City of Industry

City of Industry

A retired thief swears revenge on the lunatic who murdered his brother and partner, while going on the run with the loot they stole.

A retired thief swears revenge on the lunatic who murdered his brother and partner, while going on the run with the loot they stole. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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werner v (de) wrote: Beautiful drama about the Anglo Boer War 1899-1901 and treason

Dustin W (kr) wrote: Beautifully done - well set. It creates a real feel mystery. Silence and simplicity. I loved this movie.

Rawballs B (ca) wrote: What a creep and what a crap motion pic... But the three girls made the movie truly really funny and sexy...

Moe J (kr) wrote: Goodness, this movie's bad. It starts out as harmless, but not very good, and it eventually becomes plain terrible and I wanted it to end. The only good thing in the movie is the always great Paul Rudd. The funniest scene is one where Rudd takes Michelle Pfeiffer to a nightclub and starts dancing. But even that doesn't save the movie. The jokes weren't funny, Michelle Pfeiffer was kind of annoying as Rosie, and I also disliked Saorise Ronan as Pfeiffer's daughter Izzie, who says a bunch of idiotic things like this: Izzie: Can you call me Drew? Rosie: What's wrong with a name like Izzie? Izzie: Nothing! Just call me Drew from now on, okay!? Tracey Ullman is quite annoying and unlikable, too, as Mother Nature, who keeps telling Rosie that she's too old for Paul Rudd's character. I also didn't like the scene where Izzie sings in the talent show. It just sort of made me uncomfortable for some weird reason. This is a terrible romantic comedy. Paul Rudd deserved better than this and given that the movie was directed by Amy Heckerling, whose past works include "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" and "Clueless", which are actually good films. My rating: 1.5 stars out of 4 stars.

Miranda M (kr) wrote: bad guys are so good looking, now that is a crime!!!

Mr D (gb) wrote: Straight forward sci-fi thriller: not that much action and it lacks some kind of final battle. The aliens act a bit too woody for highly intelligent beings that can transform in anything. Don't watch if dislike movies with open endings without a sequel.

JoEy M (it) wrote: Its obviously not easy to rent coz it seys here it has only got 101 votes.

Kristal C (us) wrote: This is a lovely and unique little film with a great performance by Liane Balaban.

josie p (br) wrote: careful

Aaron G (br) wrote: Corey haim and Leo Rossi work spectacular with one another, forming a relation that I wish I had with my father.

Diego F V (it) wrote: Interesante filme que nos muestra el retrato de una epoca que se caracterizo por el florecimiento de la libertad en masa, de la experimentacion individual y colectiva. Es un viaje al interior de los excesos, de la necesidad de descubrimiento; es un acercamiento al peligro cuando el descontrol sobrepasa los limites: al pasar los limites ya nada es interesante.Excelente la musica, logico. Esta a cargo de Pink Floyd!

Will H (jp) wrote: I don't think this is a bad movie by any means but I've seen much better Kaiju films than this. It seemed kind of forced and is almost a rehash of Godzilla or Rodan; prehistoric monster wakes up, starts attacking things on an island, blah blah I believe we've seen that one. It's refreshing to see new Kaiju every now and again, but compared to some of the others, Varan is pretty weak. Definitely not Honda's best film.

Ann S (kr) wrote: Great movie filmed in Alberta. I give this movie a 5 star. Wonderfully filmed, enjoyable for the whole family. Based on a true story. Filmed in the foothills of Alberta.

Zach A (jp) wrote: I quite enjoyed this old movie from the 60's. I have been meaning to check it out for a long time as it has been referenced and made fun of in many movies.