Chirodini Tumi Je Amar 2

Chirodini Tumi Je Amar 2

An agonizing tale of love and desire, focusing on the difference of power, social values and respect for others among the different classes of the society.

An agonizing tale of love and desire, focusing on the difference of power, social values and respect for others among the different classes of the society. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Chirodini Tumi Je Amar 2 torrent reviews

Aidan H (au) wrote: I enjoyed this film. The kid performances were superb for what it was. However, the twist at the end made no sense.

intuciic (mx) wrote: completely stupid and idiotic movie! waste of time!!!!

Manisha G (mx) wrote: Though the movie's start is slow and it is difficult to understand in the beginning, it picks up speed as Saif's role starts developing as his motives become clearer. For me the most intimidating moments arrive with Kareena Kapoor's father's dialog to Ajay Devgan, Kareena's last scene and Konkona's last 2 scenes. The movie captures the two very opposite aspects of women's character very subtly.

connie P (es) wrote: Andy Garcia is over the top......I didn't like that the story wasn't true to real life, I realize to be entertaining it has to be more dramatic. I enjoyed it....We need more movies about artists. The filming is amazing.I would recommend this movie. Connie

Moya W (jp) wrote: Lymelife takes up subjects such as bullying, broken marriages, falling in love and family. Lymelife has the storyline that I would normally love, but a storyline isn't really all you need to make a good movie, and this one has a lack of everything else: The acting, the directing, the producing. From the very beginning it felt like a life threatening marathon having to sit through the whole movie. It never really felt like it had a message to begin with and when the movie was finished I just couldn't figure out what it actually was. Everything just felt pointless when watching it. The last ten minutes were bearable, but to say the least, one hour and thirty-five minutes of my life have been wasted by watching this dire drama that's trying too hard to be something that it most certainly is not...

victor l (au) wrote: :rotten: [b][i]And Now... Ladies and Gentlemen, Paramount Classics presents a pathetic movie with an absurd, ridiculous, dull, confusing, boring and messy story and so bad performances that made me want to recommend Patricia Kaas to never try to act again, at least she shows she's a terrific singer; say to Jeremy Irons that films like this don't help such a remarkable career like his and tell Claudia Cardinale that there will be better opportunities to remember the whole world she wa[/i][/b][b][i]s and will always one of the sexiest and talented actresses in cinema. The screenplay was very poor and atrocious, moronic. [/i][/b]

Ryan W (jp) wrote: Reign Of Fire reminds me of a video game that just keeps repeating the same old formula by killing fantasy monsters & it is really boring

George O (kr) wrote: Very enjoyable, tongue-in-cheek horror flick with a little twist at the end that's well eased into.

Mayukh B (mx) wrote: ??????4K???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????...??????????????????????????????

Chris K (gb) wrote: A great film which studies the extent of war as an evil. I really did like this film. Although, the film seems to have no direction which can be sort of boring at times. I know it is supposed to be like that but it hurts the film, because I lost focus. A great postwar Japanese film and a fantastic and unique look at war.

Alan W (es) wrote: This is a good movie

Timm S (it) wrote: A Cheap Feel To This Adds To How Lame Is That People Actually "Hang Out" At Malls Or Shopping Centres. Quite Laughable.

Marcus W (ru) wrote: There are probably some important metaphors here...if you can stay awake long enough.

Phyllis F (jp) wrote: The movie was good. Not really Oscar material, but good none the less.