Broke, jobless and chronically depressed, oldest son Keri returns to the family home for Christmas, where he must face the emotional train-wreck that is his family: his exhausted parents, two messed-up sisters and a gay younger brother. A warts-and-all black comedic look at the horrors of suburbia, the awfulness of the holiday season and the ties that bind.

The drama of relationships in a dysfunctional New Zealand family, living in a town going nowhere. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Owen D (au) wrote: Generic, with painfully stupid victims.

Nikki Alice L (br) wrote: Pandorum is so good and so disturbing. The aliens in Pandorum is creepy.

Rick R (gb) wrote: Trouble The Water (2008)This is a very interesting documentary, where a New Orleans resident gets a video camera during Hurricane Katrina and the terrible aftermath. At first Kimberly Rivers Roberts is getting the hang of holding the camera still, but she is showing us a view of the 9th Ward and their occupants, that most of us never got to see. Her old man, Scott Roberts helps. We really start to get to know these people.While the people who can afford to evacuate, are doing it, the poor resolve to hunker down and hope for the best. Like we, on the West coast think that we'll do alright on an earthquake until a richter 6+ hits, these guys are worrying when the flood waters reach the attic floor of their shotgun house.The movie is interspersed with scenes from the news services, and audio from the 911 dispatcher, giving us yet another view of the aftermath. Stuff like not getting any help or rescue efforts, as well as no food, drinkable water or shelter. An empty Naval base is guarded to keep out the homeless.The whole 9th Ward is basically treated like an impoverished third-world country and war zone, that our own country wants to completely ignore. Ironically, the rest of New Orleans wants it to be "Business as Usual".The thing that I didn't particularly like about the movie, besides the fact that we get to see Kimberly gain about 30 pounds throughout the length of the film, but the movie begins to get slicker and Kimberly goes Hollywood with self-promotion as a rapper artist. But, most of the movie is well worth you checking out.

MJS M (ca) wrote: This is a four hour documentary in which Martin Scorsese discusses some of his favorite Italian films from the Neo-realist era to the mid sixties. This is meant as a spiritual sequel to A Personal Journey through American Cinema with Martin Scorsese. The format is interesting in that it allows a monolific lens, he?s not declaring that these are the definitive cannon, just that they are the movies that mean something to him. He focuses almost entirely on Rossalini, De sica, Visconti, Fellini, and Antonioni, which helps to keep the whole thing a little more focused than the earlier documentary. This is a good survey of the movies in question, but he does pretty much give away the entire film in his discussion, so it might be better for those who have already seen the movies and want some insight into their meanings.

Michael W (it) wrote: Two youths commit a string of felonies while retrieving a stolen watch. Thankfully they cannot be tried as adults. Pretty bad and I didn't like the white kid at all--kept waiting for him to reach out and let his mom know he was okay.

Mark S (br) wrote: Recommended by Satyrical Jeff.

Christian L (au) wrote: Chuck Norris as a truck driver. 'Nuff said.

Timothy P (fr) wrote: Good clean (or is that slithery) fun