Chronically Unfeasible

Chronically Unfeasible

Filmed over a five-year period, Chronically Unfeasible dissects Brazilian problems, using six people who meet in a restaurant in São Paulo as models to illustrate political, sociological and economic disparities between Brazil's upper and lower classes.

Dissection of Brazilian problems, using six people who meet in a restaurant in São Paulo as models to illustrate political and sociological theses. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua M (es) wrote: This movie does not break the mold. It doesn't "redefine the genre for a new generation." In fact, it doesn't even really do anything new with it. What it DOES do, with grace and simplicity, is tell a heartwarming, at times laugh out loud, coming of age story that challenges you to not smile by story's end. Also, Hailee Steinfeld is a revelation and deserves any and all praise she gets.

Jeffrey M (jp) wrote: Hard to watch, well written and acted, Beautiful Boy is an uncomfortable, but yet compelling drama. A film that explores the aftermath of such a tragedy from the "other" side was well overdue, and Beautiful Boy does a generally good job of capturing the shock, shame, and confusion such family members suffer. At the same time, the circumstances of the shooting, and particularly the boy itself, do feel a little to cliche and too "ripped from the headlines". There's very little nuance to the kid, and the parents relationship starts off too ambiguous. This weakness is outweighed, however, but the direction which doesn't opt for easy answers for forced drama, but lets it build organically and authentically.3.5/5 Stars

Pete S (it) wrote: Silly ridiculousness.

Ben L (au) wrote: I had no idea what to expect when it came to In Bruges, but I'd heard good things and thought it was worth looking into while it's available on Netflix. What a brilliantly hilarious film! I was genuinely taken aback at how much I laughed while watching this movie. It is a dark comedy, because there is some serious stuff going on throughout the film, but somehow that just made the humorous lines even funnier. The genius really comes in the way that these dangerous assassins go about life and talk about the serious things that come with their job in such a casual way. It also helps to add poignancy when one of them gets genuinely emotional when he talks about a particular event that happened while on the job. This adds gravitas to that event, so that we know even in their world this is a big deal. Colin Farrell is ridiculously charming and funny in the lead role, which is impressive because his character lacks a filter, so he could be seen as a total jerk. Brendan Gleeson is perfection as the best friend that everyone would love to have. Every moment he's on film I just want to relax and have a drink with him. Added to all this is the amazing Ralph Fiennes who is playing a character that is comedy gold, nearly every other word out of his mouth had me laughing out loud. I recognize that In Bruges has a very particular kind of humor (and some very serious things going on as well) so it won't appeal to all audiences. My recommendation would be to try watching it and if you don't find the first few scenes humorous, then just give up because it's not going to get better for you. I, personally, loved the film and can't wait to watch it again.

Skyler B (nl) wrote: You couldn't pay me to watch this.

Billy M (gb) wrote: This movie is hilarious. Stiller and Aniston play a funnier Ross and Rachel couple. This is a good movie to watch when you just want to sit back and watch and laugh. It was also fun to see Phillip Seymour Hoffman in a silly role like this movie did.

John B (de) wrote: Oh Lord! Someone compared this to My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I'm sure that Dover Koshashvili is having kittens about that comment. Another tale of a loveless marriage created out of tradition.

Daniel L (ru) wrote: Set in Salta, in northwest Argentina, La Cienaga is a fascinating character study of a family decaying of alcohol (mostly red wine with ice) and inactivity.

Deanne B (gb) wrote: One of my fav movies as a kid

Trev B (es) wrote: Loved this, some class martial arts action.

Philip L (kr) wrote: The last son of Krypton has a cousin and apart from the look of Supergirl and Helen Slater looked great this is trash.

Jarett B (ru) wrote: Could this be Lemmy's inspiration for "Lawman?" Check it:See you in the Crown Court,Seems to me it's like a blood sport,I know you live by a book of rules,But anyone who needs a book is a fool,Lawman, I think you're a poor manRegardless, I knows my westerns, and this is the most overlooked western since? What? Ride Lonesome? All Boetticher's work? Infuriating. First off, how does a Michael Winner film float under my radar? Also, how in the holy mother does a Winner film with Lancaster, the LEGEND Robert Ryan, Lee Cobb, and Robert fawkin' Duvall float under?!? I'm ashamed to no end. I apologize to cowboys everywhere...

Alan B (us) wrote: Great feel good movie with songs that never age :-)

Sunil J (au) wrote: Not as great as some of Hepburn/Tracy's other movies together but it still sparkles with their chemistry

Cole W (fr) wrote: Like most sports movies, it's fairly predictable, but an enthusiastic performance by Sean Astin, and a downright inspirational story make this one of the best football movies of all-time.

Ashley K (ru) wrote: Other than "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn," is there a more famous movie line than "Go ahead, make my day"? It's still great watching Clark Gable say it in Gone With The Wind, and it is still great seeing Clint Eastwood say his line in Sudden Impact.

Tim R (fr) wrote: If you want comedy, suspense and action, this is a good choice. Jackie Chan fans will love is reminiscent of his earlier action movies, but with Hollywood level production and scripting.