothing too distracting, but it's something I noticed. Yet, the landscape, visuals, and cast, all of whom are native Alaskans, gives the film a much needed fresh feel about it. They truly elevate it from being and bland run of the mill movie to one much more memorable.

David T (de) wrote: It's nice to see Sandler and Berrymore's romance one more time, even the movie shows better things that Sandler use to do, improving itself as an actor and as a reputation.

Eduard C (ag) wrote: JAJAJAJAJAJA que risa!!!

Owais H (br) wrote: time pass paisa vasool family movie

Sunil J (kr) wrote: Oh my. Why is this a movie?

Bruce B (jp) wrote: Well a Good B Flix, Would be alright for Halloween watchers, maybe the opening movie, get things going. I would figure that after the first 10,000 rounds of bullets they might have figured that this guy is like Superman. Also typical stereo type movie as to how alot of people think our militray people act. get a grip movie makers. I picked it up in a pawn shop for $3.00, well worth that.

Dave W (nl) wrote: I just checked this out at the library. I'll post a review once I've seen it.

Elina S (ag) wrote: Much more proper than I could have ever excepted, I think the brain cell photos were the hook. Americans have easy answers for anything, but it`s could to remind that healthcare is about humanitarian values and not money making. Hope Im rating the right film.

Salik Y (us) wrote: Love the fantasy genre??? How about a romance instilled there? This is a killer of all. On a rainy day or ur fav pleasant day, tune into this bizzare movie with the best background score a movie can ever have that would ride you on a time machine depicting a human's quest for relating, correlating and understanding the little feelings that comes, goes or persists.

Ryan M (mx) wrote: A very harsh film shot like a documentary on a small group of kids (the youngest is the titular 'star', although he's not an Angel by any means) who have just been thrown into a juvenile centre in Sao Paulo. A gritty + depressing story that points out a lot of problems within Brazilian society. Extremely well acted with unprofessional actors (the kid who played Pixote was an actual street criminal), while director Hector Babenco went on to make a couple Hollywood films + even getting an Oscar nomination for his 1985 film "Kiss Of The Spider Woman", the lead actor Fernando Ramos Da Silva returned to a life of crime and was killed by the Police in 1987, he was 19 years old. Hits harder and is ultimately better than "City Of God" because it feels more real. It may not have any easy answers, but Babenco believes that when we finally accept and take responsibility for the wayward younger generation, we'll at least have a chance of making it better.

Elias N (us) wrote: A classic christmas movie that's easily forgotten still manages to send a powerful message. Jim Carrey really saves this movie from being forgotten.

Jonny C (ru) wrote: Amazing film, great soundtrack, cannot fault.

Anthony V (de) wrote: All the great action stars of the 80s come together for a romp in the cheese. Lots of fun, but the ultra violent climax kicks it up a notch above a normal time waster. Stallone still knows how to make an enjoyable action film.

Becca A (au) wrote: I couldn't resist the chance to come out and visit the old crumbling ruins - and see how the hotel was doing as well.

Emmanuel M (jp) wrote: Frustrating watch, lacks common sense, leaves shouting at the screen. Frankly I couldn't find it in me to seat through it all. WASTE of time.

Orlok W (au) wrote: A moving semi-western with excellent performances and well-controlled mood--A period piece, not a Civil War movie!!