Churchill's Leopards

Churchill's Leopards

A British commando team heads into France to blow up a German-held dam in preparation for D-Day, while a British agent infiltrates the German garrison to give inside help. The twist is that the British officer is replacing his twin German brother.

The mission: search out and destroy a radio station in Normandy before the D-Day invasion. The volunteer commandos, misfits from the American army do not care how its done and will run over anyone who gets in their way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt V (es) wrote: What a great Thriller! Abattoir had me on my toes until the credits rolled! The end was nothing short of epic! I HIGHLY recommend this one!!

Kevin L (ru) wrote: This movie was alright. The story and the title seems pretty interesting, but the story was somewhat cliche. Nick Cheung's performance in this movie was excellent, but had less screen time playing as the villain. Daniel Wu's performance was also good. Overall, it's an entertaining film with good performances including the action scenes.

Mad M (ca) wrote: The cinematography was strong in the movie. And acting by Vidya Balan too.

Emily A (gb) wrote: I kinda liked this movie, but I really don't know what to make of it. It wasn't so much scary as gritty and tragic. It was two parallel stories; one about a man who recently lost his pregnant wife, gained a premature infant son and the knowledge that he's got a rare form of cancer. This sets him on a course to discover his roots. The other story centers on a group of children who can't feel pain, and their childhood of isolation during the Spanish Civil war. They are studied by a team of doctors and nurses in a modified prison, a location caught in the crossfire between the rebels and the fascists. I found this movie really really sad. The story was engaging and it's interesting seeing one character turn into what appears to be a slasher movie killer and still not be the villain of this picture. I'm not even sure what to make of the ending. Enh. This was fine, but lacked closure.

Andrew T (de) wrote: Regardless of what others are saying about this movie, I enjoyed it. It was subtle horror at its best. Some of the acting was bad yes, especially the girlfriend, but some of it was really good too. Gloria and Nick were good characters. Take some of the cliche things out and it would have been a lot better too. Cops showing up and then not believing the story and going to check things out only to get killed has been played to death.

bill s (ru) wrote: Just a yawn of a movie.....nothing happens till the last 10 minutes and only then if you haven't shut it off first.

Suanne F (br) wrote: I really enjoyed this film.

Maria D (ca) wrote: After watching this film I was asked by my better half, whom might I add, laughed throughout, what I thought. Unable to come up with the answer I went to bed feeling confused and cheated!The next morning I still failed to understand what the films actual point was, sure Berry still looks good without makeup although her character comes across as a whiney, frigid do Gooder. Benicio my main reason for watching the movie as he is eye candy in a world of Hollywood plastic and holds some what of a cult status for his role in Hunters 'Fear and Loathing' is laughable and unconvincing.What's even more bemusing is Berrys acceptance of a junkie on smack living in her garage and interacting with her children!As far as I can make out the movie has two points to get across to the viewer, bereavement and addiction both of which are depressing subjects and should only be taken on by those that can master the art of acting, although David Duchovn'ys role as the murdered husband of Berry and the best friend of Benicio could have had a bigger part to play which in my opinion may have prevented the whole fiasco from falling apart, although maybe it's better he got out while he did!

Jaime D (us) wrote: Although this films central protagonist is the eponymous title character Max played by John Cusack the name on the blurb that really grabs the attention is Adolf Hitler. The fictional story centers around the meeting between Max, a Jewish art gallery owner and a young troubled war veteran and artist Adolf Hitler. The conceit is sound and Cusack brings his usual easy charm to the role, however Noah Taylor is a disaster. Obviously Hitler was a loathsome man but playing him at the age of 32 as a 14 year old teen brat is off the mark. Taylors spouts his lines like he(TM)s on stage at theatre studies GCSE piece and Cussocks comfortable managing of his role just seems to even further hi light Taylors failings in the scenes they are together. Not that I am saying that Taylor is totally at blame for the failing of this film. The script is awful, full of knowing little passages as if the writer is pointing and saying ~Look, because we all know how this turns out(TM) added to that the ~what might have been(TM) ending is just insulting.

Chase P (us) wrote: A very good comedy that was ahead of it's time back in 1999. If you put out a movie similar to this with the same cast today, it would be more of hit I believe. The story is a funny one which you would expect from the director's and the cast. Alec Baldwin is hilarious as the father and delver's some great moments throughout the movie. If you enjoy funny comedies you can't go wrong with this flick.

James O (br) wrote: How is this film not famous???? Those slasher fans looking for a hardcore boobs and blood festival are going to be severely disappointed. Visiting Hours is loaded with Halloween type scares and suspense with good acting, very nicely done writing, and William Shatner awesomeness. Michael Ironside plays the villain, and Colt Hawker deserves a place in the slasher hall of fame. He's very demented and brutal, yet if you saw him walking on the street, you wouldn't notice anything weird about him. He hates women and often brutalizes them and sometimes murders them when provoked, while taking pictures of them dying. Ironside's performance is sadistic and frightening, just the way it should be played. shatner drops his usual "Weird style...of delivering...dialogue" for a more realistic approach and he certainly seals the deal. Lee Grant makes a great final girl, even though she really isn't a "final girl". She's just the girl who confronts the killer. There's also nurse who gets stalked by Ironside after helping Grant. Filled with scares, suspense, and brutality, Visiting Hours is a fantastic lost horror gem that manages to be better than some films that got lots of recognition (Friday the 13th)

The Phantom C (mx) wrote: This film is totally cheesy, gratuitous, and lacks subtlety.

Jon S (nl) wrote: You can see that Disney was going through a transitional period because the animation is simular to Chicken Little and it's 50/50, the voice performence for Penny was rough only to get better as the film progresses, she was voiced by a bubblegum tween pop star, and the biggest problem are the forced pop tunes. But, what makes this movie a very strong movie was that the action is solid, the characters are pretty cool, the writing and jokes really really work, and has really well and great drama. Overall, this movie is great and worth watching compared to Disney's other work in the mid and early 2000s.

Dax S (gb) wrote: Very good, confusing at times, but visuals were amazing and it was a great movie all around.

Samantha F (mx) wrote: Like Better off Dead if you take away absolutely everything good about that movie and try to compensate for it by adding in a zombie.Hint: if you are going to make a dead person your main character, try and keep the makeup somewhat consistent. In some scene he's an ashy grey, and in others he looks the same as when he was alive. Dude, stay on that.