Man (played by: Billy Bob Thornton) is still in shock many years after a devistating accident takes the life of his only son and perminantly injures his wife. After all of these years the man finaly comes home to his still married wife (Played by: Lisa Blount)trying to redeem himself and work things out.

Sixteen years after the accident that claimed his son's life and permanently injured his wife, a man returns to his home in search of redemption. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew L (nl) wrote: It means well, but fails on that level to ok.

Rachel Y (ru) wrote: A gorgeous, sensuous meandering melodrama. I loved it. I cried for the sheer beauty of the cinematography at times. Tilda Swinton was sublime!

Robert C (ru) wrote: The movie is half over before it gets past the Lifetime movie "I'm so sad my best friend died, but I'm glad I have my man to lean on" section of the movie and into some creature action. The creature looks pretty good and there's a little gore, but there's no atmosphere and the acting is terrible. Not a very good movie.

Daniel H (ag) wrote: Uh, don't make me try this movie because, when I started watching it Eloise is still annoying as in her previous film.

rose r (fr) wrote: hmmm i like anime .... sex anime is good 2 but this move has nothing to tell.just the snowwhite actress

Zoki G (jp) wrote: A very very interesting movie! You should watch it!

Sarah L (au) wrote: A boring movie for boring people to comfort themselves and reassure they are doing ok. Then again, some just weren't cut out. BLEH

Onie S (fr) wrote: Probably the last great Star Trek movie starring the Next Generation cast. Has everything in it, and is only behind the Voyage Home in terms of favourite Star Trek movies for me. Recommend for sure.

Milos M (gb) wrote: As much as I like McTiernan as director (he did Predator, Die Hard 1 and 3) he really messed it up here. Techically is fine, but everything else is putrid.

Raymond C (br) wrote: The ENDING??? Why do Movie Directors torture the populace? He had the GIRL? What's with the chastity let's be a PRIEST ENDING?? I'm keeping your 5th STAR! You didn't earn it.

Rob S (de) wrote: I am not exactly sure what would considered to be "feature length," but this film is a good example of a shorter film - close to 60 minutes. The key to this gem is the idea of tension between social classes/ethnicities when the titular "black girl" doesn't believe such a tension would be created.The protagonist is picked up from Dakar, and she expects to be working as a maid when her client is looking for workers. She tells the audience her internal thoughts with voice over and we know her expectations are to not be treated like a slave. This is a tragic story with a never-ending loop, where the girl refuses to work until she can eat or be paid while her employer refuses to feed her until she works. We feel for Diouana because she is told to do work that is not even part of her duties such as watching the children; she believes that responsibility should be the mother's, and she is right.What is upsetting is that she slashes her own throat so that she will not live without her dignity. This movie was so short there isn't much to say; it is a good tragedy but one I would only like to see once.

Luca B (es) wrote: Average movie on pseudo futuristic technology with some action. Forgettable.

THEdjpluto (de) wrote: The beginning of an endless string of pointless sequels.

Jon M (es) wrote: fantastic....totally underrated. Its the modern day james bod. I wish they would make loads of these instead of all the crappy new bond films