Christie's Revenge

Christie's Revenge

After years of plotting, Christie vows to get revenge on her uncle, whom she blames for her father's demise.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   suicide,   revenge,  

A teenage girl whose father committed suicide several years earlier. When she discovers that her wealthy uncle refused to give her dad the financial help he was desperate for, driving him to take his own life, Christie vows to get revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mony P (us) wrote: the lead actress is from my hometown nd i know her mom

intuciic (au) wrote: good psychological movie. interesting plot eventhough have no much action!

wolf o (br) wrote: As much as I love Lawrence of Arabia & Chariots of Fire & Annie Hall the much and unfairly maligned genre of the raunchy comedy needs tb addressed. A perfect example of it is this flick - while a great many people have heaped nothing but abuse on it I thought it was one of the biggest surprises enjoyment-wise that I've seen in a long time. Parts of it are downright hysterical and the comedic rapport between the four leads is great. Chris Owens & Louise Lasser take what could have been a number of throwaway lines and make them absolutely hysterical. And I'm sorry but that pool scene with Renee Taylor had me laughing so hard I was crying - not to mention her crack about Aristotle (another laugh out loud gem). Will Friedle has enormous goofy charm and a way w/facial expressions that's spot on. I love Fellini and Fincher just as much as the next guy but this flick is incredibly entertaining - just give it a chance & you'll be extremely surprised!!

Johnny N (it) wrote: Watching this again many years later, has lost its lustre, maybe because I have seen this way too many times and manga has moved so forward.

Annie B (gb) wrote: The film Eat Drink Man Woman is the first foreign film I have watched all the way through. To be quite honest, I enjoyed the film-That is up until about the last ten minutes. Although I felt sad the entire time while watching it because of the story line, I was somehow still enjoying myself. I was getting to know the characters and connecting to them. Once the film ended, however, I was left confused and disturbed on a few different levels. It was almost like the events that unfolded at the end were just thrown in there last minute to make me feel that way. When it ended, I felt like I missed something.While the ending was shocking as it exposed the Chu family of all its secrets, it almost made them more relatable. I'm not saying that my dad is in love with a woman half his age, or that my 16 year-old sister is pregnant and moving out of the house, but every family has its own dysfunctions, and this movie illustrates that. The Chu family is vulnerable just like any other family in the world, and that is something positive to take away from the ending. The ending made me uncomfortable, but it makes my family seem that much more normal. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has nothing better to do with his or her time. It isn't a bad movie, but don't expect any life-changing feelings. It will definitely leave you hungry, though!

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Andrew B (nl) wrote: It's actually pretty funny that I just watched Adaptation immediately before watching Entertainment, because they have quite a few things in common. Near the end of Adaptation, Charlie Kaufman asks how to make a movie about real life. You know real life where nothing happens and the characters don't grow. This is that movie.This is also, like Adaptation, in that it's a very meta movie with Gregg Turkington playing a fictional actor playing his real life fictional persona Neil Hamburger, or at least a character very similar to that character. It's not entirely clear within the context of the movie if having any knowledge of this character existing outside of the movie is of any importance.Co-written by Gregg, alongside the director Rick Alverson and Tim Heidecker (Jack Black is also listed as an Executive Producer but so are quite a few various people so I'm not sure how much he actually had to do with the production), Entertainment is the spiritual sequel to Tim and Rick's similarly ironically titled The Comedy, and features more of the same anti-humor and pitch black comedy but with a heightened level of surrealism which make me question whether or not I actually understand what the movie was about, or if there even is supposed to be anything you get out of this movie. It's simultaneously a very down to earth drama and a Jodarskyesque surrealist dark comedy. Most likely not a movie that many people will enjoy.