City Beneath the Sea

City Beneath the Sea

A group of 21st-century colonists inhabit an underwater city called Pacifica. Originally intended as a purely scientific installation, the U. S. government wants to stash all its gold reserves from Fort Knox there, along with a fantastic new radioactive element. The brother of Pacifica's returning former commander plans to steal the gold and on top of that, the city faces destruction by an asteroid from outer space

A group of 21st-century colonists inhabit an underwater city called Pacifica. But the fabulous, futuristic city is seven hours away from doom as a giant asteroid hurtles toward a direct hit. Now it's up to the colonists to save Pacifica. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard I (ag) wrote: Mildly irritating teen movie which at least tries to avoid clichs and offers a few well-handled bitter truths about human relationships.

Andres G (fr) wrote: Master piece of how to tell a simple but deep story in the best and more realistic way.Well chosen cast, really good staging, dialogues and performance.A really good movie.

jesse p (kr) wrote: Why is it that Takashi Miike style always changes from film to film? I mean first Disgusting horror and then fantasy films made for children that are part horror yes I mean a lot of the elements that you see are most of his trademarks. But no gore some blood though and some intense scenes that would put some children off. The funny thing about the guy is that his favourite movie is Starship Troopers now that's just amazing no wonder he loves gore that films right up his ally. This is the story of a young boy who moves to a small town after the divorce of his parents. At a local festival, he becomes an unlikely hero when he is life becomes chosen, and he stumbles into the middle of a great spirit war, where he meets a group of friendly spirits who become his companions through his journey. Now he must fight to protect his friends and free the world of the spirits from oppression. Now this just doesn't sound like Takashi but he does do some amazing designs on some Ultra freaky scene and landscapes as well as creatures. But then again its one of the best fantasy movies I have seen since Pan's Labyrinth with all these amazing designs and nothing short of it. The is really good not Oscar winning stuff but very good. I think the prise I give both is the visuals and the film not just relying on CGI but rather does something and more things differently looks fantastic though. The designs for some creatures are nightmarish looking and some wonderfully done. Very strange movie though. When a gigantic turtle-like yokai flies over the city, a man dismisses it by saying "it's only Gamera" - Daiei Studio's well-known daikaiju hero. The film contains several direct references and homages to the work of Shigeru Mizuki, the manga artist who is generally credited with bringing the tradition of yokai tales into the modern day via the comic-book medium. The young hero researches yokai by traveling to Mizuki's birthplace of Sakaiminato and visiting the museum dedicated to his work there; the actual museum, and its bronze statues of his most famous characters, including GeGeGe no Kitaro, are shown in the film. Later in the plot, when the yokai Ittan Momen shows reluctance to fight, another scolds it by saying "You're always really brave in those comics with Kitaro!" Shigeru Mizuki himself appears briefly in the film as the Demon King. Overall a major Art house film that is a fantasy work of Japanese art from horror director Takashi Miike and my final verdict is highly recommended.

richard f (us) wrote: The consensus on the tomatometer has to be wrong. This piece is not about bob any way. It has more to do with uncle sweetheart and his moral dilemma. If the live performance of Down in the Flood is self- indulgent on bob's part then allright but the movie is about the spectrum of life in the New World, Columbus's World, Twentieth Century Western Hemisphere . . . . . .

Ahmed J (jp) wrote: Aahhhh the 80s. Ridiculous fighting scenes. Long range shotguns, synth music and the infamous line of chewing bubble gum is here. Yup loved it, as cheesy as it is.

Carl T (ru) wrote: This movie is one of my all time favorites and an exemplar of film noir.

Danny F (jp) wrote: Terrible Movie! I loved it! I aint nobody's fart catcher!

Amber V (it) wrote: This was a really nice, feel-good movie, the dancing was great. I'm glad the story didn't take the turn I was fearing. Richard Gere was spectacular in one of his usual lovable characters. He just got an irresistible.. something. Stanley Tucci was hilarious, I just love that guy.

Jamie C (es) wrote: Brilliant film and great battle scenes, Well acted, Keeps us entertained from start to finish a must watch for any swords and sandals fan.

Toby S (ag) wrote: loved this movie as a kid want to see it again.