Class Cruise

Class Cruise

A few pupils from County High are selected to be the first to go on a study cruise, a privilege that formerly was reserved for members of private schools. Sam, Boz, Staci and Kim struggle to fit in, but the snobs do everything to make them look badly.

A few pupils from County High are selected to be the first to go on a study cruise, a privilege that formerly was reserved for members of private schools. Sam, Boz, Staci and Kim struggle ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robyn N (ru) wrote: Typical waste of time found in most 'found tape' movies. I want my time back.

Joe S (it) wrote: A unique movie made of familiar pieces, it's a worthwhile viewing, but I'm not sure if there's too much plotting for what little it's about or if the center of the movie is too small to completely hold up everything. This movie has a lot of stuff. A global pandemic, corporate/religious conspiracies, government conspiracies, religious parallels, mythological parallels, fairy tail parallels, hard science fiction, basic science fiction, messing with dreams and reality, red herrings, misdirections, 90-degree plot turns (plot holes, too), and all of this at the service of an emotional center that's very simple and personal. To its credit, though, it constantly kept me involved and sometimes surprised me with where the movie was actually going, which is kind of neat when most of these Twilight Zone setups tend to put a new coat of paint on an old jalopy.

Ben V (jp) wrote: I liked this more than I should have

Stephen C (fr) wrote: Full of freewheeling, naturalistic dialogue that seems almost experimental in our days of exploding mega robots. Don't judge the self satisfied humour; you'll congratulate yourself for seeing this underrated film. Nice as jazz.

Kirsten S (fr) wrote: Aaaaand I'm sleeping with the lights on tonight. F*ck!

Leonard D (de) wrote: Felt like a long sci-fi series episode that even the tv network refused to air! Some of the effects look good, but that's not saying much! Just disgusting from beginning to end!

Atheer O (ag) wrote: I wonder how McDonalds didn't stop that?!

Nicki M (au) wrote: I was expecting something a little cheesier that I could have a good laugh over (as it was marketed that way over here - as part of a series of "bad" old movies). but actually, aside from a laughable collapsing prison scene, it was pretty much serious. More of a thriller than a story about women in prison. It was okay.

Tonee R (gb) wrote: This is a great sequel to the original 2!

Carl H (nl) wrote: The book was good, movie is better. Paul Newman wasn't well cast IMHO...but Lee Marvin makes up for it with one of his best roles. "In the meantime, you ain't got no dignity". Love the soundtrack and some nice cinematrophy.

Kadeem S (kr) wrote: A sorry excuse for a WWE movie to be re-released on DVD. Finally, someone has to watch crappy Hulk Hogan movies rather than riding in style with the NWO.

Antonius B (it) wrote: Some movies are so bad they're actually good, or at least, entertainingly bad. This one is not. It became a cult favorite in the 70's, but unless you're seriously high, it's hard to sit through, and not because it's propaganda, that's part of the fun, but because it's boring. The main message of the film to parents clearly comes through - that your daughters will become promiscuous (gasp) and your sons will become violent if they smoke, and they'll both descend into addiction and insanity. Interestingly enough, marijuana was made illegal the following year. I loved the wild look the pot smoking piano player had, but not much else.

Allan C (ag) wrote: Notorious as one of the worst sequels of all-time and by some considered one of the worst films of all-time. However, I tried to re-watch this film with a open mind, especially since it was directed by John Boorman, who is a director I highly respect and who's made some true film classics ("Excalibur," "Point Blank," "Hope and Glory," "Deliverance," "Hell in the Pacific," etc.). Even when Boorman goes off-the-rails with a film ("Zardoz") or even bland ("Where the Heart Is") it's still an interesting and worthwhile film. While this Exorcist sequel does not deliver the same kind of scares and or claustrophobic oppressive sense of dread that the first film so effectively did, it does have some striking visuals (photographed by William A. Fraker) and a terrific score by Ennio Morricone. Boorman said he was attracted to the project with the idea of of making a metaphysical thriller. He did do that, but that aspect of the film, at best, fell flat with dull stretches of priest Richard Burton going into the mind of still possessed Linda Blair (now possessed by an African demon), but at worst the film becomes simply ridiculous (i.e. Burton and Blair braving swarms of locust during her exorcism, endless hypnosis scenes with flashing lights that are supposed to be scary, and not to mentions Blair's sudden lack of acting skills, though maybe it was the scripts fault). However, this film does have it's defenders, such as Pauline Kael and Martin Scorsese, who both preferred this film to the original.Overall, this film features a classy behind the scenes crew and a highly respected cast (Louise Fletcher, Paul Henreid in his final film role, James Earl Jones, Ned Beatty, and Max von Sydow as Father Merrin, though only shown in newly filmed flashbacks [oh, Dana Plato apparently had an unmilled part]), but the overall film is not very good, but I would say it is worth watching for fans of John Boorman, mostly for some interesting visuals, but not for much else outside of ironic so-bad-it's-good enjoyment.

Brad W (fr) wrote: It had so much potential, but without licenses to Hendrix's songs it just lacked. Benjamin was unbelievable in his part and if it had a solid, structured story it would rival some of the best biopics. Hard to believe some of the scenes, seemed fictious.

O S (ag) wrote: for mystery sci fi it is good.

Rastaman J (ca) wrote: They did their thing but wasn't that that funny. Would like to see a part 2 and hope it will be better.