A man must avenge his father's murder to receive $3 million.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:82 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

A man must avenge his father's murder to receive $3 million. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yousef S (es) wrote: So what if it's just another action film with re-used plots, it is simple to understand and doesn't require a whole lot of improvisation. It did not start off with the proper motivation, but potently evolved quite well. A lot of these films that are Direct to DVD usually have electronic scores, and that is another reason i got reeled in. Jeff McIlwain's composition reminds me why people should be aware of how the music is just as important as the plot and performance. Also I seem to understand films are acted out better when the cast usually are unknowns, making the acting more original than these big budget actors/actresses [Cuba Gooding and Dean Norris are the only big names I recognize] who have these preconceived associations.

Catherine N (kr) wrote: Intelligent quasi documentary focusing on a French teacher and his students in the outskirts of Paris grappling with teaching, inspiring, class room management and bureaucratic travails. Subtle and well performed. This is no Hollywood Stand and Deliver. Just teachers and kids from a realistic perspective. See this and give a teacher a hug.

George T (es) wrote: Love Steven Seagal. Great movie.

Alyssa N (it) wrote: There's an interesting story here that throws one twist at us after another, and to be honest, most of them I never saw coming. So the plot is clever in that sense, but in order to fully accept all these twists, you need to be able to suspend your disbelief a lot. Maybe some deeper character development would have helped us understand why these characters act in the bizarre ways that they do. This still works as entertainment though, and it turns out to be much less of a romantic drama cliche than it seems at first, so don't worry. Also, this was my first time seeing Gael Garcia Bernal in an English-language film, and even if it's not exactly a stand-out role for him, he's still talented and sexy as always.

Michelle W (au) wrote: Continuing with my Karl Urban fetish, this is one of his early films and made in his native New Zealand. As you would expect, the settings in this film are astoundingly beautiful. To say the Kiwi's have a very strange sense of humour is an understatement! However, this film turns out to be a little gem of a romantic fairytale. It had me in histerics on several occasions. Most notably Rob's dog called Nigel, who's agoraphobic and runs around in a cardboard box. We have a new saying in this house now when downing a glass of milk.... 'Bottoms up!!' You really have to see the film to get that one.

Jocelyn Y (ag) wrote: The house in the movie make the movie pretty interesting. A talking house? However, I think the movie could of done a little better with the problems and the solutions in the movie.

Harry W (fr) wrote: A weak film lacking in lots of potential humor. It was outdated 20 years ago, its outdated now. I honestly expected more from Damon Wayans

Vidar T (ca) wrote: Pleasantly surprised - decent thriller!

Mark D (kr) wrote: So bad its good is most definatly the best way to describe it. When watching you must really consider the budget and what it was spent on, basically all the fuckin explosions they could afford. Walken must have been paid by the word (which basically means he was silent) and theres 1 or 2 other reconisable faces such as Michael Ironside. Fun and watchable action flick, but so so bad. Oh and whats with all the kamikaze?

stefn birgir s (ru) wrote: Good Stephen King ghost movie. Really makes you want to teach some ghost punks a lesson!

Michael W (ca) wrote: Worth watching, but really only for Christopher Reeve. He's awesome in this, really funny. And Ned Beatty is good for a couple of laughs.

Hawk (au) wrote: One of the least effective horror movies I've ever seen. The movie pretty much consists of people dying under relatively normal circumstances then the camera closing in on a frog or some other generally harmless creature with the movie trying to imply that they somehow did it. The movie's dialog and acting is also pretty awful. This is right up there with The Incredible Melting Man and Burnt Offerings as one of the worst horror movies of the 70s, if not ever.

Robyn (au) wrote: found this movie slow moving and postively boring~!!!!!

Neil C (kr) wrote: From the same source that Bunuel later used for That Obscure Object of Desire - this too has elements of desire and the surreal.

Luciano G (it) wrote: While it breaks no new ground in terms of ghost stories or twist endings it's a solid old school British horror.''

Claire M (ag) wrote: Cute movie for kids.

Gena D (mx) wrote: It had it's moments.

Michael G (ru) wrote: Curse of the Werewolf started off in an unconventionally amazing way as it started with some gruesome territory involving rape, gruesome murder and other elements you wouldn't expect from a movie from the early 60s. I liked how it told an almost life story of a werewolf giving the curse more spiritual origins than mystical ones. Terence Fisher's direction is superb and as cool as the werewolf looked, the fact that you don't see him until the last 10 minutes of the movie was pretty dumb. The fresh take was a nice change but the lack of monster kind of ruined it. Not a bad watch but its been done better.

Muffin M (mx) wrote: I own this on DVD and Blu-Ray

DWalk (de) wrote: Not one of 2Pac's best but its good enough to get 3Stars. My Favorite line: "U kno Frank we jus can't go around killin everybody" But overall its alright.