Cinema Verite

Cinema Verite

In 1973, the Loud family became a television sensation of a new kind. It was long before a metal rock star showed his eccentric family on the small screen and decades before housewives had screaming matches with each other on camera in public. CINEMA VERITE tells the behind-the-scenes story of the groundbreaking documentary "An American Family," which chronicled the lives of the Louds in the early 1970s and catapulted the Santa Barbara family to notoriety while creating a new television genre: the reality TV series.

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the first American family to be the subjects of a reality TV show. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas W (br) wrote: A fascinating, train-wreck of a documentary of the rise and fall of Nazi Germany. The doc does a fine job of showing the slow, momentous build-up of support the Nazi party garnered in a fractured Germany by using actual exerpts of Geobbels' diary. It clearly shows the rabid and fanatic public following of these leaders. While not "all" of Germany supported this regime, at its peak -- 90% of German peoples DID support it -- and that is scary. This is a muted horror that one interested in history cannot turn away from -- it is shock and awe. The precipitous fall of the regime is barely contained in the footage as Goebbels' diary cleary was no longer at the top of his priority list; but that makes it all the more horrifying and desperate. The minds of the duluded masses my never be understood; but this is the most open invitation to the inner-workings of one of their minds that I have ever come across. For WWII buffs, this is one that should not be missed.

Carlos R (au) wrote: a peach blossom is beatiful....

Benot R (nl) wrote: Vu en ne sachant absolument pas quoi m'attendre. Je ne me souviens pas avoir entendu un quelconque avis sur ce film. Bref, pour rsumer en deux trois mots, nous sommes dans un lyce de filles corens. Deux d'entre elles ont une amiti plus qu'ambigus, ce qui a le don de susciter les moqueries des autres. L'une n'assume pas et dcide d'arrter de voir son amie. Celle-ci se suicide en se jetant du haut du toit de l'cole. Dis ainsi, c'est super patho mais je vous rassure a ne l'est pas car les metteurs en scnes nous proposent de dcouvrir leur relation travers un journal intime rcupr par une autre lve. On fait trs souvent des sauts dans le temps. On s'attache petit petit aux personnages. L'oeuvre, aprs le suicide, se transforme en une histoire de fantme (ma foi c'est assez logique vu que ds le dbut, certaines des filles semblent avoir des dons de tlpathie). C'est pas une histoire traditionnelle. Ca met du temps se mettre en place (parfois un peu trop), c'est jolie de bien belle manire, a vite assez souvent les clichs du genre, on voit peine un baiser entre les deux nanas sur tout le film. Esthtiquement c'est plutt joli, la scne du suicide est assez bien foutue, on ne la voit pas sauter mais la cohue qu'elle provoque est super bien rendue. Personnellement, pas un chef-d'oeuvre, pas extraordinaire non plus mais un bon moment, ou comment partir d'une histoire de fantme, on transforme le tout sur les difficults qu'ont certains adolescents s'accepter.

Dalton N (ag) wrote: With lynchian dialogue and dreary settings, Jarmusch sets the stage for his own epic.

Sam A (it) wrote: Vigilante is such an awesome b movie.fred williamson is the best as a no nosense bad mofo out for blood against gangsters.The movie has this sense of realism but still feels like a grindhouse movie.

Eddie C (au) wrote: OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS FILMdont listen to the: "so bad its good" fluff.its well worth watching.Unmissable if your into David Lynch type stuff.

rob l (br) wrote: saw this movie at the kenneth maidment theatre once in auckland

Thomas M (kr) wrote: Woodie Guthrie is one of my personal heros. Somone I admire with a great passion but have obviously never met. This was made in the waning years of the "New Hollywood" era. A year after "Jaws" came in like a trojan horse and ruined it and the same year "Rocky" was out. The following year would have the releases of "Star Wars", "Smokey and the Bandit" and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" come and put the final nails in. This film was directed by Hal Ashby. He of "Harold and Maude" and "Shampoo" fame. This film pulls no punches and doesn't really get into much of the recording aspect of Woddie Guthrie's life. Something that bored me to tears in "Ray" and "Walk the Line". The depiction of the great dust bowl tragedies of the Depression era Oklahoma are low key compared to the dramatic sweeps of the old standard "The Grapes of Wrath". But it works just as good. At first I was really disliking Woodie Guthrie upon first seeing this movie but as the movie goes on you get a sort of amdiration for the man who just wasn't satisfied settling down in a suburban home. He was a rambler. A vagabond. Loved to travel and meet new people and have new adventures and experiences. This is something I personally love to do since I spend alot of my off time planning or going on road trips across the country. Then the movie shifts into more about his music and thats great too because I am a huge fan of the songwriting talents of Mr. Guthrie. he is the man who wrote the greatest song about America. "This Land is my Land". It also delves surprisingly heavy into his more communistic/ socialistic tendancies and talks alot about why unions AT THAT TIME had to be created. I'll leave that up to your personal political views to decide whether that is a pro or con. Personally I don't care. I see the pros and cons of both sides. Everyone gives a good performance and while David Carridine is good as Guthrie. The legand of the man he is playing far outweighs anything David Carridine could have done. A biopicture done right and not dull or pretentious. Recomended for any music afficionado or fan of "New Hollywood" films. This is one of my favorite movies.

Tsubaki S (br) wrote: Katsu Shin bangs a bald priestess, and the very first images of the film are of his ritual training. In one of said scenes, Hanzo is lying down on his back, looking at the ceiling, as if he was meditating.Oh yeah, did i mentioned that he has a boner the size of a palm tree whlle doing that?Need more radness? At one point, while examinating the body of a dead woman, Hanzo says one of the best lines in movie history ever:"She was a slut, just look at her dark nipples!"A small tear of joy rolled down on my face at that point.

Private U (au) wrote: just fantastic - wonderfully wrought emotional tension, complicated family relationships and brilliant performances all in just under 80 mins.

Wesley M (ag) wrote: Great animated feature! I loved Bryan Cranston as young Jim Gordon, it was just the right fit! But like always. I kinda miss Kevin Conroy voicing Batman!

Benjamin O (mx) wrote: Belligerent escapades.

Mikey M (ca) wrote: This is currently unavailable in the UK, but I'm a fan of both star and director so I made the effort to get it from the States. While it is a neat performance from Hackman, the films slow burn sense of bubbling perplexity, deceit, and paranoia, never build to a suitable fervour, and as a result it never gripped me the way that other films of this era or genre have. It's worth a look, but there are superior examples of both Hackman and Penn's work.