Cirque du Soleil: Quidam

Cirque du Soleil: Quidam

A young girl has already seen everything there is to see and her world has lost all meaning. Her anger shatters her world and she finds herself in the universe of QUIDAM, where she is joined by a playful companion, as well as another mysterious character who attempts to seduce her with the marvelous, the unsettling and the terrifying.

A young girl has already seen everything there is to see and her world has lost all meaning. Her anger shatters her world and she finds herself in the universe of QUIDAM, where she is joined by a playful companion, as well as another mysterious character who attempts to seduce her with the marvelous, the unsettling and the terrifying. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cirque du Soleil: Quidam torrent reviews

Kristina K (ca) wrote: Amazingly colorful, beautiful directing and a actors cast beyond compare!

Brad P (kr) wrote: I thought the book was better.

007 W (us) wrote: Overall this movie is pretty good, good acting, good songs, great animation, good story, good characters

Joao M (ag) wrote: Mesmo com atuaes boas,efeitos visuais bem feitos e maquiagem impressionante,A Montanha Enfeitiada peca em roteiro e historia,E se resume s aquilo que o roteiro criou.

Tricia R (fr) wrote: i have read this as a book which the book is much better than the movie but I can remember who wrote the book anyone know?

bill s (gb) wrote: I'm not sure I love this director but Tupac's story and charisma are enough for any doc to look good.

Steve M (br) wrote: Demon SlayerStarring: Michelle Acuna, Adam Huss, Howard Williams Jr., Hannah Lee, Monique Deville, Layon Grey, and Robert EatonDirector: James Cotton Five juvenile delinquints (Acuna, Huss, Williams, Lee, and Deville) are sent to clean up an abandoned mental hospital as one last chance to "go straight." Naturally, the place is full of demons and restless souls, and our troop of bad actors portraying one-dimensional stereotypes are soon in predictable dire straights. I really don't mind unoriginality in horror movies. If I did, I would be giving lots and lots of [i]really[/i] low ratings. What I do mind are horror movies that don't bring anything new to the table while managing to do the retreads badly. I mind it even more when a badly executed film starts with an impossible premise--a group of juveniles who are left alone in a building that would properly be overhauled by a professional construction crew that would probably even need haz-mat licensing. (Oh... the film also features the lamest, most illogical "sexy chick takes a bath" scene I've ever seen.) And then there's the ultimate sin: The filmmakers either have so little faith in their abilities, or are so contemptable of their audience's intelligence that they feel the need to label their stereotypical characters at the outset, with titles like "Tyron: The Brotha". That labeling made me think that perhaps I was in for a horror spoof, but there was no such luck. Any comedy in this turkey is purely unintentional. Take it from me: You can spend your time better doing just about anything other than watching "Demon Slayer".

Laura D (au) wrote: Wonderful performances by the entire cast. The colour transitions are amazing to watch. I highly recommend this film.

Sam M (kr) wrote: Not many writers or directors have their first two films to be very strong. It's quite rare.

Jacopo G (ca) wrote: Finally seen this classic. Worth waiting ;) Another good Stephen King.

skyler M (es) wrote: It was the worst one in the whole series but it was still good. The plot was kinda boring at certain parts but the point of this movie was good. Good point but somewhat boring plot. The characters were chosen well, although i thought that this would be a good movie considering how good i thought the third installment was. The third installment i enjoyed because it made me feel the love and connection between the characters. The two main characters didn't go together real well so there should be someone better that the main character can connect with. I'm 16 years old and i'm judging this movie poorly? It could have been better.

Jesse O (au) wrote: This movie is really quite fun. It's proof that all you need to have a good movie on your hands is a great cast and a good script that makes proper use of the actors. I know I sometimes harp on low-budget films, whether it be the presentation or the quality of the cinematography, I don't try to do it as much, but I've noticed that I tend to do so more in the films that end up not being good. The point of the matter is that you don't need much of a budget to make a good movie, I know that should be obvious, but I think some people have this preconceived notion that if a film looks a certain way, The Avengers for example, then it's worth watching. And it's not even that this film even looks that low-budget, it actually doesn't, but it's something that I've noticed in certain people. Again, I've done it myself, but only with films where the story or the acting isn't good to begin with. But I digress, while I may not have given this film the highest rating, I really did have a blast watching this movie. I think the fact that it's not a consistent film, in parts, is what holds it back for me. But the film is definitely well-written and there's a surprisingly interesting relationship between Raymond, his father and how Raymond's eccentric behavior has affected his father's opinion of him. Ray Wise plays Raymond's father and he is tremendous here. If you've seen Ray Wise on Newscatchers, or any Ray Wise movie ever, then you know the type of role he plays, but he does it to perfection. There's a lot of good interplay between Ray Wise and Matthew Gray Gubler. Kat Dennings and Matthew also have great chemistry with each other and they provide plenty of funny moments. One of the things about the film, and this is just me speculating, but the way the film ended up almost made this seem like a pilot for a potential series with Matthew's and Kat's characters at the forefront. This isn't the case since both Matthew and Kat are part of CBS shows, Criminal Minds and 2 Broke Girls respectively. But that's how the film ended up and I actually wouldn't mind a series with the same cast. It's unlikely, because the movie is definitely more indie-esque and it's not a show that wouldn't really survive much on a big network, it's more of a Netflix/Amazon/Hulu original show. But I digress, I thought the film's cast was top-notch and it made the film so much easier to watch. There's also some surprisingly solid horror elements. What I mean by that is that while they mix in some comedic elements with the horror, it's treated fairly seriously by the leads, well at least Raymond and Becca. Don't have much else to say, I don't think the film is as consistent as it could've been, but I really had a lot of fun watching this movie. It's one that I think will find a cult following and deservedly so. I'd definitely recommend this film for sure. Good stuff.