China: Born Under the Red Flag

China: Born Under the Red Flag


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China: Born Under the Red Flag torrent reviews

Brian W (kr) wrote: An interesting documentary style look at the life of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and his fights with the government, religious groups, feminists and all of the charitable organizations that he has helped over the years.

Ha H (es) wrote: Not much to this film, though I find it to be pretty incredible. Not in your face, not action packed, but great performances and damn good writing. Definitely in my top 5 this year.

Ad O (es) wrote: so sad because it's true. loved the plastic bit. i hate us.

Naina I (au) wrote: Good movie. No unnecessary glitz and glam...just sends the message across to the viewers in a very simple way.

Alex K (jp) wrote: I Like Splatter Films.

Andy P (mx) wrote: An interesting dramatic tale of modern warfare where the killing may be executed thousands of miles away from the actual act, but the moral complexities are just as wrought with complications and grey areas as ever before.

Leonardo Malacay S (jp) wrote: Un casting terrible, actuaciones de risa y una historia que por momentos pareca buena pero no es mas que mierda

Danny V (it) wrote: I became interested in Caveh Zahedi after seeing him in Waking Life playing himself, and talking about film. This movie's pretty fascinating because it's a documentary expressed in an entirely novel format. It's really more of a character study than a film with a particular point, but I've never seen someone make a movie about himself and share it so intimately with the audience.

Randy Y (es) wrote: A nice history of the grass and its political journey. Harrelson does a nice job sounding like a trustworthy narrator, though given his history... not sure whether to discredit the facts based on his pro-pot position. Nicely put together and paced documentary.

Greg M (nl) wrote: Christian Slater plays a quiet, simple guy who falls in love with a lass who takes his heart away. This may be the first time in which the leading man plays the part of a florist. His weapon: roses. However, with every rose, there's a thorn. Will they move beyond the pain to reach the beauty?

Christopher B (nl) wrote: Does anyone else think this is the greatest movie ever? My fav, laughed throughout.

Daniel C (fr) wrote: Well that's a fine-how-de-do from the critics and the Motion Picture Rating Assoc. 1 or 1 1/2 *'s. I liked this movie not only because of all the great actors but because it was entertaining and hilarious! Good action, a great psychic theme driven adventure! The comedic Spiritual exploration culminates in a believable gift of tongues climax. How many good, mainstream movies have scenes of Tongues in them? I recommend this movie.

Guka J (mx) wrote: even if some people call it one of adam sandler's worst movie, it takes a great story and tear jerking moments, which you won't believe to see in adam sandler movie. it's truly one of his best movie and great performance.

Kaleb R (gb) wrote: Definitely have to be a Kevin Smith follower to like this one, but if you are, then Mallrats will not disappoint.

Trey B (kr) wrote: A Pixar classic on the level of Toy Story, thanks to the great characters, and the film's depth.

Boogie B (es) wrote: According to Dutch, the Predator is "one ugly muthfu#ka". But this film couldn't be any more beautiful.