Ci vuole un gran fisico

Ci vuole un gran fisico

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Mark M (fr) wrote: I love the fact that Edward Burns has found a way to make the movies he wants without having to go through the Hollywood system and compromising what he does to get financing. This is maybe his best. The writing is exceptional and the acting amazing, even when you don't consider the budget and amount of time shooting. The editing is somewhat different, but certainly not distracting. I assume it had to be the way it is to use the best of the limited takes. All in all, it's a romantic comedy about adults that pretty much doesn't have a single Hollywood gimmick or cliche'. I highly recommend it. I considered renting, but went ahead and bought it... good decision! I've owned it less than 48 hours and watched it twice! Edward Burns has paid attention to life as he lives it, and I am grateful he has been willing to share the lessons as he has learned them. Watching his movies is like reading a great book. At the end, you are glad to know the characters and would be happy to know what happens next. I'd love to be able to see his work on the big screen. Where did the art theaters go anyway?!? Mark Miller

Eshed E (fr) wrote: one of the best stories I have seen on NG, hands down !!!

Bilal B (us) wrote: really gave a flashback of the old reading books

Kyle E (fr) wrote: Let The Silence Fall By LiveWihtStyle

Emily M (br) wrote: I loved this movie. The art work is breathtaking. The story is simply told but compelling. It is so refreshing to see an African tale without Hollywood influence.

Pee W (kr) wrote: "would you be willing to put your imagination to work for the cause she's fighting for. YES!"

Axochitl (au) wrote: i see it in blockbuster and now i want to see it NOW!!! :p

John R (br) wrote: Stay away from Westerns Elvis. Actually, stay away from Movies. I do like your music however.

Nathaniel E (ru) wrote: dark knights version. love it

Mikko K (au) wrote: Wierd'o. Got few surprices :). If you are not afraid of blood showers, give it a go.