Chop Kick Panda

Chop Kick Panda

Fists of Fury and a Heart of Gold. Lu is a large (okay fat) lovable panda who is the sixth generation owners of the Tae Kwon Do dojo. What Lu doesn’t know is that buried beneath the dojo is the ancient Amulet of Fury. The mythical amulet gives its owner ultimate power and protection. When the villainous tiger warrior, Kudo, terrorises the small village in pursuit of the amulet, it’s up to Lu and his rag-tag team of martial artists to stop him!

A fat lazy Panda named Zibo dreams of becoming a master of martial arts, but is stuck as a mere cleaner for a dojo. Little does he know that an evil tiger has plans to take over the kingdom, and he must stop him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mohd S (ag) wrote: Finally, the final part of Vomit Gore trilogy. It's full of insane scene and more important things: LOTS OF BLOOD AND GORE!!!!!

Ivan D (us) wrote: (Note: Flixster's picture for this film is wrong)"Kinatay" is one of my 'quiet' must-see films, not just because of the Cannes directorial prize it has garnered, but also because of Brillante Mendoza's experimental style of filmmaking, which I reckon to be a refreshing touch to an industry pestered with endless recyclable ideas for movies to pass as 'blockbuster'. For the initial sequences, Brillante never bothered for sound editing, but instead used the seemingly nuisance-like sound(the assorted voices of people, jeepneys) to his advantage, transforming it with true verite' ability into an element to breath character into the film as a whole. But as it gradually enter the realm(the reality of violence and corruption) of the theme which it is pointing to the entire time, "Kinatay's" whole visual and sound texture became different; its realistically colorful display of everyday life in the slums and the city turned into a symbolic descent into the netherworld of crimes and profanities(not even bothering about geographical correctness) filled with darkness and aural ambiguities. Yet Brillante Mendoza's extreme inclination to portray psychological forebodings is also its major weakness. Though this might not be a problem for experienced film watchers, this particular slow build-up betrayed its main theme that when the film finally got to where it wanted to be, the audience is already exhausted and disinterested, this time accepting the violent display merely as "shock value", when it could have been taken in as a more profound destination . In some ways, this reminds me of the main exposition of "Apocalypse Now", only this time, there's no Kurtz to kill, but only a morality to waste based on a money-driven decision. (I'm inclined to create a full writing about "Kinatay's" symbolism and themes, but not right now).

Jeanette K (mx) wrote: Oh my...I can't believe I paid a late fee to keep this movie for one more night. It is an E grade movie not a D grade one. I did have a little chuckle every now and again but because the jokes were bad and one scene...even for a Horror movie was so lame. Let's see if Sasha's other movie is a bit better.

Bryan M (es) wrote: No redeeming qualities at all...none.

Joseph M (us) wrote: An enlightening documentary about the security issues of election software and the conflict of interest in making a process that should be open and public privatized and professional.

Casey R (de) wrote: Excellent story line. Had to read the short story in 8th grade English then read the full version because I liked it so much. The movie is different (as always) but still addresses the same issues and is just as lovable and ... smashing.

Bill T (fr) wrote: Greatly acted baseball yarn about a losing team and the ways it tries to improve itself. This is more of an acting showcase here as Sarandon, Costner and Robbins are in fine form here. As for the story, well, Field Of Dreams always does it for me.

Steve S (fr) wrote: I gave it 5 stars but don't take my word for it JUST WATCH IT!

Braeden O (us) wrote: really good movie! (for being in the 80s) lol ;)

Scott A (ag) wrote: I have read that many find this to be some sort of childhood classic, but I found it a tad boring, cheesy and some really bad acting.I know they are just kids, but man were the two leads pretty bad. Just a very wooden line delivery.Donald Pleasence is basically just playing a variation of Dr. Loomis.The stuff with the boy having to play that annoying song on the harmonica tested every last nerve I had.The effects can range from cheese to pure awful. Anything floating in mid air can easily be seen hanging on a wire; the gun bit is awful how bad the wires are showing.I could see it was trying to be a nice adventure film, but I just couldn't get into it.

Alice G (kr) wrote: Meh. Let's re-do it better and less offensive.

jay n (nl) wrote: Some solid performances can't compensate for the extreme overlength of this. An hour's editing could have made this a fine film but it just goes on and on, plus Cooper and Ingrid while individually fine have little chemistry.

esteban c (ca) wrote: Definitely my top three zombie movies of all time

Christopher E (kr) wrote: A YA film adaptation that was better left unmade. 9 alien inhabitants escaped from their home planet when their race was desecrated. Now only 9 remain, and these 9 have the ability to save their race. However, they're being hunted down. As they hide away on Earth under the protection of their guardians, they fight for their survival as they're hunted down in order. Three are dead, and Number Four is next. This was a mess of a film with no real substance and an absolutely generic plot. Nothing in this film was memorable and it was just another below-average sci-fi flick. It's also sad because this movie had a fairly unique and intriguing story-line behind it, but it just fell way short on execution. Don't even get me started on the acting in this film. The crew was made up of an Abercrombie & Fitch model (no offense but it's true), a one dimensional guardian (cheers Timothy Olyphant), an over-stylized "hot chick", and a simple love connection. The actors in this movie were pretty bad for the most part honestly. No one could bring even a hint of emotion or personality to their characters and I could've cared less about them. I can truly say this with confidence when I say that the performances in this movie were underwhelming, if not ridiculous as a whole. The story and the pacing in this movie was horrid. Like I said earlier, this film is based on a pretty interesting novel and a fun concept, it just fell short of execution. Nothing in this movie popped out as extravagant or unique, and it was nothing that I hadn't seen before. The love romance and the whole purpose of the movie was so generic, with no real substance to back it up. It's okay to have generic plot lines, it really just comes down to execution in the end. The dialogue along with that was horrid. The screenplay was pretty cringe worthy at times and it felt like they tried to push this movie out there quickly. Most directors/writers could've written a film like this in less than a week, so why give it any more attention than the writers did? The action was fine. I mean, it was the only real thing keeping this movie afloat. The movie is essentially mindless, dumb entertainment, if you can somehow find this stuff entertaining. The movie doesn't look terrible but it doesn't look great either. The effects are lackluster and the film just ain't memorable.In the end, "I Am Number Four" is a disappointing film that continued the trend of YA novel to film adaptations. If you're looking for a good YA film, this isn't the place to search.

Daniel P (mx) wrote: All I'll say for the moment is: "Could have been so much better." Full review forthcoming.

Deanna M (ca) wrote: HOW have I never seen this before? I started watching it making fun of it, but then, oddly, I was swept away. And then the laughter wasn't out of mockery, but from the sincere laughter place in your soul. Loved it.