Cinderella 3D

Cinderella 3D

This modern take on Cinderella is set to the backdrop of the Wild West featuring a new cast of furry and feathered friends. Cinderella is transformed for a night at the royal ball, but ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,  

This modern take on Cinderella is set to the backdrop of the Wild West featuring a new cast of furry and feathered friends. Cinderella is transformed for a night at the royal ball, but ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cinderella 3D torrent reviews

Andrew S (kr) wrote: This has got to be the most ridiculous premise a film could have. Sign me up

Joy T (de) wrote: It's too sentimental for me...

David B (au) wrote: Another one man show (james franco) that is similar to a film I seen recently Locke (tom hardy) This one is a true story and is better though.

Jori P (de) wrote: Olipas synke dokumentti maapallon tulevaisuudesta.Joskus pieni valonpilkahduksia, mutta se vaatii toimia ihmisilt ja valtioilta.

Bri H (jp) wrote: I love this movie so much

Swail J (kr) wrote: I liked Daddy Day Care pretty good and I heard Daddy Day Camp was not very good. I personally wanted to see for myself. After seeing it it was ok not as good as the original film.

Alice C (jp) wrote: Not a romcom! Sadly beautiful story about adoption, faith, family, and untruths.

Anthony A (jp) wrote: International Cut Review: The first part of John Woo's battle epic. Lots of dense political and strategic talk bookended by well choreographed battles.

robert p (gb) wrote: yes a zero that is all this peice of shit diserves, now i looked on IMDB and this movie had a decent rating that is the only reason why i watched it. I thought maybe it would be good beacuse normally sequels suck, boy was i wrong it was like the director of this movie never watched the first. There were flashbacks of Charlie's life during the movie that were far off from what acually happened in the first movie. It was a complete joke and half the time when her fire casted out it sounded like a panther or some growling animal u would hear in an old playstation game. This movie sucked and i dont feel it diserves anything above 0 for a rating, its a disgrace to stephen king, its a disgrace to firestarter in general. Next time if u will make a sequel watch the origonal movie first so you get things right. Oh and the acting sucked to

Cam E (au) wrote: It is nothing special but Adam Sandler been an irresponsible-man child decides to 'borrow' his roommate's son to prove to his girlfriend how mature he is where he takes him for a MacDonald's breakfast but they turn out to be 30 mins and 4 secs late, his 'son' goes to school and causes mayhem such as breaking a boy's arm and weeing in a plant but then there are surprising results. I did enjoy this film it is a good enough comedy for me.

david s (gb) wrote: TV style, TV quality, couldn't get into it. Stereotyped characters and never sure of itself, it doesn't achieve the fear/tension/comedy cuts that make a movie spellbinding nd memorable. The cast and the concept deserved better execution.

John H (kr) wrote: Not nearly as smutty as its reputation suggests but highly suggestive nevertheless. But that distracts from what it actually is: a sharp, funny satire on Southern mores.

Mike L (es) wrote: Ok I wrote to Rotten Tomatoes to fix the Movie Info section on this movie and they did nothing. The description of this movie has nothing to do with Red River and there is no character named Roland Thatcher in it. It is a great movie although plodding along at times. I have no idea what movie they were trying to describe however. IMDB has no characters named Roland Thatcher in their archive either. Maybe it is an inside joke at Tomatoes. The description certainly is.

Nattie B (nl) wrote: A classic movie Jane Powell shines as the young Judy who after a tiff with her boyfriend Oggie falls for the much older Stephen, who in turn falls for Carol, Judys friend and Oggies sister. A very sweet innocent old time movie where in the end everyone finds love and imperfect characters improve for the better.

Matthew Y (ru) wrote: Interesting premise, but far too moody for my liking... those final few seconds though, was exactly what I was waiting for the whole time.

Jaws N (au) wrote: After a surprisingly decent sequel, of course they had to fuck it up, didn't they?

Panta O (it) wrote: I am always open for any suggestions, and when one of my younger friends recommended this erotic thriller directed by Catherine Hardwicke and co-written by Arty Nelson with music by Nick Launay & Ming Vauze, I thought I'll give it a go. Especially when I saw that the film stars Emily Browning, and Xavier Samuel... Cam Gigandet, Dawn Olivieri, Thomas Dekker, and Frances Fisher were less important for the decision to watch it. The beginning of the movie looked promising with the excellent photography and very strong music back up... but very soon I understood that was the best part of the film! Brother - sister singing combination was great until the brother died from overdose. After losing him, rising rock star Hayley finds herself in a downward spiral. The second album from her band Plush is disastrous and had nothing good written about it by the critics. Of course, there is a new guy and she finds new hope and friendship in Enzo, the replacement guitarist who inspires her to reach new creative heights. Sadly, their collaboration crosses the line sexually and Hayley, who is married with two children, tries to retreat from Enzo's advances. Because of that, Hayley will soon discovers Enzo's dark and troubled history... it was almost too late when she realizes she may have let a madman into her home and that her mistake may cost the lives of people closest to her. What I think about this movie after watching it? I wish, I could do something better with my time. I do not think that anyone involved in this movie was committed fully and followed through with the courage of its convictions, with, maybe, exception of the director of photography Daniel Moder. It was watchable, but the twists were quite annoying and didn't leave any impression. No feelings, no passion, no real skill for story detailing... on the other hand, the details of the cinematography were overwhelming, so the story and the cinematography were in odds most of the time. Watch only if you run out of movies and there is a long night ahead!

Kirvich E (it) wrote: the peaceful life in rural village