An adaptation of the fairy tale, Cinderella traces the misadventures of our heroine, who, via the help of her "fairy" (i.e. gay) godmother, is granted heightened sexual prowess to win over Prince Charming. After a blindfolded orgy at the royal castle, the nerdy Prince must sleep with every willing woman in his kingdom until he finds that one, mysterious lover who so "stood out" on the night of the sex Ball.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Cinderella 1977 full movies, Cinderella torrents movie

An adaptation of the fairy tale, Cinderella traces the misadventures of our heroine, who, via the help of her "fairy" (i.e. gay) godmother, is granted heightened sexual prowess to win over ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cinderella torrent reviews

Shannon M (jp) wrote: good movie if i can wach it coz i like moshi monsters

Melanie R (nl) wrote: Stay away from anything Lucky McKee is involved in!

Tabitha H (mx) wrote: An incredible watch. Encapsulates the struggles of youth with the troubles in our society.

Tim B (ru) wrote: I don't even know what to say...

Charles P (it) wrote: The artistic brilliance of the storytelling, direction, and performances is undeniable. It succeeds as a fantasy about a writer's paranoia but also strains under its own self-important oddness.

Al P (au) wrote: I like PHANTASM. BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda W (ag) wrote: Okay, the movie "Dave" is a total rip-off of this movie. I like them both, but I think maybe this one a bit more, just for being first.

Gus S (ru) wrote: Confusing, not well-constructed screenplay has a negative effect on what could have been an enjoyable film. Aliens are unique but their purpose on earth and how they have been carrying out their plans are never fully understood. Acting overall is terrible but look for Kenneth Tobey (The Thing) and June Lockhart (Lost in Space) as homage cameos.

Sam C (jp) wrote: One of the greatest bad movies of all time, can you go wrong with Dan Aykroyd, the Nanny, Johnny Fever, Donna Dixon and the Godfather of Soul, with sone kind of plot about the legions of Mom fighting a nerdy college professor who did some lines and got a new personality, Dr. Detroit, for the rights to the underbelly of Chicago and the Pimp of the Year contest, possibly some early rendition of the Playa's Ball or at least inspired by it, so very entertaining movie, but very cheesey.

Henry F (br) wrote: Really liked it, just wasn't keen on the ending.

Private U (br) wrote: If you liked Shaft, this is your way to go. If not into blaxploitation, forget it!

Stuart K (it) wrote: With the success of The Ipcress File, a sequel was inevitable. So, alot of the major players returned, and director Guy Hamilton, (who had had a big success with Goldfinger (1964) was employed by producer Harry Saltzman. They had a bit more money to play with second time around, and as the title suggests, they were able to film abroad too. The plot is a little slower this time around, but it does pay off in the end. It has agent Harry Palmer (Michael Caine) being assigned by General Ross (Guy Doleman) to go to Berlin to arrange the defection of the high ranking communist Colonel Stok (Oskar Homolka), who happens to be in charge of the Berlin Wall. Once Palmer crosses over into East Berlin, nothing is what it seems. It's an intriguing film, although not as good as the first Harry Palmer film. It's well made, and captures the mood of the Cold War at the time, (they were brave to have filmed it in such locations.) But, Caine again turns in a very good performance and it's very well made, it's plot could have been a little better, and it does feel similiar to The Spy Who Came In From The Cold (1965), but it's twists and turns do pay off eventually.

Tom H (fr) wrote: It's official. I will never like Jon-Luc Godard.

Jackson S (mx) wrote: I wonder how 15 people have seen this movie considering it's never been released on vhs or dvd -- anywhere. That being said I caught the bootleg about a year back and enjoyed the hell out of it. Henry Silva and Elizabeth Montgomery are a dynamite couple.

Melissa M (gb) wrote: Not quite as dramatic as the description says, in some ways, but I liked it. I'm being a little generous with my rating, though. It's just rare to find a clean movie with a strong yet gentle hero who has a father's heart.

Nik B (jp) wrote: In the first half of the movie, I wasn't really sure why I was watching it. It's a story of a Quaker family. We see their ways, we watch them pray. We hear their "thee"s and "thy"s. We watch the humble men deal with horny secular women and watch them teeter their values in benign ways at a county fair. But I didn't find any of it particularly funny or interesting. But the Civil War is underway an it's reaching their southern Indiana towns. The Quakers are being pressured to help defend the union and give up their ways of non-violence. This is what brings the film its real value. The performance of Anthony Perkins embattling his traditional values with ones of service and safety is admirable. The resolution is not simple. It doesn't spell out the right nor wrongness of anything. But realistically portrays the struggle of the decision.

PEP (jp) wrote: just for the cover!! nice!!