Keld is in a rut. His wife of 25 years has left him. For sustenance, he eats his way through the menu at the local Chinese takeaway. The owner talks him into a marriage of convenience with his sister from China and the unplanned-for happens. A delicate romance blossoms between these two damaged, fragile individuals, but a secret gives their relationship a fateful twist. A subtle and touching story of life's diversity.

In order to pay for his divorce, a plumber marries a Chinese woman who needs citizenship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Chinaman torrent reviews

Avirup S (kr) wrote: Speechless!! Worth appreciation. Highly recommended for national and international audiences! This movie could not have been made in Hollywood! Perfect location for such a tasty LUNCH!!

Jorel D (it) wrote: I know this one was filmed before Cavill did the Superman role... but I have never seen Clark Kent so worried! LOL! Anyways... I can't see Henry Cavill as anyone else... Good action! Great cast!

Greg S (fr) wrote: A loathsome man who spends his days in a bar and enjoys squashing butterflies grows a pair of wings on his back that have a mind of their own. It features great non-verbal, animated storytelling and inventive animation in that mildly surreal Bill Plympton style, a hip soundtrack by Pink Martini and Tom Waits, and comedy that's wicked and dark without surrendering to nihilism. An under-the-radar winner.

Amber B (it) wrote: I love inuyasha please help me anyone please!!!! come on

Jonathan W (kr) wrote: Great production values, bit of a drag on the intellect.

Tristan E (us) wrote: Interesting drama about a 14 years old pregnant virgin in a latino community in LA, with a great leading cast.

Bonnie R (nl) wrote: Enchanting. Intoxicating. Charlotte Rampling can never be bad. I adored this film for every salient reason: Cinematography; strong characterizations by wonderful actors. interesting plotline and mysterious thrills. My mouth salivated even when she stocked up on food from the local grocer. The only film I did not enjoy her in was "Three", but not because of her. The writing and direction was so "off". It's difficult to dislike this incredible actress no matter what role she plays.Swimming Pool is a harsh metaphor on women and their relationships with men. If you are into fine cinema, fine acting, slip this one into your Bucket List.

Arlene S (mx) wrote: Mickey Rourke was really great, but this is hardly worthy of a top 100 films of all time list.

Quinto W (br) wrote: The film is a little uneven, unsure of where to go exactly and how to get there, but, trust me, what a fun ride it is. The cast is in top shape as always, and like in any Waters film there are plenty of shocks to be found. Always hilarious and highly enjoyable.

Billy H (kr) wrote: Action packed Jon Claud van dam

Scott S (ru) wrote: At times a very beautiful film, but it fails on the most critical aspect of the 'love relationship'. Tyrone Powers may look dashing, but I didn't find him very charismatic. And Maureen O'Hara is pretty awful. She is supposed to make a transformation from hating Tyrone to loving him, but the turn-around takes place so quickly and so late in the movie, that it doesn't seem realistic. George Sanders seems to be having some fun, but I think he comes off too aristocratic to play a pirate. I was hoping this would be the pirate movie I've been hankering for (I didn't much care for any of Disney's recent fare), but I guess I'll keep looking... maybe Errol Flynn has something up his billowy sleeves...

Augustine H (kr) wrote: It makes you ponder over the true essence of integrated education, which is easier said than acheived. Great performance from Hilary Swank.

Narayanan A (jp) wrote: 77% - It might not be a typical Bourne film, but it is certainly a really good action film with great characters, strong story, and well-choreographed action sequences.