Geeta ends up with two suitors after her father goes to bring home a prospective groom and mistakenly picks up the wrong man.

Pitamber Choudhry is a schoolmaster who lives in a small village, Madhopur, in India with his wife, and daughter, Gauri. His two other daughters are already married and live in Bombay. His ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chitchor torrent reviews

Keri S (ag) wrote: this movie so cool and you can watch it over and over again

Mark K (gb) wrote: a bad, degraded zombie movie..... ps ( Theres about 3 zombies in the whole movie )

Sarah L (nl) wrote: one of the shittiest movies i've seen in a long time. Watching Hillary Duff try to be sexy made me want to puke.

Nick T (jp) wrote: Never understood the whole reason for this one. But for the eye candy...I still watch it. And it isn't even porn.

Kenneth L (fr) wrote: A gentle picture dripping in nostalgia. At moments, it reminded me of Superbad, except set in 1942 and far cleaner. The story meanders along, there are a few quite funny moments, and then there is a sorrowful turn near the end. The music won the Oscar for its year. Jennifer O'Neill was a very pretty actress, and gives a good performance here. Gary Grimes is a bit bland as the main character; Jerry Houser is memorable as his jerk-ish friend. This is not an earth shattering movie by any means, but it is good.

miruna (it) wrote: fresia meets gamer? with hateful lead, weird set ups, annoying ending, well it's annoying anyway for the most part. but shows women fairly accurately. at least from my current mindset. sad

RC M (kr) wrote: A GREAT looking film...but not enuff Bela,and the ending disapoints. Carrol Borland is the classic Vampire Girl.

Timm S (ru) wrote: This One Is Okay But I Find It One Of Hugh Grants "Annoying" Movies..It Gets Boring After A While & I Found The Kid & Him Should Just Get It On Already! So Much Of Their Time Is Spent Sizing Each Other Up, So It Loses The Gist Of 'No Man Is An Island' Thing..

Carlos M (de) wrote: An intriguing thriller that holds our attention as it relies on the combined talents of Hopkins and Gosling, who are both amazing in their roles, and it is great to see them dueling in this smart mind confrontation, an above-average cat-and-mouse crime film.

William D (br) wrote: Pretty good dirty cop flick with twist and turns and payback at the end.

Elijah L (ca) wrote: Source Code is a rare case of a bad idea well executed. Clever and surprisingly emotional, this is simply a solid sci-fi thriller.

Jamin M (de) wrote: I just saw this film for the first time in years, and honestly I don't think it really deserves a 20% I mean, it's a bad film, no argument there, but if I were to rate out of 100%, I'd give it about a 40% The one thing I really hate about this film is the story, especially the plot point with Ryan wanting to roar like his dad. Ryan, you can't roar like Sampson because you're not an adult yet, suck it up! On top of that, the story is just so cliche. The animation isn't really that great either. Madagascar looked much better. Speaking of which, this movie obviously kind of, if not completely resembles Madagascar. Lots of the jokes in this movie don't really work. There's a particular one where the villain calls Ryan "Tigger". He's a lion, not a tiger. The drama between Sampson and Ryan seems really forced at times. Sampson also gets on my nerves with his cowardice. You're a goddam lion! Sure, you're not from the wild, and yeah it's great that he loves his son and wants to save him, but he never even tries to take action. As for good elements, there are a few jokes that work, and as cliched as the story is, the villains and their backstory is actually pretty funny. I also like the characters and the way they work off each other. That's really all I can say about it. The Wild isn't a good film, but it's not a bad one to check out a least once.

Rajeev K (br) wrote: my review on mission impossible rogue nation:generally i love J.J abrams particularly his lens flare effects and his directorial representation... so,it pulled me to watch mi:3 it has been my fav till date,no matter how many flaws it contains. Ok the take is C.I.A trying to dissolve I.M.F for its irresponsible acts so William Brandt a.k.a jermy renner is stuck between C.I.A and I.M.F but Ethan hunt a.k.a tom cruise informs the existence of the syndicate through encrypted call. Hence the movie revolves around C.I.A TO I.M.F TO THE SYNDICATE . Ilsa a.k.a rebbeca ferguson plays a key role and won't get reveled on whose side she's till the end .THE ACTION : o my ...king god ......i got chills when tom cruise screams to open the door from the higher altitude holding adjecent to the plane ..vienna opera house scene and the under water scene for 3 minutes leading to the bike and car chase scene whole for 15 minutes makes your jaw drop .. the camara angles, sound engineering every thing got synced perfectly .simon pegg gives you sensible comic relief. final verdict:this is awesometacular ......