A maths teacher acquires the power to travel into movies to save the woman of his dreams and bring her back to her correct film.

A maths teacher acquires the power to travel into movies to save the woman of his dreams and bring her back to her correct film. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cinéman torrent reviews

Gretchen G (jp) wrote: Better than I expected and the computerised pictures are entertaining.

Randy M (de) wrote: slow, but i found it pretty scary.

David D (jp) wrote: Worth renting once for video night

Christie H (nl) wrote: The casting is impeccable, they played their parts incredibly well, bringing new life to already beloved characters. Peter Jackson was the best possible director for this too. He paid close attention to details that many would have left out. This movie is one of the few successful book-to-movie adaptions.

Kenneth B (nl) wrote: It could just be me getting older and softer but I was really moved by this simple story of a bereaved father raising his daughter. It is warm and admittedly boarderline schmaltzy at times but there are a number of laughs to be had a rather good performance from Ben Affleck. He is getting a lot of attention lately but it is worth remembering that he was capable of the odd good turn before he got this "second chance", as he put it recently at the BAFTAS. Also this showed another side, and dare I say greater depth, to Kevin Smith who up to this point had been famous for films like Clerks and Mallrats.

Viktor N (ru) wrote: Actually would have to see it again to be really fare, but two stars for the times when I was a child.

Greg W (kr) wrote: Well done murder investigation with forensics from Harvard and a pioneering Hispanic policeman. good film noir.

Mike C (it) wrote: Impossible to sequel nor to remake. A visionary monument of cinema.Blade Runner doesn't need another review. It just need to be seen by new generations.

Rostislav A (es) wrote: Hitch has some tricks up his sleeve, those are actually quite pro and actual tricks men use, but somehow he manages to find the balance between the game and destiny, a very well made film.

Panta O (us) wrote: When I checked what was left out for me to watch, this was the ONLY movie I had left last night... and reading the title didn't give me much hope that this would be anything more than some sweet "uplifting" holiday melodrama - which I wasn't in a mood for. I am glad I was mistaken, and I felt like an idiot that I never noticed that I had in possession an Edward Burns' movie! This writer, director and star goes back to this Irish-Catholic roots and the 1995 debut film that put him on the map, The Brothers McMullen. Burns knows his way around the business of family playing Gerry Fitzgerald, the eldest of seven children parented by Josie (in a lifetime performance of Anita Gillette), a single mom since her husband, Big Jim (Ed Lauter), walked out on them 20 years ago. It was threading on an edge to become a Hallmark entertainment piece, but Burns and a bracingly fine cast play it for real, and that feel of reality is never allowing the film to slip to the cheap and cheese category. He wisely brings in Connie Britton, as his new romance and their scenes together have an irresistible romantic vibrancy. Even with all the problems of the family, there is a perfect amount of grit and comic grace notes, but sometimes I felt overwhelmed with so many characters introduced at once ... brother Quinn (Michael McGlone) wants to propose to younger girlfriend (Daniella Pineda); sister Sharon (Kerry Bishe) hooks up with a father-figure (Noah Emmerich); sister Dottie (Marsha Dietlein Bennett) dumps her husband for a hottie gardener, and the next sister Connie (Caitlin Fitzgerald) is pregnant by an abusive boyfriend while the youngest brother Cyril (Tom Guiry) is just out of rehab; sister Erin (Heather Burns), has married up and looks down on her family, except for daddy... with all these it felt like an Russian classic not a modern Irish-American piece. It was a good experience, though.