Chinese Coffee

Chinese Coffee

When Harry Levine, an aging, unsuccessful Greenwich Village writer is fired from his job as restaurant doorman, he calls on friend and mentor Jake, ostensibly to collect a long-standing debt. Harry solicits his opinion on his latest manuscript, a work of semi-fiction based on their longtime friendship. Although he initially denies having read it, Jake later attacks it on aesthetic grounds, and deep-seated feelings of betrayal and jealousy surface and lead to a traumatic confrontation.

Harry and Jake, two unsuccessful writers, spend a cathartic evening arguing about money, aesthetics, their friendship, and Harry's new manuscript. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wayne S (br) wrote: Hugely overrated by critics that have reviewed this, the people willing to speak about the attacks are not hackers, they are nothing more than users of 4chan who were stupid enough to get caught. It does not really help give understanding to those who are not internet savvy to who annon are.

Nicki M (fr) wrote: Cute, but questionable message. Spoilers ahead...............I don't know that I really liked that a strong young woman who has worked hard and wants a good future for herself is torn down as selfish and shallow. Clearly it's more noble to be poor and want nothing but true love?! That aside, the deathbed scene also had me scratching my head. Okay, so she made some poor decisions in her personal life. That leads to her dying alone. However, it's not specified what she is dying of, except that she is young. This is the wake up call she needs to turn her life around. So she won't die. Okay, someone please explain to me how choosing a different partner keeps you safe from whatever horrible illness struck her down young?Unless it's an std from her unfaithful ex, though implications are, she already slept with him, so even so, if she caught an std, she's already got it at this point.(and, honestly, I don't think that is where they were going anyhow with that, although, we do have a modern day "Scrooge" plot here with a ghost who has genital herpes, so anything is possible!).It's not all bad. Ashley Benson is fine as an alcoholic deceased starlet. I didn't find Christina too convincing, but she's okay, it is only a fluff piece after all. Chad is horrible. Wooden and no chemistry whatsoever. I certainly wouldn't have wanted to pay money to see it, and the plot is old and tired, but it is December, so forgivable to watch a bit of crap this time of year!

Karthik C (gb) wrote: Happythankyoumoreplease features good performances from all the lead actors, especially Josh Radnor and Malin Ackerman. It's a simple and sweet story presenting the relationships between friends and couples, how they deal with the little but significant hurdles they face along the way. It is not too emotional or feely, but it has just enough to put a smile on your face here and there. Good work by Josh Radnor, this being his debut feature as a Director. I liked his other movie "Liberal Arts" as well.

Jameson A (au) wrote: Happy Times!!!......... not so much

Li M (ag) wrote: This movie reminds me of both She's Come Undone and White Oleander novels. It's a common coming of age story when the teenage girl just wants a little attention and a father figure in her life and ends up in an inapprporiate relationship. It was a really good movie but too depressing for me.

Garrett W (au) wrote: A little painful to watch but heartfelt and sweet. Only watch if you're a Kaufman fan.

Robert B (fr) wrote: Not so bad as I expected - the movie does a reboot on the original 90's Leprechaun series of movies, but with a darker version of it. The story is ok, effects ok, actings bad - but there is enought tension to keep you watching what happens. 4,0/10

Laura U (br) wrote: A touching story, this lioness' persistence and strategy of survival is inspiring and hopeful.

Adam R (gb) wrote: Only for true fans of the ultra-slow indie movie with little plot.

Michael C (mx) wrote: Dumbing down people.