Chinna Jameen

Chinna Jameen


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1993
  • Language:Tamil
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Chinna Jameen 1993 full movies, Chinna Jameen torrents movie

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Chinna Jameen torrent reviews

Jordon J (fr) wrote: Date And Switch is a plucky step in the right direction for diversity in teen comedies, but it lacks the extra oomph to stand on its own merits. I say RENT IT!!!

Nabi P (us) wrote: such a sad but awesome film! HIRO <3

James H (jp) wrote: It?s such a blatant rip-off of other car racing movies that it was old stuff from the very first frame. It?s a bargain basement Fast and Furious. Fair but likable performances, decent car racing scenes, but over all it?s just routine and unoriginal.

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James K (mx) wrote: directed by Steve Buscemi this is one of those great, nothing really happens but I like it anyway indie flicks

Alek S (it) wrote: Just cant rate any lower a Christian Bales movie...

Ben K (mx) wrote: Truffaut's one of my favorite directors but this one's a bit underwhelming. It feels like a French version of the Miracle Worker and the story pretty much has the same arc. The period part is jarring as the lack of budget is immediately apparent, perhaps that's why Truffaut cast himself as the sympathetic scientist. Despite the picture the movie is in black and white which is usually fine but it looks very dull here. At a scant 86 minutes the film feels rushed and ends abruptly. Still mediocre Truffaut is better than most of what's out there so if you've accidentally rented no worries there's certainly worse times to be had in cinema.

John G (us) wrote: Superb satire from Lubitsch with a delightful cast headed by Jack Benny and Carole Lombard. The dialogue is sharply written and hilarious.

sally p (us) wrote: a good movie to remember sweet love shining along with dancing,dancing makes you feel your true self, you feel like a bird of freedom.

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Andr A (br) wrote: You'll probably have more fun counting how many movies were ripped-off, and it bares little resemblance to the game is based off... I like it cause I'm easy to please, but not much.

Ollie W (au) wrote: I was expecting a good family film and was surprised by the fact that it was actually very humorous and generally well done.It's a specific kind of humour so I can understand why some wouldn't like it. I think it could depend on the company you're with as well as the type of person you are.But as I said, I consider it very humourous and worth a watch.