A beautiful girl attends a royal ball where she meets the love of her life and must then fight for it.

A beautiful girl attends a royal ball where she meets the love of her life and must then fight for it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bruno V (fr) wrote: Nice dutch party , cool cat and mouse fight with the cops !

John M (gb) wrote: The Sixth Sense meets The Eye. Good J-horror with original scares and a coherent plot.

Giuseppe P (de) wrote: Credo che sia l'opera pi cinica e disturbante di uno dei pi cinici e disturbanti registi americani contemporanei. La scelta stilistica molto interessante e contribuisce a rendere la storia ancora pi disorientante per lo spettatore: la protagonista, Aviva interpretata in ciascun capitolo da atttrici diverse (in un breve capitolo persino da un attore) con fisicit, et e etnia differenti. Nell'ultimo capitolo, quello che chiude il ciclo, Aviva interpretata da tutte le attrici dei capitoli precedenti passando da una scena all'altra. Emblematico il discorso di Mark che parla dell'uomo come essere inesorbilmente programmato nei geni e nel DNA.

Alexander C (es) wrote: David Spade embodies Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star with the snide, glib, and bored attitude for which he is loved by his fans.

Rich B (es) wrote: Fat Man and Little Boy (1989): "Where the hell is that music coming from?" - Groves Paul Newman plays General Leslie Groves and Dwight Schultz plays Dr. J. Robert Oppenheiner in a film about the Manhattan Project: the race to solve the atomic bomb (before the war ended) and the inevitable moral morass that swirled around the project. Groves and Oppenheimer had just 19 months to move from the theoretical to a bomber fitted with the gadget. In the rush to create the bombs, whole towns were dislocated. Manufacturing facilities and the property they were built on became highly contaminated. The Cold War and the subsequent building of the nuclear stockpile drove even further environmental damage. Nevada, Washington, New Mexico and Tennessee hosted various scientific and manufacturing facilities involved. Sixty-years later, the Hanford Nuclear Reservation is host to leaking underground tanks filled with contaminated liquid waste, and long trenches of poorly contained radioactive materials. I'm seriously considering an offer to join the team that is cleaning up the Hanford Nuclear Reservation: A $12-billion project to process the hazardous waste and prepare it for shipment to Yucca Mt. It seems to be just the sort of noble adventure I've been looking for.

Cameron D (es) wrote: FInally, something about math I can actually enjoy. I want the math teacher in this movie to be MY math teacher!

Bill B (au) wrote: I gave this one a second look recently, and I was surprised to see how negative my initial review was, as the film has some interesting mood built from the creepy building in which it's set, as well as the use of lighting that gives it a uniquely European feel.There is amazing use of a dog puppet that made me crack up laughing, so be prepared for some silliness in the last reel, but that aside, there's some fun hammy performances here from the guy playing the lead's uncle, as well as her goofy-ass lover.Worth a rental.

Greg W (ru) wrote: well crafted WWII propaganda pic

Bill M (it) wrote: Where is the Elisha Cook Jr. retrospective?

Bassim H (nl) wrote: One of the best music documentaries ever.

Johann M (nl) wrote: These two are a funny combo. The film is pretty entertaining and a good throwback to 90's police-action movies.

Greg W (nl) wrote: altman casts his eye on the british class system