When the government opens up the Oklahoma territory for settlement, restless Yancey Cravat claims a plot of the free land for himself and moves his family there from Wichita. A newspaperman, lawyer, and just about everything else, Cravat soon becomes a leading citizen of the boom town of Osage. Once the town is established, however, he begins to feel confined once again, and heads for the Cherokee Strip, leaving his family behind. During this and other absences, his wife Sabra must learn to take care of herself and soon becomes prominent in her own right.

A newspaper editor settles in an Oklahoma boom town with his reluctant wife at the end of the nineteenth century. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tanvir M (ru) wrote: Powerful satire on Hollywood that bagged both Best Actor and Director award at Cannes. More than 20 years old, but all the more relevant at a time when the need for a good script is repeatedly scoffed at.

Grant L (de) wrote: Really good make another one

Jeff F (mx) wrote: Poignant, authentic, yet sublimely understated tale of a suburban Long Island neighbourhood.Buscemi, in his directorial debut, doesn't once conform to any conventional cinematic standard to pull the audience through to the end. We're all very happy to tag along.

Joel S (fr) wrote: This is one fucked up movie. I hated it at first, but it's gradually grown on me. There are some extraordinary moments in it, and though I can't recommend "Leolo" lightly, it's a must see for a very particular kind of filmgoer.

sabrina l (au) wrote: En verdad un "clasico" mexicano...segun yo!

Alexander C (nl) wrote: I liked it. Karisma Kapoor acts very good. SRK's part in the movie seems a little bit odd...out of context.

Panayiota K (ca) wrote: I was waiting for the clever jokes and bad puns but i got bored. I guess the kind of humor was different.

Michael L (us) wrote: Fun, playful little romp, not much depth, but cute enough for what it is.

Borhan K (us) wrote: I just watched this on Netflix and I have seen this before but its still fun and great has the action the car racing the explosions the so called drama. If you havent seen it give it ago and watch it. If you have seen it watch it again. This is not suitable for the kiddies.This is the first of three chapters of this movie.

Kyle H (au) wrote: A bust. Kept waiting to tap in with Green directing usually slow roasts so well. Just a boring, unoriginal story. Visually lame.