Reshma is a pretty petty thief who picks the pocket of a poor but honourable man and when discovered, her life begins to take a turn. Reshma was kidnapped for revenge as a kid by a dangerous criminal on the run. His right arm had to be amputated as a result of shots fired by the police inspector chasing him. Bhagat raises Reshma, teaching her tricks of the pick-pocket business. Bombay's underworld of illicit alcohol, smuggling, goons and the close linkages between crime and politics feature richly in the plot. Reshma falls in love with a policeman but Bhagat wants her to marry Jaggi a local thug. Reshma wants to reform her life, give up her life of petty criminality and enter society. Bhagat sees his meal ticket vanishing with Reshma's wanting to toe the straight path. So Bhagat sets a train of events in motion that will take Reshma to the gallows. Can Reshma, raised in the poorer quarters of Bombay crime steer her path away from the gallows?b

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Kumail R (ag) wrote: Fans of the original Dragon Ball series as well as those who liked Dragon Ball Z will enjoy this movie.

Mark B (au) wrote: I'm not sure about the genesis of this film, but I'm wondering if it was intended as an ABC afternoon special. It certainly has that feel. This is a lightweight and vanilla production that gives us nothing of substance to grab onto. It is, however, a warm and fuzzy show that some younger ones will enjoy. It all takes place in a splendid rural Montana town, circa 1960. Mom and Dad Plumm (Lisa Guerrero and Alec Baldwin) and their two sons, teenager Elliot and little Rocky, have their issues to deal with, but relatively speaking things are fairly blissful. Until local TV hero Froggy Doo is kidnapped. Hey, I tried to warn you. Taking the shape of one Elliot's Hardy Boys books, the two Plumm brothers, with the help of Elliot's new heartthrob Haley, set off to solve the mystery. It should be noted that this is probably an excellent film for a young family to enjoy together. Aside from Mr. Plumm's drinking problem, there's nothing to shield your kids from if that is what you are usually prone to do. But you might want to dump some shots in your hot chocolate for yourself to help you get through this.

Se G (us) wrote: Pretty well developed script, with some good, witty moments which attempts to capture the earnestness of characters' relationship.

Tero L (de) wrote: Mysterio! Salaperinen mutta viihdyttv. No jotain arvattavaa muttei haittaa.

Connor H (au) wrote: It started off so well! But why did they start to change the adaptation so much from the book, subsequently losing almost all of its heart, wit, and most of all horror?! Big disappointment. Colonel Kurtz from the book is definitely the more interesting, sadistic and disturbing psychopath as opposed to the boring and pretty irrelevant (to the film's storyline, apart from a crappy action sequence near the end) 'Curtis'.

William R (fr) wrote: Tommy Lee jones once agan saves an action film that is routine and predictable

Robert M (de) wrote: Watch the trailer then move on! Anything further is a waste of time...just take a look at the poster of the movie and note Jane carries an 1873 Colt single action revolver...a gun that was not even yet being made during the year the movie is set in......yep just another dog however better than a host of westerns higher rated ....better than anything with Kurt Russel in it...but bad nonetheless....dont waste your time....go watch any number of far better western movies, True Grit, Crossfire Trail, Conagher, many others....Hollywood has all but lost the ability to make a decent Western...True Grit (2010) was the last great Western movie to date.