China's Wild West

China's Wild West

40 times more valuable than gold, Jade is found in the dried-up Yurungkash riverbed in China's remote desert region of Xinjiang. Partly observational, partly impressionistic and filmed ...

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Turkmen
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40 times more valuable than gold, Jade is found in the dried-up Yurungkash riverbed in China's remote desert region of Xinjiang. Partly observational, partly impressionistic and filmed ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Conrad T (us) wrote: Movie would touch the right person but not everyone.

Cheryl C (jp) wrote: Realistic man looking for the Gospel to unfold. What a shame he's gone. The simple meaning of Grace gets so complicated by our strongholds. This is a profound message of Grace.

Walter M (br) wrote: "Budrus" is an illuminating documentary on many levels. To start, it is about everyday life and the complicated politics of the Occupied West Bank that we rarely get to see. Ayed Morrar lives with his family in the small village of Budrus that is in the path of the proposed security wall, meant to keep Israel safe from terrorists. With views from people in both Israel and the West Bank, nobody disputes the need for the wall, even though I could think of a few reasons off the top of my head. What is under dispute is the path of the wall as it cuts deeply into Palestine, including the cemetary in Budrus, and would call for the destruction of vast amounts of olive trees that the village relies on for their livelihood. As a result, Ayed arranges for peaceful protests that first only consist of men, with the women joining them later. The protests are not for the weak of heart as injuries are possible as the protestors have to face down not only construction equipment but soldiers deployed to defend them with rubber bullets and tear gas.(Actually, Ayed has spent time in jail and as a fugitive for being a activist.) The protests get much more attention from the press corps when they are joined by international activists. Then, Israeli activists join the cause which is the most important development of them all. Because now it is now longer just "us" versus "them," as the pronouns get dropped and the villagers become friends with people they could never have imagined befriending. At this point, I realize just about anything is possible.

Andy F (mx) wrote: The long drawn out action sequences produce lots of yawns, but in the first half of the film at least, Stallone's bunch of all star heroes and villains give a good account of themselves.

Dave R (fr) wrote: It was good and then it was just dumb at the same time it was liek a mix of good and bad I say and for once I actwally got the killer right off the bat lol never happens to often

Michelle W (de) wrote: Boring. Boring. Some blood, then back to being boring again. The end.

Stephanie J (gb) wrote: Indian cop flick, hot women, break out song moments, somehow this movie is awesome

Armando P (de) wrote: Gore, guts and corpses, pure Eli Roth! Not bad though...

Peter F (us) wrote: By no means a perfect documentary. This film, which suggests a conspiracy theory behind the deaths of the title rappers, is rather minimal in terms of concrete evidence to it's claims, and it doesn't sport the great soundtrack that it could of had. Nonetheless, Biggie and Tupac is never boring, and should prove so even to non-hip-hop lovers.

Christian C (de) wrote: A timeless, classic LBGT film. Quite bold for its time...which I guess means it isn't exactly "timeless"....still....

David B (es) wrote: Good harmless fun. Basically Top Gun on wheels, with Cary Elwes playing the communist stock car driver. Completely predictable, but enjoyable.

ANDERSON G (ru) wrote: "Apocalypse now" is not a movie about the Vietnam war as everyone says, "apocalypse now" is a film that goes on during the Vietnam War, Yes, it's different. The 1970s is where Francis Ford Coppola is at the height of his creativity and genius, and in "apocalypse now" you notice all the noises of greatness of the director, we perceive the constant cuts and how difficult it was to make this film, but in the End was worth it. Here we have the story of Captain Willard (Martin Sheen) who is agonized in ostracism about to be tried for murder when he receives a mission, travel to the extreme jungles of Cambodia to kill Colonel Kurtz (Marlon Brando), a man who goes crazy when he feels Power in your hands, the script sounds good, and even simple, but it has an incredible depth, thanks also to the more than three hours of movies, which at certain times even get a little boring, but at no time do you want to fidget or catch The phone, because Coppola presents us with an incredible, smoky, hot, wild and somber photograph, "apocalypse now" arguably has one of the best photographs I've seen in movies, along with his soundtrack that mixes classical music with pop and Very well the music scene of the 60s, with various sub intrigues, during the course of our journey we know many characters, all have their importance and show the irreverence and cruelty of this war, and the performances are great, nothing great. The weaknesses are for continuity errors not only in the script but as in the movie edition, but the film is so great that we understand it.

David (de) wrote: When the Director won't watch his own film because the content makes him morally and physically sick you've got a film although tame in gore compared to recent so called"splatter-porn" films the subject content and just plain cringe inducing debauchery in this film even makes me cringe whenever I see it.

Brandon B (de) wrote: Basically a trippy grindhouse stoner film... and I mean that completely as praise!! You know you are in for a good time when the movie opens up with a grubby stoner dressed in longjohns taking a piss on the side of his mobile bus home before picking up two hot hitchhikers and getting lost in the Everglades. Some of the trippiest imagery ever put on film, including an evil clown, a bizarre political candidate, a nympho, soft core sex scenes, rituals, stereotypes of deviant Catholic priests, and a gang of hick rednecks that want a piece of action. If this appeals to you, check it out!

Art S (de) wrote: The last of Rohmer's Six Moral Tales finds Frederic, a young businessman, reflecting on his life after three years of marriage. His internal thoughts are narrated in voiceover. He thinks about women and his attraction to them in the context of his fidelity to his wife which he is proud to honour. They have a very young daughter as well. Frederic's life has become bourgeois but he sees himself as a sort of urban cat, prowling around in the afternoons. When an old acquaintance, Chloe, returns after a six-year absence overseas, she provokes him and challenges his views about relationships. She is rootless, flitting from job to job and from man to man, clearly independent and willful and sexy for that reason. Frederic finds himself drawn to her and they set up rendezvouses on certain afternoons, physically chaste though emotionally all over the place. Rohmer is good at getting into his male characters' psyches, undermining their confidence and throwing moral dilemmas at them. We don't really get inside the women but they are treated as mysterious and special. Rohmer's films are naturally all talk but they can be exhilarating and refreshing. We don't know where Frederic is heading but the conclusion of the film feels to be his choice, made freely and autonomously and Rohmer respects it (as he respects his audience and his vision).

neil L (de) wrote: Straw Dogs is a weird old film that's pretty boring for the first half, then gets interesting with a bunch of violent rapes and murders. My favorite part is the end where he throws a guy onto a loaded bear trap.

JB R (kr) wrote: Strange melodrama from Huston with Brando and Taylor in the leads. Notable for its beautiful camera work and cinematography but unfortunately the story is tedious and pretentious. The actors seem to be over-doing it the whole time. Interesting look at repressed homosexuality, the film probably seemed far more cutting edge at the time it was released in 1967.

Adrian B (br) wrote: Silver Lode is a terrific western that is highly underrated. Quite interesting that this film and "Johnny Guitar," to very fine westerns, were completely blown off upon released in 1954, the latter of the two in particular. Though "Johnny Guitar" has gained a bigger following, "Silver Lode" has been left virtually in the dust. At least it was discovered by 1001 Movies Guide. This is very intriguing western shot in glorious technicolour, which follows the John Payne's character who has been accused by incoming marshal, or perhaps crook played by Dan Duryea, of murder and larceny. The story unravels out in which most of the town, except is bride-to-be (Lizabeth Scott) and local showgirl (Dolores Moran, who was a prominent character the Howard Hawk's masterpiece "To Have and Have Not"), lose support for John Payne's character. It is a fabulous film, that should be acknowledged by others. I highly recommend.

Dax S (br) wrote: A fun movie to watch, people can't die in this movie unless they need to for plot.

Facund V (it) wrote: My favorite animated movie of all time