Circulez y a rien à voir!

Circulez y a rien à voir!


Inspector Leroux is investigating the owner of a contemporary art gallery Helen Duvernet who is suspected of being involved in trafficking of stolen paintings. He is both intrigued and attracted by the young woman, follows her everywhere and finally falls in love... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rachel O (it) wrote: Definitely a 5 out of 5 stars! I am so amazingly excited for this to hit theatres again so I can see it over and over! Such a beautiful movie, whether you are a fan of the band or if you have never even heard of them!

Sheila C (ca) wrote: Great insight into the life of a legend

Diego F V (br) wrote: Una belleza! Los simbolos de Kustu nuevamente recorren la pantalla de una manera surreal, fantastica y emotiva. Es una historia fascinante y como siempre las actuaciones son totalmente magistrales como la de Miki Manojlovic (Marko Dren en Underground) y la del protagonista Uros Milovanovic, quien ya haba trabajado con Kustu en el corto Blue Gypsy (All the Invisible Children). Deslumbrante la belleza de todas las mujeres que actuan en la pelicula.

Cosmin I (br) wrote: Spellbinding visuals and definitely cult worthy but I would lie if I didn't say the ending was weak

John T (nl) wrote: When good flubber goes bad. This movie was pretty weird. When I saw that it was directed by Takashi MIke it made more sense. This movie is about a professor who wanted to be a superhero and some jelly bean aliens who infect people. It's pretty bizarre but has some good fighting and a lot of craziness.

Tim S (it) wrote: Adding fiction to one of the 20th Century's most notorious stories is more than a hard sell.

albert r (ag) wrote: True Italian Warrior

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Julia S (de) wrote: This movie changed the way I look at the world

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Collin P (gb) wrote: Alien Resurrection definitely falls into a category of bad with Batman and Robin. With cartoonish violence and design, awful dialogue, bad acting and way too much slime, Alien Resurrection is one of the worst movies ever made.

harriejean a (au) wrote: Left boarding estate, town where ,high school.teens were re-enacting 'Catcher in the Rye'( by Salinger) i had gotten 'Boys don't Cry crewcut-, went to Ricky's photo booth, to record new haircut, (closed]. Find one of those self-photo booths in Jersey City. Stacie loved my haircut, rubbing my head, repeatedly tells me she loves me. Anthony & Laura age 19 were re-enacting: 'How i learned to Drive 1997 Is always manner persons understand how roommates ( not biblicall way); yet apparent to, a clerk down Port cryptically speaks - as i pick up a Village Voice copy cover story- How i Learned to Drive on the cover- stare in wonder, cause actors displayed look exactly like Laura and Anthony. "It's obvious" It's paranormal, Lois might say -, on cover i see Laura and Anthony in a drama held taut, like 2 cats at each other's throats in a struggle indicative of some internal affair. Today august 2011 , 14 yrs later i investigate the Paula Vogel play,strange there's no one in the cast looks like Laura & Anthony? So it must have been themselves in the Village Voice, like some Harry Potter movie spell where the newspaper tells you like it is, It's a spiritual place. I didn't say a word in reply,,yet must be lots of telepathy runs out this ocean way My roommates were doing re-acts everyday coming back home to 'pretend' squat or whatever literally off the map, i even imagined they were the actual actors in the hit... Bibically speaking- this is god's place a location of dramatic re-enactments of whatever gestalt. The natives indians had another name for this town,.Boys don't Cry' weren't released yet as i said it were 1997. ["films you should see me in vine, a Hollywood native, know real to reel life. Summer time our boarding estate got eviction notice a [scam], first prop up Erin's door. Stacie skips d-sooner out of there w/ fiance,Greg,Mrs. Mc Carim ,Billy Judith, Shawn & girlfriend,,cat red bar, 3 miniature turtles stay on. A 141 year old turtle on land, rabbits, racoons, crabs ,birds indigenous to this place remain whilst every young blood runs off. Shawn alone helps, goes to court on appointed day, stands up for us. Mrs. Mc Carim of those last remaining days said. "there's so much peace here, it's like the 60's all over again"- one might say a prologue, the calm before a storm, while our heat meters are shut off and left with only one light bulb- final electricity. Our water in the tub runs cold. Stacie calls me up as if i am a stranded derelict..brings hope from various Oregon outposts the first from Lost Creek;requesting i "Come to Oregon,live with her & Greg!" In a couple days i call back say "Ok.-- going to Oregon, live with you & Greg!" Stacie replys- "Who's Greg?" then as i get packing, they move on to Springfield, Dexter, Eugene till Greg's red Renegade hatchback engine blew-up w/ teenie trailer-- is how story went real life (no persons hurt), The saddest incident our giant turtle got run over by the 2 scammers speeding down our dirt trail. How Teena Brandon name expletive suppose transforms so punk-rock" conceptualizes into this new rave music today, you might like to play Sophia Ramos' Girlfriend's Ghost- as things to come. Brandon link name is nephew link family link karaoke link gig;makes sence ahem hemmed in by earth signs.[sigh]. Brandon's gemini conscience saves me from "you can't be youself no-how is sometimes way others make me feel the outcast-- "Have mercy on me when the peoples of thine earth have erred grievously". Stacie & Greg expedite expedition west of grand canyon; black bears run over Stacie's v.w. hood ,producing great vacation photos! before ever embark Eugene,Oregon; months prior served eviction notice to: 'tenants of north country road. Those flakes didn't even know our address and try to scam our highway, [i'd say "Don't trust mail arriving marked P E R S O N A L and O O N F I D E N T A L " that's hoax.:rotten: 'desperadoes' used Erin desperadoes" is what Stacie called them as i describe epi-center china town white truck cruising our land, "track down unknown license plates ' Heather warns. And as for demons, rich kids only a stone's throw away through the estate's woods lies a wealthy suburban development, children playing with pitchforks,when their parents weren't home. Heather runs over there in a holloween fake police outfit to scare them home.. Eventually Michael gives in and calls scammers our "new landlord" y at least they didn't commit petty larceny and they themselves were dismayed when it wasn't that much hard work chasing us away, our kids here are flitting butterflies. ..first leak drip-faucet scenario- "Erin was isolated individual shacked up with guy a forest case,Laura replies "boyfriend ran her car into the ground [ha ha]";Billy says something like a jacquar was set on fire then thrown over the ravine straight into the bay. Erin's forest case is Hanse- Tony's gay roommate now form a some got so entangled admit didn't pay rent,so 1st Erin got an eviction notice. i called a meeting,this was not urbane,no one showed up. It was about: "i know you guys are paying your rent so don't let this happen to us" when desperadoes T & son served notice. Was it forest case. No, Hanse had a crush on Erin's roommate is all 'i can't see forest for the trees". Laura saw T & Son take off with famed playground carousel,the 1 Marilyn Monroe posed on,when guest at Mrs. C's where she stayed w/ hubby Arthur Miller. Meanwhile Stacie re-creates 'I Know what you did last Summer'[she's a dead ringer for Jennifer Love Hewitt][son film comes out]However her voice re-engineers in cadence Blair Witch.[now i knew something for sure was going on around there which didn't materialize yet. If anyone saw 'Blair Witch' a narrative voice,proved went far as using voice-overs. I took off with the'conch' if we lost all communication a helpful prop from the Lord of the Flys [ha ha]. Erin grabbed red park-bench from north wing porch. We were last set tenants of real landlady,rip Whoa! who said scam gets all]! You could go far with park bench Erin- give us a yell!! I will answer from Ralph's 'conch' Situation breaking down to quantum beloved land water spring jumps 20 feet in air dream destiny. Limbo couldn't go on too long,time to go. As Stacie & Greg stopped Indiana to visit future in-laws,engagement parties 1 after another,stories we shared july 4 sitting hatchback along with Lazarus remark "i'm done",i anticipated i'd be stranded & 'address unknown' Billy continued to pick up mail after it was over;where would we end up? Stacie Greg west 4 towns Springfield,Dexter,Lost creek finally Eugene. i couldn't catch up to- 'moved from address' so i gave in to enjoying my lonely stay hanging on till i did make it out to Eugene,were there Hell raisers to follow? A few more details at estate: 3 miniature turtles nonetheless in trauma by eviction notice,yes animals are sensitive to change,even gently taken care of after L left i continued her regiment of changing their water daily switching them into fresh 3 tanks,feeding them,still died from grief, Aquarium fish of Stacie and Greg were either taken care of by caretaker and afterwards by me when he gave me the key,Red-bar cat moved with Shawn. Environmental 42 acre bay estate one might make a small living considered clamming made me feel squeamish so quickly gave up the idea.There was an area on the estate very swampy ideal for this. racoons were chill outta here,[=lemon chiffon cake too]prevailing mystery of Laura's missing pane switch missing pane inside suite hall a constant strategy to stop the raccoon sneak-in ritual.]Went from apt 8 north wing to apt 2 south wing as Mrs. Mc Carim,advice warning "it's not good idea to be alone in a crisis, so moved to south wing to a cute 4 br w/walk-in closet-[apt 2 south wjng, (suite 8 i left , Laura's room still in tact ]. This south wing apt 4 was near where a person named Mary lived with another boarder named Wacker,, Laura and i saw them leave on the day i i moved in north wing, Laura had noticed they left alot of clothes in boxes back main house, she asked me to help her get, cause they might be good, left out there the weather would only eventualy ruin, yet she didnt want Hanse to know, Eventually Hanse took position as a Sunday school teacher, yet to Laura this was philanthropy in action. ,Harry caretaker after few pints throttle his old studerbaker put on hot water so we could take showers until the end. Now that we were literally a squat, drat i had left one, for a boarding house, and it went backwards, i still gave him at least $8 bucks for turning on the water, and leavcing us with one light, before our rent was ideal $233 a model welfare idea at least affordable to those of modest means. . Our tiny unit meters con ed -- 1 by were shut down one by one, this time Laura went to Con Ed shut our unit down so she could get the $40 deposit fair, cause she drove up there with Rob in her first car ever to turn it on, when Robert skipped out.. Billy tells me when Laura first arrived only had an overcoat, then got a $50 week job, she was doing good at the end landscaping,cleaning house raking in $100 a day. ,Anthony procured $ to live on some court case, and Sue said '"tired of the long jeep drive to Riverhead everyday to waitress. Sue drove 5 total cars on the average, her mom worked used car lot.. Everyone 19 waiting to be age 21 life to begin depended on it. When almost everyone left main house 5 left,2 remained in Barnacle and 5 guys were not evicted, Forest house,dwindling lights amidst the forest played strangely making sweeter days go gloomy spooky vs. tinker bell Never Never land nonetheless absent of Peter Pan,Wendy,little John & lost boys.{Mary Shelly vs. Bram Stoker was on the left side of house i felt it while tinker hung out right. I mean it really felt like Dracula visited our premises personally one night,loud thumps to floorboards and on downstairs door,more likely caused by scam unhinged the doors. Sun arrived chasing imaginations back into innocent reality-check! Stacie's Blair Witch preview were sort of connected to the cobwebs in the spare bedroom! Barnacle had string of twinkling xmas lights leading further down the road to Cedar Tide Boarding rooms aka Chandler Estate driveway gotten to by the presbyterian church w/graveyard added drama. I was beginning to mistrust the graveyard path and began cutting out a new yet still vine thick grown over paths through nearby development. There were a preview of knotted trunks vines in a seldom taken path ,probably where Marilyn Monroe had photos , a Tarzan setting and then M.M. asked "the photos to be destroyed" and they were,Laura and me walked this path one afternoon. Development lay only feet away with their crisp clean "hissing summer lalwn" homes. Laura's black lights, blue,green,yellow,red lost the theatrical gel look and most of the megawatts electronics was gone so great. When my roommate Robert Frost moved out , Laura thought of as odd birdwatcher. 1 day drives outin his grey suburu exiting wile i was walking oppositely to main house, lol walk up-stairs,open door Robert Frost standing at electric stove cooking his t.v. dinner "Hey,Robert .you beat me i just saw you leave how'd you do that. Frost replys "That was not me, that was my evil twin brother Frost's continues "like visiting graveyard's blue forget me nots , & beautiful,red poppies." Got rather weird. Another day Robert pulls oriental rug out from under me, and left the house. I precede to visit Laura like a hurt puppy. "not only rug,he took the books off the book shelf,took a peek in living room, most of the pages of Robert Frosts journals are blank. Laura said; "Strange dude probably planning to move out-,you should ask him." 2 days Robert tells me "Off to Pennsylvania got new university research Penn State. The moving days weirdest,he raps our door one night just as i was about to retire. He actual went and knocked the door down. "why don't you use the key?"- Robert Frost replies "cause im breaking in & entering." Usually quiet Robert kept apt unit cold as ice,any electricity used reserved for his prize aquarium and huge color t.v. During these last days a mad scientist also gave me a priceless chance "Tell me everything about yourself from a-z i promise to stay up all night and listen.' Only ruined evil twin brother cursed me out before i said a word. There was a pile of deranged clothes behind the estate months ago,when the eviction made me head for south wing on Mc Carim's advice in this new unit there was a walk-in closet an array of same size clothes & style Stacie's, Meanwhile Stacie Greg unit starfish,guppies,black striped tiger fish still living in tank i was still going visiting apt 8 take care of L's miniature turtles. L left 3 tanks and blue ribbon award. Mrs. McCarim packed for my roommates their blankets on the main house porch,they abandoned."They aren't coming back." she exclaimed. Harrie-jean those roommates you used to live with Smith town think ike earn few recycle newspapers. It's time we get rid of everything we don't require." I will call,yet they have good jobs don't need extra. i took some photos of dwindling estate,in 1 photo i found a window in our no window bathroom,with a car rushing by. Weird,it wasn't such great photo did not keep. it was truly not easy to mirror the place as much as i wanted to with a cheap camera,i also got a few other weird photos like the ducks left the pond walking forlorn on land, it looked like i even got a paranormal future the units were laid side by side in neat bungalow rows, unlike its victorian aspects still i knew it was our estate now a chinese guy sitting in swimsuit towel wrapped round his head taking his good old time.. This phenomena appeared when i was quite abandoned except for Mrs. McCarim, Patti. Plus i had taken photos of ducks out on a pond,i got photos back of ducks walking around on the land like ducks out of water. When I tried calling our landlady's brother a Mt. Sinai cvs answered. i saw many unexplained occurrence 1 thing after another and call it the darkness of being abandoned- if nothing else. A guy Patrick if he should ever read this please call me replied,he had professional looking movie equipment with him and said "gorgeous mess :rotten: :rotten: fresh: :fresh: :2 other guys visited, horsing around over heard conversation "darn looks like a squat!" As it turned out,back up a little when Robert Frost moved he didn't ever take me to con ed and turned off unit meter.. That's when my housemates started playing squat an admixture of truth and playfulness, Robert Frost turned the lights out at con ed, forgetting to return to tell me, and i found myself in the dark, Anthony, Sue and Laura ran and got work lights, a long switch cord and everything looked liked they were seizing the building yet they paid rent, it was just make believe. I suppose at 19 this was alot of fun still 1/2 real, Robert Frost not only left us in the cold, in the dark perhaps producing a little angst in these teenagers so on their way up they began, punching in the walls in the hallways, which made it really look like a squat, onwardl traipsing up stairs to our 3rd floor landing with emergency gear. Anthony knocked out the shower stall doors one day when we left him alone , Suddenly felt nervous by himself alone, bunch of squat like effects stuff..happened took over- what movie was it?. Yet nothing really changed,the kids even patched up the roof to make up for it. Their nrg riveting, after this every color black light could muster,finish last touch lemon furniture polish coffee table, marks end to scenarios. When the 2 desperadoes evicted us arriving w sheriff deputy from the s. shore, as the authorities called it a day, and i must say they were lackadaisal, they didn't even drive down the driveway to the main house, the two sucessful in court scammers now went down the road, and took out sinks,stoves+ tubs + refrigerators making it appear like a long abandoned squat, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\you who would ever know homeboys equipped 195 megawatts stereos,surround sound--mega speakers,blacklights of every shade,,mini washer-dryer,hair-dryer,regular fridge,mini fridge fans,hair irons,electric heaters,duct heating system,electric stoves,assorted aquariums,.and screeen color tv lived here. These 19 yr olds once poor or something went wild as soon as they got better gigs skys limit, if you can pay for it. i teach them against self-realized goals balancing budget. Billy and i were still at welfare. Official letters were left about typed neatly official looking - internal affairs- on coffee table. Billy gave up taking our cares to the Mt. sinai community centre ready mohawk indian way to answer questions even before asked. Billy had arguments with me over "loyalty meant north ning". Despite these arguments we got on greater than before as if solidarity was beckoning. Our conversations then centered around Laura his main crush which left him hopeless left me advice "you guys are the Brady Bunch you better talk things over- Billy saying he didn't stand chance romance with Laura who already has steady boyfriend Robbie. "She dumps on me,that's all". Even down to 7 tenants estate looked great August-December,loved hippie paint+floral wall-paper still stood,old oak varnished banisters,smell of cedar predominated entire estate,lavendar perennials,spearmint,peppermint plants,honeysuckle,wild verlain,mullein grew in abundance. One peach tree near Heather Johnson's. No one lived there any longer when main house caught fire 04. In the basement bikes fell over tennis-rackets on a world-trade collapsed building poster 1997,apparently smaller world trade foreboding. In the community room repairmen's tools,rent accounts,an overdue library book nearly 20 years overdue, greek sailor cap,red silk lining partly shorn,straw inside struck me quite creepily like some mean trick saying this neat greek sailors cap was at depth a dunce cap of practical joke dimensions. black crows crowed din along with locusts to spell it out, Rooms had always deconstructed down to egg-shell parings,you'd have to live here to understand how things might end jurassic dinosaur millions back to post modern by quick turns. As mentioned giant 141 yr-old turtle lived in these cedar woods. [read recently life spans 141 years,just shortened. when greedy strangers in haste ran over my neighbor's irish setter right before 2 children, family dog. Number of stories fit- agriculture crisis. Finally went mid-west to Eugene back e. again through Omaha,Nebraska; fell in love with terrain, greyhound bus-driver stops for a few hours, i wander round some, guys drive past me ina rambling old lincoln yell out - "hey,Omaha pretty!" slander knew dissipated to be troubleshoot here,felt hey that's how went, teena from Lincoln. Slander no matter how shuffled slip slides after calamity--. Nice thinking Stacie is now o.k. nestled in Oregon where grass shade crab gras [middle-class usa hate the stuff,i kinda like crab grass, grows best on the beach tsand dunes back here.. Bless crab grass bluegrass sweetest grasses remember!! Eventually did visit Stacie,a trip 5 1/2 days by greyhound. Saying she "loved me" prompted change in me felt breezes out west f i n i :fresh: Laura Johnson :fresh: Heather Johnson :fresh: Sue Mentel :up: Matt Hanse :up: Rob :up: Greg William :up: Billy Moore :fresh: Erin :fresh: Stacie Trezza :up: last boarders tenants to live at Chandler Estate in witness copyright harrie jean aginsky--A mt. sinai re-enactment 'Boys don't Cry 1999-by Kimberly Pierce [Still], Salinger's Catcher in the Rye', 'I know what you did Last Summer','Blair Witch',stageplay 'How I learned to Drive',Liar Liar,'The Lord of the Flys', Robert Frost Poems, Peter Pan ,Dracula & Better off Dead This epic recall started out as journal vine transformed into a review as so did Sari's lette in view of lost discretions by me on Rotten Tomatoes. This is the reel deal-- warning- Heather withers in the weather!teena brandons' world rife checklist test how much applies me.(@ mt sinai background)Laura: WATCH OUT.below safety net or at safety net [?]less gender more class {x}[elite]marginal world of:mobile trailers[x][offered not happened],grungy rental [x],public housing[x]unemployment[y],welfare[y],service jobs[?],minimum wage[y]social workers[x][household]domestic abuse[y]sexual molestation[y],absent fathers[y],paternity tests[x],teenage regnancies[x],foster homes[x]court ordered psychologicalcounseling[x]learning centers rather than schools [x]job corps[x][discontinued agency],petty crime[x],felony convictions[x],penitentiary hardtime[x] 7 match teena problems,14 don't