Choukri, alias Chouchou, a transvestite Maghrebi with clear eyes, comes illegally to Paris to find his nephew. Hired as an assistant by a psychotherapist, known for his good mood, he also work as a waiter in a transvestite cabaret of Clichy where he meets Stanislas.

A North African immigrant to Paris gets work and finds romance despite his scatty character. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Chouchou torrent reviews

Loni D (nl) wrote: basically same as the fist one

Jonathan S (ag) wrote: Extremely low budget, surprised by how uninteresting and slow it is.

Elisa T (gb) wrote: Fable burlesque remplie d'humanisme...

Richard M (au) wrote: terrible movie and a complete parody of the other 3. it disrespects the name of paranormal activity.

Margara M (es) wrote: Darn me enamora con cada uno de sus personajes... la peli no me encant, pero no puedo decir que no me gust.

Jacob B (nl) wrote: It's cheesy and plays as a Sci-fi original movie, but it's enjoyable, nonetheless.

Anne Marie Z (de) wrote: Brilliant adaptation . Brilliant cast. Brilliant cinematography. A work of utter genius. Everyone, please go see it so we can discuss the themes of Catholic Absolutism in the Church and in the Family, Class, the crumbling British empire, whether Julia made a good choice etc. LOVED LOVED LOVED this movie. The parallels between the self-righteous Lady Marchmain (played by the BRILLIANT Emma Thompson) and the American religious right are quite enlightening. I loved the book. I loved the mini-series. And this movie does them real justice while looking at Evelyn Waugh's masterpiece through eyes quite different from those of the mini-series 30 years ago.

Darren S (au) wrote: Everything I love about Australian screen ... quirky and unassumingly intelligent and black. great cast.

Ethan M (gb) wrote: The worst assembled movie I have ever seen. There is not a single moment of decent filmmaking.

James C (ag) wrote: baffling and nonsensical in the most part, desperate nuns everywhere locked up and lusting after a priest who gets his comeuppance

Pat G (ag) wrote: BAD ASS! A fun wild popcorn movie romp. 1 star less, for long boring scene of the 2nd 1/2s group of girls talking in that diner, ......and....for the vooiiistriously nauseating Kim (tracie toms). KURT KILLED IT!

Alek D (es) wrote: It was okay, you only see the alligator like three times during the whole movie. I'm gonna watch the second movie to see how it is!

Brandon J (fr) wrote: It had a facinating twist. Johnny Depp gave a good performance. The script was good. Three reasons why I liked it. Even though they made the film seem like a horror movie by it's cover, it was not a horror film to me after watching it, but more of a Mystery, Drama.