Christmas on Mars

Christmas on Mars

The film tells the story of the experiences of Major Syrtis during the first Christmas on a newly-colonized Mars. Coyne has described the film as "Maybe Eraserhead or Dead Man crossed with some kind of fantasy and space aspects, like The Wizard of Oz and maybe A Space Odyssey, and set at Christmas-time. The story that unfolds is intended to hint at childlike magic within a tragic and realistic situation."

Major Syrtis goes insane as he tries to improve morale in an abandoned colony on Mars through a Christmas pageant, where the first colonist baby will be born. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesus H (it) wrote: Alright comedy. I like the focus in different traditions the movie offer.

Manny C (nl) wrote: Zaire 1974 will forever be known as the setting of the iconic Muhammad Ali-George Foreman bout, which became the impetus for a three-day music festival. Finally, the highlights of that festival are made available, with thunderous performances from Miriam Makeba, Celia Cruz, B.B. King, The Spinners and the Godfather of Soul himself, James Brown. Take a look at this and then treat yourself to the Oscar-winning doc When We Were Kings, whose subject is the fight itself.

Jorel D (br) wrote: From The director of Kick-Ass 2, a film that makes me want to exercise with a killer soundtrack. Same typical scenario that fight movies have, one man, one bully, got train to beat the best.... But that's the fun in these types of movies! It could have focused less on "I'm on YouTube check me out" type of thing which tends to influence today's youth that this is the right thing or you suck. Main reason for the 3 star rating, but just enough to balance out the intense fight scenes that are truly awesome! Never Back Down check it out!

Jason R (gb) wrote: While I enjoyed 'La zona' for the most part, there are a few minor grips. The story was original and started off well with the opening scene in which we get to see the three boys entering the enclave to rob the first house they see. A lot of tempo and energy in this scene which lets you expect the best from the rest of the movie. Unfortunately I found that the story was hard to believe and looked a bit like science-fiction. Especially the given that only two people in that whole community resent the fact of hunting the boy down wasn't that believable at all. You also get to see a lot of people and hear a lot of opinions but there's no focus on one character specifically. 'Alejandro' has a bit of a prominent role but I don't think you hear him say three full sentences in the whole movie so you can't really call him the lead character. The basis for some character-development was there though, you only have to think of the neighbor that shot the security guard and the guard's wife but they also don't get enough attention. The detective from the police force was a caricature, the hot-head that has to follow orders but with the heart on the right place.

Diana M (jp) wrote: Really good film. Very moving. Speechless.

Tommy D (au) wrote: Equilibrium is a Sci-Fi movie that has a lot in common with "The Matrix", while also having its own style.In a world where emotions are repressed, Christian Bale manages to give a good performance.It may not be one of the sci-fi masterpieces, but this movie is still underrated.

Deadly K (mx) wrote: This is one hell of an affecting film. From the point of view of the people who live this kind of life and when you think of the time the film makers spent down there to get the footage.It shows a shocking side to NYC's authorities that they could let this kind of community spring up without doing anything about it. It's utterly heart-rending and eye-opening. It's also amazing how people can keep on living in the most extreme circumstances.Brave and brilliant film making.

Jose E (de) wrote: muy bien historia...just the soundtrack is enough to fall in love with the movie.

Xenia D (us) wrote: This movie is a masterpiece. Whoever doesn't like it, simply doesn't have enough culture, enough sense of humour, enough courage to understand it. And enough sense of life.

CJ C (de) wrote: "There are two worlds of magic. One is the glittering domain of the illusionist. The other is a secret place, where magic is a terrifying reality. Here, men have the power of demons. And Death itself is an illusion." This harmless little movie still creeps the heck out of me, esp the scenes where the cultists rid themselves of their families before they go back out into the desert..."while the blood runs warm in their veins." Kevin O'Connor was perfectly cast. I adore Clive Barker.

Sean L (it) wrote: After spending a few movies on the lam, picking up odd jobs and dispatching would-be assassins, wandering ronin Ogami Itt? gets back to the business of stalking his real enemy: Retsudo Yagy?, who dishonored Ogami's name and orchestrated his wife's murder. The two finally cross swords this time (with consequences for both), but not before Itt? deals with a disgraced, grudge-bearing former rival, a femme fatale with curious tattoos, a corrupt local official (complete with his own private army) and a host of explosive-lobbing foot soldiers. And, for once, the harsh lifestyle has taken a toll on our swordsman: the lone wolf that stumbles away from the battlefield at the end of this film is a far cry from the one who stoically, almost carelessly, dealt with blade-flinging challengers at its onset. Stuffed with fascinating, well-rounded new characters, unique fight scenes, badass acts of heroism and gallons of bright red spray, it's incredible that the final running time comes in just short of ninety minutes. Feels like there's enough depth, and enough story, to have stretched for twice as long.

danny d (nl) wrote: the best samurai comedy ever made. mifune was as clever as he was in seven samurai playing a silly but effective samurai who ascends from farmer to savior. although the end was serious, the film blended drama and comedy well and made this a fun watch. excellent film.

Neil O (gb) wrote: Whimsical British comedy comedy of errors, misunderstandings and off-balance characters with a great cast (Terry Thomas, the wonderful Athene Seyler). One of the funniest moments is probably Terry-Thomas skulking out of the dockside shadows to The Third Man theme.

Chris J (fr) wrote: Oh so very poor. One Star to match the one pound it cost from Tesco.

Charlton B (de) wrote: Funny, clever and engaging for a classic.

Anthony G (nl) wrote: Great movie, I love tales of best friends duking it out. CLassic

Bruce J (br) wrote: This was probably the worst movie I have ever seen. No, really, it was. Only because it was completely heartbreakingly realistic. Only because Kiki, the protagonist reminds me too much of myself. It doesn??t help that she comes with her own disclaimer, something I should probably adopt. I??m a private menace, she tells the baker who is trying to win her heart wholeheartedly but she won??t love him back because she doesn??t know how to love. She has spent her entire life distancing herself from her emotions. Unable to cry, unable to feel, only able to feel in glimpses, in glances, in slight moments. And those moments are the darkest ones, the ones where she finds herself being fucked from behind by her ??lit professor?? who she jokingly refers to as her ??lit therapist.?? She also feels when she is being penetrated by the guy with the guitar, or when she shatters a mirror and cuts herself with a jagged piece. She feels human when there is pain; when Antoine walks out on her at a pa

Cale b (jp) wrote: A very impressive & violent martial arts film which features some of the greatest martial arts stunts I have seen however the combat does get repetitive after the first hour but never looses its cool.

Ahmed J (br) wrote: It was really good at doing what it does best, being old school. Great sound design and cinematography with one really cool scene that made me appreciate this movie going back to its genre's roots.