Cinderella has faith her dreams of a better life will come true. With help from her loyal mice friends and a wave of her Fairy Godmother's wand, Cinderella's rags are magically turned into a glorious gown and off she goes to the Royal Ball. But when the clock strikes midnight, the spell is broken, leaving a single glass slipper... the only key to the ultimate fairy-tale ending!

In a far away, long ago kingdom, Cinderella is living happily with her mother and father until her mother dies. Cinderella's father remarries a cold, cruel woman who has two daughters, Drizella and Anastasia. When the father dies, Cinderella's wicked stepmother turns her into a virtual servant in her own house. Meanwhile, across town in the castle, the King determines that his son the Prince should find a suitable bride and provide him with a required number of grandchildren. So the King invites every eligible maiden in the kingdom to a fancy dress ball, where his son will be able to choose his bride. Cinderella has no suitable party dress for a ball, but her friends the mice, led by Jaques and Gus, and the birds lend a hand in making her one, a dress the evil stepsisters immediately tear apart on the evening of the ball. At this point, enter the Fairy Godmother, the pumpkin carriage, the royal ball, the stroke of midnight, the glass slipper, and the rest, as they say, is fairy tale ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cinderella torrent reviews

RODNEY G (it) wrote: not as good as the first because of the story but it had a good cast and action.

Robby K (mx) wrote: "Hands of Stone" is a very well acted movie with a lot of potential, but it suffers from too much information being crammed into a fairly short film. If they had focused on the Duran-Leonard rivalry alone, it would have made for a much more focused, and effective movie. It's a watchable film, but with the number of boxing movies that we've received as of late, there are much better options.

Sudhir S (ag) wrote: what a waste of time. Bipasha should stick to modelling. atleast take actors can play football or look fit. Off the lot, besides John Abraham, only Arshad Warsi fit the role to a certain extent. I am also biased towards Arshad Warsi, i think he is brilliant and not just getting his due yet.

Another V (jp) wrote: Netflix recently added Something New. It has some sexy makeout scenes between two beautiful people and a happy ending, making it a chick flick romance. The potentially tough subject of interracial dating, with cultural differences, is bravely taken on here by director Sanaa Hamri. While there are often subcultures in any racial group, I really haven't seen much of the kind of black subculture portrayed in this. Simon Baker's character Brian Kelly is not the rich and dominant type. Instead, he's like his waggy-tailed dog: almost too good-natured and tolerant. A lover, not a fighter. He puts up with quite a bit from his love interest Kenya McQueen, played by Sanaa Lathan.Interestingly, the director's first name is also Sanaa. What are the odds?While Brian is driving to Kenya's to look at her backyard for a possible landscaping project, he is listening to something ethnic, presumably North African or Middle Eastern music, loudly. Perhaps the director loves that stuff, seems like an oops that a white American man would be listening to it like that, but who knows?Kenya is a picky and prickly woman, but apparently Brian likes this type, because he's patient, persistent, and going out of his way to give it every chance to happen, in spite of her obvious reluctance and prejudice against dating white men. She finds herself falling for Brian, in spite of her hopes to find the perfect black man. Clearly, in this one, the black girl is the one with racial prejudice, while the white guy is a very tolerant open-minded racially open type of guy. He even prefers her naturally curly hair over the long straight weave. The optimistic Brian helps bring some color and beauty into Kenya's drab and controlled life.Kenya realizes she just can't do this interracial dating thing; it's complicated. She cuts Brian loose just as her dream man, Mark Harper played by Blair Underwood, shows up. Dating Brian helped her learn more about herself and what she really wants, and she is starting to see things differently.It's fun to see Simon Baker take on a challenging role like this and make it look surprisingly easy. I give Sanaa Lathan credit too; it takes some guts to do a role like this.

Brant S (ru) wrote: This korean version of Dangerous Liaisons is well-told and visually stunning.

Ryan C (nl) wrote: I have an in-depth review on my youtube channel Ryan Studios. Check it out.Basically, the movie makes me cry myself to sleep at night

Dylan B (it) wrote: Very amusing indeed.

Rheannon K (de) wrote: I'm sorry, but I loved this movie because of its silliness and incredulity, it cracked me up. To be honest, I thought the acting was pretty all around bad, but I imagine that to be because of the situation where it's really meant to be in Swedish rather than English (although the thought of Christian Bale in Swedish intimidates me just a bit). The music was fun, I'll give it that. Really though, it just made me laugh. It was pretty too though. Seriously though, what kid can hang on to a beard for that long with no foot support???

Hannah M (ca) wrote: I already don't have a high tolerance for sports films, but I was even less impressed with this one than usual. It takes about three different cliched formulas, smushes them together into one movie, and then waters it down until it's completely uninteresting. Even now as I think back on it, I have to work really hard to remember the plot details. Sports movies have to be *really* good to overcome the genre handicap for me, and this one didn't even come close.

Mell M (ru) wrote: i like it, but mainly because of Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel

George H (gb) wrote: Good movie with great performances(especially by clift) but once again by that "sellout" kazan!

Zachary O (fr) wrote: This was decent. An alternative title could be: Vengeance of the Bearded Civil War Hipster+Zombies.

Megan T (it) wrote: not entirely convinced of its actuality but still an excellent watch.