Ciudadano Kramer

Ciudadano Kramer


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Ciudadano Kramer torrent reviews

Kuntida O (ca) wrote: good story but not good playing. ending are rush.

Vinnie F (jp) wrote: So unintersecting and Mean spirited

Christophe C (au) wrote: Thriller tout en silence, en patience, en mensonges et en non-dits... Pas forc (C)ment palpitant mais se laisse suivre...

Chad D (nl) wrote: Chevy Chase and Jack Palance have a battle of wits in Suburbia in a decent 90s comedy.

Carlos D (mx) wrote: Bronies for most people (including me) could seem like 30 something mongoloids who are desperate losers looking for attention,well,let me tell you...this documentary will show us otherwise,they're misfits in our society,geeks of an specific genre and weirdly enough,pretty normal the end.the world have all kinds of freaks and geeks,we just have to accept it.

Michael F (us) wrote: Marky Mark is THE SHIT is this movie...don't mess with this mothafucka