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Richard D (de) wrote: Adam is the pool attendant at a posh hotel in Chad. He's a former champion swimmer, and has had the job for decades. His son works under him as an assistant pool attendant. When the hotel is bought by new management, Adam finds himself moved to tending the front gate while his son takes over the pool. He's humiliated by the drop in status. Meanwhile, the army has been fighting rebels and is demanding contributions from all citizens to the cause. When Adam cannot come up with any money, he secretly gives up his son to the military, meeting his obligation and getting back his old job in the process. However, the guilt eats away at him, especially when his son's pregnant girlfriend shows up. A well-regarded film that won the Jury Prize at Cannes, it was a little too slow for me, especially in the last act.

Adam T (fr) wrote: Ok, I know my taste can be slightly different, but am I the only one who saw the joke in this film? I thought this was hilarious from woo to goo because of the absolute piss take that was happening. I am Australian so maybe that is all I should have written for this review. "I thought this was exceptionally bold and humourous - I am Australian"

Davin G (ca) wrote: Beth was terribly annoying!

Craig T (au) wrote: Not being a professional reviewer, let me say what for many pro's was unsayable: BIF is an absolute stinker of a movie, an almost total dud. 'BIF is not an easy watch.' Boy, are you not kidding with that statement. As a moviegoer who likes to like movies, it takes a lot to have me eyeing the exit door during a movie or start to make a mental shopping list. However, this had negatives piling up and up as it went along its tedious way. For a start it is almost completely flaccid in terms of narrative. Then if we look at it from the perspective of the observation movie of human-in-throes-of-existential-nightmare, it fails because the protagonist's character is so a) unlovable and b) essentially uninteresting. Much of the film saw Nolot's character pacing about at home, writing, sipping and smoking: this is not enough to draw the viewer into his world, his dilemma, his misery. Chain smoking does not equal pain. Even as metaphor for misery, constant sparking up doesn't remotely do it. Our man simply appears boring, therefore we are bored. Our hero's friends are repellant too, but, I suspect, aren't meant to be. They present the homosexual at his most unappealing: superficial, self-absorbed and sex obsessed to a painful degree. The man who accepts payment for his services in terms of delivering a blow job is grim watching at the ethical and moral level. As a straight man, I wasn't remotely thrown out of stride by the the pretty gay frank sex, but to observe the moral and personal degregation of the receiver was interesting only to consider the utter awfulness of the remains of this supposed late Parisian demi-monde. If the film maker is not able to make capital out of such an exchange, and for me this auteur absolutely wasn't, then it only remains for the viewer to critically damn the film. So, grimly unsympathetic characters, no narrative energy, rotten film. And so to some of the reviewers hereabouts. Comments on the lighting and the visual presentation all round are laughable. The comment on the chiaroscuro of the naked protag making coffee (comparisons with Bacon, etc) are at best deeply mistaken, at worst, pathetic. Cinematographically, the film was unremarkable. The positive vote for the music was utterly hysterical: there WAS no music until a very late entry of some portentous orchestral navel gazing courtesy of Gustav Mahler. If this was intended to heighten the drama, it failed. Rather it only emphasized the fact that the failure of the film maker to leaven his drudgery represented a bsd mistake. One of the arts of great movie making is to present the awfulness of some folk's existence as tolerable, watchable, gripping even. This was existential predicament as something patently unwatchable, so utterly lame was it. All this said, for our gay friends, the movie-going experience here may well have been absolutely absorbing and I would respect such a view totally. As a heterosecual, what do I know about how this film would reach into the emotional space of the homosexual? So let me qualify my conclusion. This was a monumentally wretched movie if you're straight. It's a shame that the liberal press (of which I remain a consumer, as a liberal) is in the grip of a moral cowardice. Why couldn't at least some of them pan this movie? Because no liberal intellectual in the present day dares to challenge the ridiculous iron grip of those who wield the sword of political correctness in the media. Such is cultural life in the United Kingdom at the end of the first decade of the 21st century. And yet, I was quite glad to have seen this movie. Only by watching the truly bsd can we wholly grasp the wonder of the truly great. I held fairly constant conversations with my pal during the movie, breaking my strict moral movie-going code, but this was the only way I could hold on for the last hour (Dan wanted to go for a beer and he isn't even much for drinking), but I was glad, for the above reason that I did. And there was one moment of high mirth. 'The only thing I'm interested in these days is suicide,' says Notot at one point. Oh, how we giggled. It isn't enough to mouth miserable words to emotionally engage the audience: our hilarity was in the director's complete failure to understand one of the obvious truths of film making. RR

Toni G (au) wrote: i think i've seen it but i'm not sure they were more or less all the same

byron o (ag) wrote: Good style, but the story wasn't captivating.

John D (es) wrote: Looks like it was made for the sake of it, a last hurrah for such a versatile team. Some wise-ass jokes here and there, nothing to get excited about.

Jennifer M (kr) wrote: Good movie, amazing casting, important plot, but it's long

Paul G (mx) wrote: Would like to buy this movie.

Shadow L (us) wrote: Esther Williams is the goddess of the 'swmming muscial"...of course she is the only actress to make them. Great muscial numbers and a very good plot.

Derek W (ca) wrote: Beautifully filmed and wonderfully original, Frequencies is a thought-provoking and heart-warming story about finding love in unlikely places.

Raji K (de) wrote: Quinten Tarantino writes and directs his latest film Inglorious Bastards. The film sets place in the heart of World War II and opens with a Colonel Hans Landa (Christoph Waltz) who is searching for Jews across Nazi occupied France. He is known as the Jew Hunter and he kills the family of a young Shosanna (Melanie Laurent). Many years later, Shosanna is the owner of a small cinema under a new name Emmanuelle. She is being courted by a young Nazi war hero who begs to have the premiere of his new movie at her small cinema.As with most Tarantino there many arcs, and another arc involves Lt. Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt). He leads a group of notorious Nazi killers known as the Inglorious Bastards. Each one of the bastards has a known identity and nickname for their methods such as Donny Donowitz who does so with a baseball bat. As a team, they go around Germany ruthlessly killing Germans in hope to spread the word of their infamy, and rouse fear in the Nazi's. When they discover the premiere of the new film premiere at the small cinema, the two plot points converge in a hope to kill all of the Nazis including Hitler himself at the event. Inglorious Bastards is one of Tarantino's finest films. The film features larger than life characters, excellent performances, and typical Tarantino sense of drama and grandeur that only he can pull off. Waltz simply ties the film together and rightfully wins Best Oscar for a supporting role. Pitt does a good job balancing comedy and wit as the stubborn and grisly war hero. The film is long and has some slow scenes to help build up drama and intensity, but they work well and are fitting in this film and help advance the plot. Some of these scenes are really some of the best scenes in the film. These include the film's opener, and a scene where Emmanuelle is being slowly interrogated by Hans Landa as the two eat strudel and smoke cigarettes. Combined with Tarantino like explosive finish, Inglorious Bastards will likely entertain most Tarantino fans and movie goers alike. -2.4.2017

Elroy J (gb) wrote: Kinda expected this movie to be trash