TV-version of the classic fairy tale, set to a Rodgers and Hammerstein score.

1965 TV-version of the classic fairy tale, set to a Rodgers and Hammerstein score. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John D (kr) wrote: It is a funny movie and enjoyable to watch. It is not trying to be anything other than a comedy and is consistant to this point of development. The engine underneath this film is highly polished and well articulated perfection.

Stephane B (us) wrote: Surprisingly good "remake" of The Breakfast Club. The end credits say that it's based on a graphic novel, but come on, that graphic novel clearly rips off The Breakfast Club. There's a nice a little twist at the end too.

sammi s (au) wrote: dark tide is a movie about possessive angry man who takes advantage of a couple desperate to retrieve poisonous snakes for financial reasons: the husband is in a wheelchair. it is a tight, adult thriller. it would be rated NC-17 more than R would offend some, and delight others. i liked it.

Robert W (jp) wrote: Hilarious! Hobie's diary writing scene is the funniest thing ever. Great characters, acting, quotes.

Bianca C (ca) wrote: i don't have any words to describe how horrendous this movie was. that's probably why i didn't finish watching.

Kieran T (ru) wrote: too many portentous symbols for my liking. i preferred the simple moments of the film, which resembled Colour of Paradise more.

Movie F (ca) wrote: While Eloise is a brat in my opinion, this was a fun film to see. I enjoyed seeing Andrews play again, and the secondary story-line between the young couple was a cute addition to the tale. Takes place in a big city and isn't a bad way to spend a Christmasy evening.

Jared C (it) wrote: Beautiful animation, wonderful ending to the storyline.

Russell H (it) wrote: Red and Meth are surprisingly funny.

Sandra D (ag) wrote: Me, I thought boring. Nothing really extravagant visually. Story was flat with no major dynamics or tension of conflict. Basically just a story relating a glimpse into Chinese brothel life.

Jay B (nl) wrote: Don't ask me what the hell is going on in Sphere, because I'm pretty sure that none of it makes any sense... but I did enjoy this ridiculous journey and all the players that went on it.

Tyler S (it) wrote: its very bad but somehow still enjoyable

Arch A (br) wrote: A very little known film, starring Peter Sellers.I haven't seen it since uni. days, so I'll give it 4*s, but that's a bit provisional.

Rob L (kr) wrote: Not a very good war movie really!!!

bill s (gb) wrote: Slick,gritty gangster movie with a great performance from Snipes leading the way.

Jesse O (mx) wrote: This movie is quite awful. But at least it's laughably bad, so you do get a lot of laughs from how bad the movie truly is. Certainly the film is Craven's attempt to recreate the success he had with Nightmare on Elm Street. Horace's use of, supposedly, funny one-liners instantly reminds you of Freddy Krueger. The set-up is utterly goofy and the execution is even worse. The gore isn't even good. You also get the feeling that they knew they had a stinker on their hands as the movie, while getting worse, also starts getting funnier. It's like they made a conscious effort that, since the movie was already far gone by that point, that they'll just make you laugh as much as they can. The perfect example of this is the scene where Jonathan and Horace go into the TV and start fighting through several channels. They go through movies, sitcoms, news broadcasts, etc. The effects are fucking awful during these scenes, just laughably bad. I can't possibly think that anybody, that was part of the filming, thought these scenes were any good. To compare, Sherlock Jr., a 1924 movie starring Buster Keaton, has this same set-up. Buster goes inside a movie screen, and the background starts changing behind him every couple of seconds. A movie that, at the point of Shocker's release, was 65 years old had better effects than this movie. While the effects in Sherlock Jr. were far ahead of their time, this film's effects were just downright terrible as well. Just terrible stuff. The acting isn't very good, the movie isn't particularly well-written. So it's really just a failure on all counts. At least it'll make you laugh a bit, so the suffering isn't as bad.