Na jaře 1939 byl natočen jeden z lepších filmů československé kinematografie – "Kristián" (1939). Tato společenská komedii v režii Martina Friče vznikla podle francouzské divadelní hry "Kristian". Hlavním hrdinou je úředník cestovní kanceláře Alois Novák (Oldřich Nový), který se jednou za měsíc vydává do „velkého světa“ baru Orient. Zde se také seznámí s mladou a bohatou Zuzanou Rendlovou (Adina Mandlová). Ta prohlédne jeho dvojí život a vrátí jej do reality po boku věrné manželky Mařenky (Nataša Gollová). Zuzanina snoubence Freda hrál v tomto filmu Raoul Schránil, stejně jako v několika dřívějších filmech. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathalie B (mx) wrote: As someone who usually loves action packed or heavily romantic movies, this movie caught me off guard by how much I enjoyed it! It had me laughing from start to finish and was refreshingly stripped back and heartfelt. Highlight recommended :)

Alex r (mx) wrote: This is one of those films that has had the some fairly negative press, but it isn't as bad as it might seem. The idea here is quite good, but due to the fact that it mixes multiple genres and it's a film that doesn't know what it really tries to be. It's not a bad idea, but the film feels rushed in its ideas, and it doesn't try to elaborate in what it presents us in the film's story. The film presents good ideas as well, but it never really explores in depth what it suggests, and it's disappointing because if the ideas really would have been better developed, The Ledge would really have been a great film. This is a good affair, but it could have been so much more as well. The cast is quite impressive, and there are some good performances here as well. The Ledge isn't a perfect film, but it manages to be entertaining for what it tries to do. If the script would have been reworked slightly with some of its ideas better developed, then I think that the film would really have been a great affair. Though not perfect, The Ledge doesn't deserve the flack it has received, it's a film that manages to have good ideas in its plot that make for a good viewing experience. But since they are a bit underdeveloped, you simply are left wanting more out of the film. The film does have some tense moments, and has an interesting idea on faith, which is something we rarely see in films, and it pulls it off nicely.

Sheranga T (ru) wrote: Not a bad movie...JF does a good job with d

J K (de) wrote: French Canadian movies are the devil!

Matthew M (us) wrote: not terrible, but the pacing of the entire movie leaves the majority of the jokes falling flat.

Ilja S (ca) wrote: Escape from the Planet of the Apes is the first movie to stand out from the others, and tells a completely different story, while still being a major part in the Planet of the Apes storyline. It migh be dragged down in some parts, and is deinfately not as enjoayable throughout, but the ending is just as satisfying as ever, and sets the stage for the last two movies of the original series.

Leon B (ag) wrote: Review:I didn't really find this movie realistic or even that funny, but it is quite a sweet love story between the 2 main characters. The whole film is set around a visiting day at a school which is were Garcia and Farmiga meet for the first time, and they end up wandering off, doing there own thing. It wasn't exactly what I as expecting from the movie, but it's light hearted fun which does tickle the heart strings. It ends pretty abruptly which was a dramatic change of tempo from the rest of the movie, which I think the director was trying to accomplish. In the end of the day, it's fun for the whole family, especially parents that have kids that are living them for further education. Watchable!Round-Up:I was really expecting a lot from Andy Garcia, but his latter years haven't been good to him in the movie world. From his earlier movies like the Godfather III and the Untouchables, he was the talk of the town at one point, but know he's lucky to be in a big Blockbuster. After playing those serious roles, it's hard to watch him make a fool of himself in this movie, but I'm sure that it won't hurt his portfolio. Vera Farmiga seems to act the same in all of her movies, so she was a great choice for this role. The movie wasn't really what I was hoping for, but it's good to see Garcia back on the big screen.Budget: $2.5millionWorldwide Gross: $50,000 (Terrible!)I recommend this movie to people who are into there movies about a dad and mother who take there kids on a open day at college. 4/10

Corey W (it) wrote: Hide your kids, hide your dogs, hide your wives. No one is safe from this gruesome monster flick.