Cirque du Soleil II: A New Experience

Cirque du Soleil II: A New Experience


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Cirque du Soleil II: A New Experience torrent reviews

bob f (es) wrote: taker fan from way back

Ruben L (au) wrote: Cute movie about going home and dealing with things that you left behind. Including the man that you have been waiting for all of your life, who happens to be straight.

Sarah (jp) wrote: Are you serious?? ARE YOU F*CKING SERIOUS?!?

Leonard D (jp) wrote: Not the best comedy, but allot of fun! But wasn't Mel Gibson's brief cameo rather pointless!?

Benjamin O (fr) wrote: Encephalitic basement.

lachlan k (br) wrote: This film marks a much welcome return to for for an animation company known for its dabbling in computer generation with a film loaded with pop culture, visual and word gags and a heartfelt story to boot, yet while inside out won the hearts of audiences everywhere, this isn't pixar's story, it's aardman's. While they hadn't gone as far as cars 2 aardman's films just weren't getting the results of their previous short films and first 2 features not so much critically but financially. Thankfully their heroic return to clay especially in the age of cgi has brought back the warmth and brilliance of their early works and as someone who has been watching shaun the sheep since his first advert (where he was overshadowed by a robin of all things) I'm more than a bit relieved. Favourite moments, a fantastic hannibal lector parody and a completely out of character song choice for the main villain. Wallace and gromit must be quaking in their boots because it seems a new aardman figurehead may have emerged.