Chip an' Dale

Chip an' Dale

Donald needs a log for his fire. Unfortunately, the one he picks is occupied by a couple of chipmunks and their stash of acorns. When he cuts it down, Chip and Dale fall out, but their acorns stay behind, so they work at putting out Donald's fire and retrieving their stash. Donald, of course, takes this as calmly and cheerfully as you would expect.

Donald needs a log for his fire. Unfortunately, the one he picks is occupied by a couple of chipmunks and their stash of acorns. When he cuts it down, Chip and Dale fall out, but their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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peter g (au) wrote: Am giving this a star for the rapping at the end by steve the fatboy was quite creative lol its ok but a bit ...........crap too but it was enteratianing for an hour and 15 mins of face ripping off wrestling fun

Charles P (fr) wrote: Superbly original and moving story. Only slow paced so you can indulge more! My official favourite canadian movie.

Jimmy C (au) wrote: Les personnages D,abdellatif Kechiche sont envahis d'une telle colre, d'une telle agressivit (C), toujours sur le point d'exploser, de s'engueuler, mais contrairement la graine et le mulet, on multipliait moins les gros plans et une trame narrative se dessinait dans cette chronique illustrant les quelques jours de la vie de plusieurs (C)tudiants, tous plus chiants les uns des autres. Brillamment orchestr (C), quoique s' (C)tirant un peu trop, le film demeure assez int (C)ressant et captivant.

Peter L (jp) wrote: Watched it y'day Wed Jan 28, unashamed to admit I cried like 10 TIMES THIS MOVIE IS SOOOO LOVELY. Similar recommend: "Lawn Dogs"

Adrian S (mx) wrote: Of his oeuvre that I've seen, Moborosi has to be my favourite film of the internationally feted Hirokazu Kore-eda. And I have not seen Still Walking, another celebrated work of his. Mostly intriguing and occasionally infuriating, Maborosi is the kind of cinema that is resolutely stripped of narrative histrionics, which can be liberating for edgier cineastes but obscure to the average moviegoer. For me, it is ceaselessly fascinating as it delves into the life of a widow, who suddenly has to come to grips with a life torn asunder by the abrupt suicide of her husband. Those expecting loose ends to be tied up at the end of this presumed mystery will be sorely disappointed. What entails is a metaphysical journey that delves into the new life of the widow who remarries. And the slow unravelling of her grief. With the nagging question of what drove her husband to suicide like a ghost, haunting her and manifesting itself in different ways. Kore-eda's clever use of silhouettes and shadows suggest the widow's blemished past follows wherever she goes and that she is unable to shake it off. Through economical cinematography, Kore-eda also allows us to fill in our interpretations of every frame, which is inundated with symbols. Be it the soft crashing of waves by the sea or the muffled singing in the house, he manages to eeriely amplify them. Subtly suggesting the presence of the dead husband, who used to love listening to the neighbour's radio as it makes him feel "alive". Even the top-down wide shots give the feeling that the widow and his son are watched from the sky by the husband's spirit. What we never find out are his reasons for suicide, but there are many instances that suggest that the foreboding urban malaise , quotidian life and dying relationship (which isn't obvious but can be deduced) are the chief reasons. To allude to the impenetrable minds of humans, Kore-eda purposely films the characters in wide shots, rendering it impossible to read their facial expressions to deduce what they are thinking. The only hints that can be drawn are through the ambiance and actions from surrounding characters, from which the widow externalise her grief and frustration. If you love metaphysical mysteries like Michelangelo Antonioni's L'Avventura, you will likely lap this up.

Raji K (es) wrote: Just as Earth was destroyed at the end of the second film in the series, the kind and popular apes Cornelius and Zira managed to escape only to arrive in Earth in common present time. Their ability to speak of course fascinates humans, but as it becomes known what could happen in the future, the existence of the apes themselves is threatened. The third apes film is quite different from the first two films, and at some point seems to be too comedic. The film has some interesting points, and does manage to advance the story, but is easily the least interesting and original of the trilogy.

Christine P (us) wrote: Wow. I've put off watching this movie, because I didn't know how anyone could pull off a movie about a kid looking for his parents and make it interesting. I underestimated the creators of this film. Unbelievable at times, yes, but ultimately deeply satisfying. Every music lover needs to see this film.

Gareth D (de) wrote: Only one thing wrong with Mr Turner. It ends. Pure mature beauty.

Joe M (de) wrote: Perfect pairing between McCarthy and Bullock. So many hysterical scenes! Can watch again and again!

Tami G (nl) wrote: I loved seeing a good, clean family movie for a change. It was so sweet!

Paul C (fr) wrote: Not among Harryhausen's best work, but Lionel Jeffries does make up for it somewhat with his trademark histrionics. A Nostalgia trip but little more!

Johnny R (it) wrote: felt like a classic horror murder mystery movie I don't know why all the negative reviews to me a good solid story and it was told great! loved it