Chor Machaye Shor

Chor Machaye Shor

A 1974 Hindi Film

Vijay is a happy go lucky engineer in love with Rekha, the charming daughter of Seth Jagdish Prasad a multimillionaire who is not so happy with his daughter's love affair. But before Vijay ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marcos S (nl) wrote: Sem comentrios... Os atores no so ruins, mas do resto, pouco se aproveita

Robert C (de) wrote: I don't get Flixster. What does it do? Every movie I pull up says currently unavailable? Is this thing just for watching trailers?

Monica F (kr) wrote: This is one of the worst horror films I d ever seen. The acting was horrible. The plot and the ending sucked. I kept wait for it to get better and it never did. Don't waste your time.

John M (au) wrote: It tries to be a mix of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Devil's Rejects" with decent acting and pretty good gore in the second half BUT it fails at achieving either. It is a empty movie with no direction. At the end, I think "Trailer Park of Terror" was a tERROR choice.

Carrie C (au) wrote: A bit hard to understand the message in the movie

Charlie P (br) wrote: This film will crush your childhood and make you cry like a baby but I still love this film. When you watch parts of this film you really start to realize that you've grown up with these set of characters and i really felt emotionally attached to them. This is my favorite ending to a pixar film because I feel as well as Andy we've moved on with these characters but they will forever be in our heart. Toy Story 4 better deliver because this could have been the perfect end to this franchise

Mallory H (gb) wrote: I'm not sure if I could handle that

Alex C (it) wrote: Well written, well directed, well performed, well done! It is the kind of movie that keeps you awake with its endless crawl in the basement-like paradise, the fitting place for hang-out for these cop-players. Their world is apparently not different from ours, except that there is no such thing as natural light or street car. These 'abandoned' children roam the entire underground, making it their home while checking out the guests (the train passengers) on the train. They act like they are the only people left on Earth, ignoring the existence of the train passengers aside from their ticket, a parody of the other sci-fi constellations. This movie is quite amazing with its consistency and careful set-up. The cinematography is one thing, but it's the production design that takes a lot of attention. The lack of light and the feeling of isolation, as well the sudden presence of other people-in this case, the train passengers, all give a remark of Kafkaesque rendition to its spell.

Emod L (de) wrote: 86%A ridiculous blend of action and humor that is both entertaining and engrossing.

Steve W (kr) wrote: This straight up attack on the Bush administration is shocking and sometimes brutal. The interviews with the soldiers is pretty strong, and same goes for when Michael is confronted by a security guard. The movie is scathing, but also very eye opening in some ways. The only over the top moment I didn't like was when Moore tries to get senators to sign their children up for the war. The Bush scenes are very good and it was an enjoyable documentary.

Brandon W (ru) wrote: The Santa Clause 2 is directed by Michael Lembeck and stars Tim Allen again, which is about Santa losing his power because he needs to have a wife before Christmas Day comes in. I'm glad that the film was trying to do something a bit different for a change and does hold out on its own. Seeing that the plot has to be accomplished in one month is downright stupid and can easily be very rushed in for the relationship, but surprisingly for the most part, it's not rushed at all. The jokes are a bit hit and miss, but it's more towards the hit aspect, and it has lots of charm like the first film has. The chemistry between Scott and the principal is really good and very realistic consider that it all have to be done in a month. The side plot for Scott's son is really not needed, and it does tend to be predictable here and there. The Santa robot is very awkward, but does it in a way that keeps getting me laughs from it. The cast are still great, and consider that it has 5 screenwriters and 2 storywriters, it didn't go muddled as I thought was going to be. There are some frustrating moments, but for the most part, The Santa Clause 2 is better than I thought was going to be and thoroughly enjoyed the sequel, which was almost as good as the original is.

Nita G (it) wrote: Omg such a great film, I loved Akshays performance as well as Shilpas, I think this is one of her best movies. Oh and the songs...Dil ne yeh kaha, Dhadkan & Na na karte, loved them!

Mark F (fr) wrote: There was too much...silliness I guess would be the word for it. It still had some good Leslie Nielsen charm but wasn't drafted together that well.

ANDERSON G (mx) wrote: "Professional" is one of those movies that enchants the viewer, it's sad, it's funny, sensual, violent, dramatic and with good action doses, is a film that is to please all without leaving aside its good construction because all these elements are not thrown in any way screen with a simple but good script (although it contains some holes), a sensational soundtrack, very well orchestrated that controls the pace of the film, with a clear picture, we are talking about professional killers and the film has a clean, clear and beautiful picture (remember a little pulb fiction), a sound mixing precise and perfect assembly, the assembly of this film is sensational, and the camera angles reminiscent of the best work of Scorsese, let's talk about the beautiful performances, especially Natalie Portman that as Mathilda (with I2 years), is the second best performance of his career (second only to black swan), the film tells the story of a girl after her family slain is created by a hired assassin who teaches the killing, Mathilda fall in love with this killer and rehearses to a sexual desire for the same, the story is heavy, but captive, and is light and addictive, Luc Besson does an excellent job in this movie.

Ted S (es) wrote: This is a very good movie that can stand on its own without the Rocky legend. It's an intriguing story about a retired fighter, who's down on his luck, dealing with adversity with class and the occasional right hook.

Matt C (it) wrote: A grand scale epic in the traditional sense but for me it's only in the minor melodrama where it succeeds. I'm sure at the time 2 hours of cattle drive across the great west was exhilarating viewing but not anymore I'm afraid. Montgomery Clift is always great though.

Ian C (br) wrote: Based on a Philip K. Dick short story. Fairly average but watchable. Affleck solid in the lead and I love Uma Thurman.

Federico F (ru) wrote: hilarious and irreverent recommended for all families

Lauren S (fr) wrote: A wonderful adaptation of the book with a fantastic performance by Kristen Stewart.

Ryan J (ag) wrote: The so called director of this so called film should be shot in the head. First off, horrendous, pitiful, pathetic production value. This was released in 2002, so I'm guessing it was shot on mini DV. My god, there is so much pixelation, I'm guessing the authoring for the DVD (which sucks) didn't go too well. The story just doesn't make sense, but within 5 minutes, after I saw the horrible acting, it just didn't even matter anymore. watching this movie, was a true horror that's for sure.