CIA II: Target Alexa

CIA II: Target Alexa

Movie Info When a top secret nuclear guidance system is stolen by an ex-CIA operative looking to sell the deadly device to the top bidder, it's up to a determined CIA agent and the international terrorist who he has vowed to capture to team up and stop the madman from destabilizing the world in the feature directorial debut of action icon Lorenzo Lamas. CIA Agent Mark Graver (Lamas) was living a quiet life when word came down that a government facility had been breached and a valuable device stolen. Now forced to team with former terrorist Alexa (Kathleen Kinmont) to retrieve the guidance system from international terrorist Franz Kluge (John Savage)

An important nuclear guidance system is stolen by an ex-CIA operative which can lead to a tragedy. CIA Agent Mark Graver must team up with former terrorist Alexa to regain it and prevent madman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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CIA II: Target Alexa torrent reviews

Matthew S (fr) wrote: Amazing actors! Zero plot, action, or comedy. Worst piece of crap I have ever wasted my life on! Never watch this!!!

Andy M (gb) wrote: So, after watching the previous two films, I knew that I had to complete the trilogy with this final film. Thankfully, this film had a lot more bite to it as we follow what had happened to "Lisbeth" character. So the story follows up with the accusations against Lisbeth, and how she needs to prove her innocence. New characters are introduced, as they are connected with Lisbeth past. This made the film much more interesting to watch. After watching the trilogy of this film, I have to admit, that the last two films, just really didn't reach the enjoyment level and darkness as the first film did. In conclusion, I would just recommend watching "The Girl with the Dragon tattoo" unless you are really interested with Lisbeth past, and wish to explore more about her.

Michael M (de) wrote: This is a light-weight comedy about earning to drive. Mark Kermode's comedy formula works here, it's a comedy if you laugh out loud 6 times. This is just amusing.

Alex M (es) wrote: That one has some great performances from the cast. I really love Salma Hayek in that one, who's playing the smart cold heart woman who needs her husband to prove he loves her.

ismael r (ca) wrote: High school high is stupid and over the top. There is probubly only one reason why this should ever find its way into your dvd player,and thats to get a few laughs out of its terribly bad and retarded nature.

Laurie A (es) wrote: It's the Americanized Priscilla, and it pimps a terrible stereotype of middle America, but I don't care.

pete 1 (ru) wrote: still an excellent 90s thriller/comedy film & one of my fave films,with a great cast a good mix of humour & great dialogueshould've done a sequal or a tv series

Mike D (us) wrote: favorite line: "Look Dad, bare tits!!!"

Miguel R (us) wrote: A disappointing effort from a great director, 1941 is not at all "funny"

Muffin M (nl) wrote: Undercover detective Charlie Rogers has been specifically chosen to rescue the ex mistress of the highly sort after mastermind behind an organised European crime network - Joe Bomposa. Once he has her he can then convict Bomposa and put him away for good. He has only to get the girl and get out of Europe, alive! Stars Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Rod Steiger, Strother Martin, Bradford Dillman, Henry Silva, Paul Koslo, Sam Chew Jr and Micahel Vincente Gazzo. directed by Stuart Rosenberg.

Jack G (ag) wrote: Too well photographed to be easily ignored (some of the scenes are a mix of Terence Malick and, well, any given soft-core hippie director), and also too dull at times to actualy be much engaged in. It's basically a better than expected drive-in movie, which is great if you can actually find a drive-in and have a girl that you want to have fun with while the movie occassionally reminds you to have sex. Lots of it. ALL of it!

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Gregory W (jp) wrote: good noir-ish thriller.