Christmas on the Nile

Christmas on the Nile

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JuanKa P (it) wrote: Mike (Channing Tatum) es un stripper de casi 30 aos que quiere triunfar en la vida. Tiene su vida repartida entre una serie de negocios,pero l quiere dedicarse a desarrollar toda su creatividad en diseos de muebles, algo que hasta ahora le haba sido negado. Kid es un muchacho joven y desorientado al que Mike (Alex Pettyfer) empieza a apoyar para que salga adelante. Kid tiene en Mike la figura de un hermano mayor Entre ambos se genera un vnculo de amistad muy fuerte, que incluso acercar a MIke a la hermana de Kid. Mike ensear a Kid a pasarlo bien en la noche, mujeres, fiesta y ganar dinero. Divertida, hasta ah

EQ R (ca) wrote: The film that defines "wasted talent", with A-Lister's such as DeNiro & Pacino this should have been a great cop thriller. What was put on film was no more than a mediocre "made-for-TV" quality film. I give the film credit only for being able to group together such a talented cast who bring only "decent" performances to the table. Recommended if you are used to basic cable cop thrillers with a predictable story-line with a twist that's given away before the opening credits are finished. D

Katy M (jp) wrote: This looks like a cute movie

Aaron K (mx) wrote: Master and Commander: Far Side of the World has a name as long as long as its run time. This lengthy 1800's naval flick was most likely dreamt up as a 'naval epic.' While it falls short of its goal, Master and Commander is still a great watch. The film follows one British ship and it's commanding officers in their pursuit of some powerful French ship that is important for some reason that was explained yet unimportant. The meat of the run time is filled with the interactions, drama, and conflicts aboard Russell Crowe's ship. The conflicts are fairly independent of one another, save for Paul Bettany's doctor character. The doctor is arguably for interesting than the other main character (Crowe), so I am thankful that his conflicts and story get their fair share of screen time. There aren't many characters worth caring about but that's acceptable because you're really here for the hunt of the French ship. The hunt and the subsequent battles are exciting and feel powerful. It's all of the best parts of 7th and 8th grade war history, rolled into a Hollywood 2+ hour film.

Erin C (us) wrote: Very creepy. Some parts were a little cheesy and unbelievable, but it was good otherwise.

Tyson P (ru) wrote: Just as funny as it sounds. If it says Rob Schneider its probably funny....true for Eddie Griffin aswell.

Jim B (nl) wrote: Nothing to say about this other than "BAD"

Rakib H (de) wrote: an awesome muvee.....sallu vai rocks....

Ola G (es) wrote: It's the year 2019 and the world has been hit by a nuclear holocaust. The few people alive hope to find something or someone else out there in the wasteland. A gang called The Templars are as well roaming the land, killing everyone they see, since their belief is that life makes no sense anymore. Scorpion (Giancarlo Prete) is a loner and mercenary just trying to survive in this world, but he is eventually dragged into a situationwhere he saves the girl Alma (Anna Kanakis) from being killed by The Templars. Scorpion has a past with The Templars and soon enough he is being chased by them. He find himself needing the help of Nadir (Fred Williamson), another mercenary to be able to handle The Templars and save mankind from them..You have to say that Enzo G. Castellari is an interesting film director with movies such as "Keoma", "The Inglorious Bastards" and "1990: The Bronx Warriors" on his cv. "The New Barbarians" is however not his finest hour if you ask me... I must have seen this back in the eighties, but I do not remember anything from it. Having seen it again, I believe I simply deleted it from my mind of obvious reasons.... It is almost so bad it becomes good. "The New Barbarians" is a bad bad bad rip off of George Millers "Mad Max 2 - The Road Warrior" and even putting those two titles in the same sentence is kind of embarrassing. I reckon you need to see the bad dubbing, the bad acting, the hilarious cars and the sounds supposedly coming from them, the action sequences and the general b-movie structure that are just amazingly BAD!! : ) I did like Anna Kanakis though...

Matt W (it) wrote: It's nice to see that Brits used to make good old nasty exploitation films (specifically Pete Walker!) And this one is thoroughly grubby. Mummy has relapsed into her cannibalistic ways and seems to be munching on tarot-reading customers.Middle-class family values don't totally fly out the window - Daddy sticks by his wife with disturbing loyalty. The ending is rather bleak, but totally inevitable.No classic, but certainly an entertaining, atmospheric oddity.