City Without Baseball

City Without Baseball

The actual members of the Hong Kong Baseball Team all prove themselves to be natural actors by playing themselves in this fictional youth drama set in 2004. In a city where baseball culture is non-existent, these baseball players are a minority by choice. The experience teaches them to be free-thinkers in dealing with love, friendship and their own sexuality. It also enables them to find the will to live in the face of death and the strength to conquer losing in a spectatorless sport.

The actual members of the Hong Kong Baseball Team all prove themselves to be natural actors by playing themselves in this fictional youth drama set in 2004. In a city where baseball culture... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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K Nife C (fr) wrote: For fans of the Kristen Stewart school of acting, all of the groundbreaking techniques that made her a star are here in "Personal Shopper". She starts sentences, pauses, then blurts out the rest of the line. She stammers. She looks nauseous. She blinks profusely and vibrates her head when "upset", otherwise keeping expressivity to a minimum. To say she is wan would be an understatement, but what isn't understated is how overrated this film is. With glowing reviews and a four minute standing ovation at Cannes, I was expecting it to astound me. After a slightly tense first viewing, I had to watch it again to figure out why it didn't click for me. The second watch only made the film's shortcomings that much more apparent. In the movie, KStew is a personal shopper for a wealthy model who she calls a "bitch" because the model doesn't want her trying on the expensive designer clothing she pays Stewart to buy for her. Stewart recently lost her twin brother because of a heart condition they both share. Her grief causes her to feel disconnected from others, but she believes she is a medium and is seeking closure in the form of a sign from her brother. After witnessing an apparition and receiving strange texts from an unknown entity, she is forced to confront her grief and her own mortality. Almost the entire second act consists of her going to different places and texting. There are a lot of fades to black diffusing the pace of the film - one in the middle of a scene of dialogue. With two or three genuinely tense moments littered among odd editing and obnoxious screens on screen (Skype, YouTube, texting), it's hard to appreciate the film's intellectual rewards. Is her brother trying to contact her? Is it all her delusion? Is she actually dead? I could understand making the effort to delve into the mystery of the film for the profundity of subject matter or some deeper philosophical intent, but the film seems to be content with being ambiguous and confusing (or maybe just confused). I don't need everything in a film explained, but then again I don't have to care at all either. Ultimately, the four hours I invested in "Personal Shopper" could have been better spent elsewhere.

Franois K (fr) wrote: Aprs Bowling et Cornouaille, Les Seigneurs est donc le troisime film avoir mis la Bretagne l'honneur. Pour l'occasion, la fine fleur du cinema comique franais (Gad Elmaleh, Omar Sy, Franck Dubosc, Ramzy Bedia, Jos Garcia, Joey Starr...) a dbarqu sur l'Ile Molne. Le rsultat, bien qu'ingal, est assez sympathique, et l'on rit plusieurs reprises. Bon film, mais pas le feu d'artifice espr car si la cohsion entre les acteurs est indniable, certains semblent s'tre mis en pilote automatique (Ramzy, Dubosc), d'autres sont juste bons (Omar Sy, Jos Garcia). Par contre Gad Elmaleh, Joey Starr (hilarants dans chacune de leurs scnes) et Jean-Pierre Marrielle sont impriaux et portent vraiment le film sur leurs paules. Grce eux, "Les Seigneurs" tient la route pendant une heure trente cinq, et l'on passe tout de mme un agrable moment.

John P (br) wrote: It's hilarious when it needs to be, and the double-crossing spy drama is handled with much care and accuracy. No doubt the best Korean film of 2010.

Diane J (kr) wrote: Enjoyed! we need more movies like this one! Thanks!

Keiko N (it) wrote: Slow to unfold and not much payoff for sticking with it, but some really unique and interesting animation.

Satya Durga Reddy K (gb) wrote: 5 star not enough for this movie.Amazing Direction, Awesome Screen Play and Excellent Cinematography and Music By ARR. and best Costume selection and gold ornaments . Nice Story line and Overall Its a Superb Movie

Mark S (it) wrote: Anthony Minghella's last film is a very underrated one; it might not be as epic as The English Patient or Cold Mountain but the story is interesting and consistently engaging, the performances - particularly from Jude Law and Juliette Binoche - are excellent and the direction is classy. A hidden gem.

yorasta y (ca) wrote: dis is a very good movie

Lois S (br) wrote: I was disappointed that this movie had different actors than the original Firestarter. I did find that it was such a attention catcher that all was forgiven. I am glad that I watched it and will do so again.

Swayamdeep S (fr) wrote: mockumentary .. sounds interesting

Don M (kr) wrote: One of Australia's great comedies. Very funny stuff. Subtle, weird, good. I loved it as a kid and I love it still.

Mark W (nl) wrote: It's really to unchallenging to find fault with this film... However, for some bizarre reason I quite enjoyed it! The biggest difference between this and the predecessor is, we already know who the killer is and are fully aware of the whole twisted truth... So the suspense angle is gone and replaced by Angela Bakers unbeatable casual killings... Overall it's one of the most utterly bizarre brilliant films I've ever seen...

Justin A (ag) wrote: Not really much of a horror movie and more of a thriller, drama. Kind of at least. It follows a man as he searches for answers to the disappearance of his wife and it leads to all kinds of confusion with the outback, razorbacks, and some crazy Aussies.The razorback itself looks pretty neat, but most of the time it's cut away from quickly, shown only briefly in glimpses or in the dark. It looked like it was probably a really neat animatronic/puppet, but it wasn't shown too much. I would compare it to something like An American Werewolf in London where the werewolf is briefly, almost never shown in full.The action is good when it happens and shot well. This movie has a cult following and b-movie reputation, but the direction would have you thinking this is a much larger budget Hollywood movie from the 80s. It's not something one would expect from an Australian production and it's probably the best looking Australian movie I've seen outside of The Road Warrior.The acting is pretty good at times, but over-the-top at other moments. Though, the Aussies who attempt to rape the reporter are depicted rather despicably, even if they ham it up at times. So I suppose it was appropriate enough.No real complaints about this movie, other than maybe a lack of razorback kills. We get two early on, but then the razorback only kills two more people throughout the rest of the film and they happen very late. It's just a bit slow to get going, especially when our main character isn't even introduced until about 25 minutes into the movie.Overall, enjoyable movie that is worth checking out for fans of horror movies where nature attacks. This has to be mandatory viewing for those fans.

jay n (it) wrote: Old pros Widmark, Lee, Blackman and Elliott perform well but it's all a bunch of hooey.

Ibraheem M (br) wrote: An incredible cast with a score long remembered, 'How the West Was Won' tells the story of four generations during the early settlements till the late 1890's in a very colorful and joyful way.

Daniel L (ca) wrote: I've seen plenty of bland action movies in my life, Drive Hard is one of the dullest.