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Robert B (mx) wrote: Unlike Miyazaki's past 'last films,' this one very much feels like it. thematically and narratively, there are many hints that he's ready to lay down the pencil and paper. the art, as always, is absolutely breathtaking for an animated film - these aren't just cartoons, this is moving art. the combination of ink and paint is just so perfect and beautiful. i also really enjoyed the deeper focus on very personal relationships and characterization in this film and the anti-war message (still present) was not nearly as heavy-handed as in his past films, like Howl's Moving Castle. the film really struck a chord with me and it's probably at least in my top 4 Ghibli films and a damn good final step if this really is goodbye for Hayao Miyazaki.

Jackson P (us) wrote: Jaws + Reptile + 3 = bad conclusion wait there is another one?

Dileep V (es) wrote: Anurag Kashyap's best movie till date albeit the ending!!!

Grard K (mx) wrote: An amusing ride through the science fiction megatext with some good adult humour in it. Only downside is the episodic-ness of the narrative. Worth a watch though.

Steve H (it) wrote: very good excellent

Tim C (ru) wrote: Looks interesting enough . . .

Denise B (au) wrote: A Filipino film that I can be proud to call "Filipino". It's entertaining and at the same time shows some very real situations in the Philippines. I also like the nice mix of humor included.

Hannah M (nl) wrote: It does a good job of portraying life in a culture *extremely* different from my own, but in its attempt to build up some of the drama of the camel rejecting her colt, it left everything feeling a little bit anticlimactic. It's a much better documentary than it is a story - which I suppose is fair. However, I'm giving it a low ranking based on how much I personally enjoyed it.

Mike T J (ru) wrote: I was late to the scene this one so I got to see it apart from all the hype. Add that to the fact that I never watched Scrubs and don't care about either of the main actors and you get a good, not great romcom.

Alexander C (mx) wrote: Hilary Duff stars in the Disney Channel family comedy CADET KELLY. When her mother marries friendly General Maxwell (Gary Cole, OFFICE SPACE), fashionable and independent-minded teen Kelly Collins (Duff) must move to a new town.

JoJo E (ca) wrote: A fairly decent depiction of a man desiring to bring hope to his fellow man. a bit slow but well acted

Jennie R (fr) wrote: Taking it back to the 80's. A young Kelly Preston & Tim Daly. Not bad for an 80's movie but still cheesy and some pretty flat acting. The movie is predictable. Back then maybe not but this storyline has been done a hundred times before. Guys, you would like this: Kelly Preston is shown topless (Quite Frankly, I cant think of any movie of hers that she is nude except this one). This would be a fun movie to heckle at.