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Chronic torrent reviews

Zahid M (es) wrote: Lovely direction of the story of Amit and Samara.

David H (it) wrote: I really enjoyed watching this movie.

Bradley S (gb) wrote: Loved this movie. Would consider seeing again.

Dimity P (de) wrote: I really liked this was a good warm fuzzies movie that didn't rely on the same tired cliches. Reminds me of "Waking Ned Devine," "Calendar Girls," and "Mrs. Henderson Presents" and those other great Brit comedies in that vein.

bill s (mx) wrote: Looks the part but very glossed over wae story.

Martin L (fr) wrote: Romantic and beautiful

Roland S (kr) wrote: One of the most entertaining non-Godzilla kaiju films.

John R (us) wrote: 160820: An excessively dramatic but decent film. I could just see it being played behind a full orchestra. My highlight was Top Sgt. Quincannon (Victor McLaglen) and a young Sgt. Tyree (Ben Johnson). Wayne was Wayne and the story a little lackluster, one big circle. I will have to watch the "Cavalry Trilogy" in order one day. For now, 3.5 stars.

Simon H (mx) wrote: Journey is that band so I like this movie

Ariel R (fr) wrote: Actuaciones regularzonas, un ritmo muy lento (esos 97 minutos se me hicieron eternos), y otros defectos hacen que HairBrained sea una opcin no muy recomendable.

Jrmie A (de) wrote: Awful crap for teenagers, in the same league as Divergent and Hunger Games. Even De Niro can't save this... 1.5/5

Robby B (au) wrote: We've seen all of this before, but I still enjoyed it being so familiar. I like sci-fi's. I like monsters. I like decent acting, so I could forgive the forgettable-ness of it all while I was watching it.